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, d. Nov. 28, 1699, aged c. 82. James Wyman, of Medford, m. Susanna Cutter, Mar. 18, 1756, who d., aged 38, May 12, 1772. He d. Oct. 26, 1813. Children were--  1-2 James, b. Jan. 21, 1757; m.,1st, Mehitable----; 2d, Mary Gill.  3William, b. Dec. 7, 1760; m., Mary Wheeler.  4Joshua, b. Jan. 13, 1765; m., Susanna Francis.  5Susanna, b. May 1, 1767; m., Joseph M. Sanderson.  6Zaccheus, b. Nov. 10, 1769; m., Abigail Brooks. Catharine Wyman, m. William Tufts. Elizabeth Wyman, m. Samuel Wakefield, Jan. 2, 1749. Seth Wyman, of Charlestown, m. Ruth Wright, June 4, 1744. James Wyman, of Woburn, m. Elizabeth Brooks, May 18, 1787. Phebe Wyman, m. Caleb Brooks, 2d, Nov. 20, 1800. James Wyman, m. Susanna Cutter. Joseph Wyman, m. Ruth Feroll, Mar. 15, 1781. Joseph Wyman, m. Mary Wyman, Nov. 15, 1781. Joseph Wyman, m. Mary Dalton, Nov. 13, 1790. Joseph Wyman, m. Hannah Wheeler, July 7, 1821. John Wyman, m. Ruhama Richardson, Feb. 26, 1765. Jonathan Wyman, m. Sarah Mansfi
Historic leaves, volume 4, April, 1905 - January, 1906, Charlestown schools without the Peninsula Revolutionary period. (search)
was filled by Henry Putnam, who, according to Wyman, was a new-comer from Danvers, and of the Isras district £ 8 3s of the town's money yearly. Wyman is doubtless in error when he says Mr. Putnam ive an extended reference to these gentlemen. Wyman devotes several pages to the Fosdicks. James 789) and John Lamson (1732-1759), according to Wyman, were cousins. The same authority makes the eaac Mallet by her authorities, Frothingham and Wyman. In saying that he taught school at the Neck ve schools, Mr. Russell receives £ 3 9s, and Mr. Wyman £ 4 4s. This makes the price of wood (delivedivision accordingly. Benjamin Hurd, Jr., & Seth Wyman were added to this committee. October 19,r all schools). May, 1787, the selectmen, Seth Wyman, William Whittemore (same amount). May 26, 1788, the selectmen, Philemon Russell, Seth Wyman; £ 150 (for all schools). May 14, 1789, the sard Devens, Samuel Dexter, Philemon Russell, Seth Wyman; £ 225, including the school fund. Apport[7 more...]
on from the school, some time in 1800. Samuel Payson, perhaps a graduate of Harvard College, class of 1782, according to Wyman, was in the census of 1789, and came from Chelsea in 1787. He married Grace Webb in 1790, and together they reared a faand one of their family of eight children, Catharine, became the wife of Rev. James Walker, president of Harvard College (Wyman). From 1812 to 1816, inclusive, Mr. Bartlett served on the board of trustees. December 3, 1792, voted that Mary Rand he school within the Neck for six months. Later it was voted to add Richard Devens, Samuel Dexter, Philemon Russell, and Seth Wyman to this committee. May 23, 1791, Voted that Captain Goodwin alter the schoolhouse to accommodate it for an assistantarch 27, 1793, and Richard Devens, Nathaniel Gorham, Josiah Bartlett, Aaron Putnam, Joseph Hurd, Nathaniel Hawkins, and Seth Wyman constituted the first board of trustees of the Charlestown free schools. April 18, 1793. The town treasurer was emp
Bartlett, Aaron Putnam, Joseph Hurd, Nathaniel Hawkins, Seth Wyman. 1795 and 1796, the same, with the exception of Mr. Hts, who was succeeded by Samuel Tufts. 1800 and 1801, Seth Wyman, Samuel Tufts, Jonathan Teel, Rev. Jedediah Morse, BenjaTimothy Walker, Timothy Thompson. 1802, Samuel Tufts, Seth Wyman, Jonathan Teel, Captain Thomas Harris, Matthew Bridge, Dn, who was succeeded by Captain Nehemiah Wyman. 1805, Seth Wyman, Captain Harris, Matthew Bridge, Deacon Goodwin, John Stone, Peter Tufts, Jr., Joseph Phipps. 1806, Seth Wyman, Matthew Bridge, Peter Tufts, Jr., James Green, Elijah Mead, John name which has already received our attention is that of Seth Wyman. For several years before 1793, and for fourteen years after, 1793-1806, inclusive, Mr. Wyman served continuously on the school board, perhaps the longest of any one individual aftserving modestly for one year, the latter for six years. Seth Wyman, the last of the original board, retired in 1807, and wa
4, 20, 81. Wood, David, 21. Wood, Hepzibah (Billings), 88. Wood, John, 88. Wood, Deacon, John, 88. Wood, Joseph, 88. Wood, Mary (Blaney), 88. Woodstock, Vt., 1. Worcester, Eng., 77. Worcester County, Mass., 85. Wright, Timothy, 41. Wyman, 14, 38, 64, 65. Wyman. Charles, 92, 94. Wyman, Elizabeth, 20. Wyman, Hezekiah, 65. Wyman, Luke, 90. Wyman, Nehemiah, 67. Wyman, Captain, Nehemiah, 63, 64, 70, 72, 90. Wyman Seth, 19, 20, 22, '40, 42, 63, 64, 66. Wyman, Miss, Susan,. Wood, John, 88. Wood, Deacon, John, 88. Wood, Joseph, 88. Wood, Mary (Blaney), 88. Woodstock, Vt., 1. Worcester, Eng., 77. Worcester County, Mass., 85. Wright, Timothy, 41. Wyman, 14, 38, 64, 65. Wyman. Charles, 92, 94. Wyman, Elizabeth, 20. Wyman, Hezekiah, 65. Wyman, Luke, 90. Wyman, Nehemiah, 67. Wyman, Captain, Nehemiah, 63, 64, 70, 72, 90. Wyman Seth, 19, 20, 22, '40, 42, 63, 64, 66. Wyman, Miss, Susan, 91. Yale, 66. Yorkshire, Eng., 81. Young, Thomas, 8.
ront gallery: Messrs. Edward Gardner, Samuel Whittemore, the 3d, Thomas Russell, William Cutter, John Adams, John Swan, Seth Wyman, John Hutchinson, Aaron Swan, Lemuel Blanchard, Benjamin Piper, Samuel Butterfield, Caleb Hovey, Philemon Russell. T474 John Whitney's h'rs2105 John Hutchinson119783 Joseph Willington13630 Samuel Bemis19265 George Willington19944 Seth Wyman7317 Samuel Winship6315 Josiah Parker18262 Joseph Cooke42011 Samuel Swan, Ch'n14732 Thomas Fessenden3108 Town of MFiske one hundred and fifty pounds as Settlement. 6. Voted that Messrs. Capt. William Adams, Samuel Whittemore, jr., Seth Wyman, Deacon Joseph Adams and Lieut. Jeduthun Wellington be a committee to acquaint Mr. Fiske with the proceedings of the afiam Whittemore, Jr.39148.00 William Whittemore, Jr.41136.00 Amos Whittemore, Jr.59171.00 Jeduthun Wellington3240.00 Seth Wyman7247.00 Samuel F. Wyman88128.00 Gershom Williams75125.00 Jona. & Thaddeus Winship1 gal.98.00 Joseph B. Wyman42120.00
iper, 1781. John Adams, 1785—declined; 1792, 1793, 1802-05. Samuel Butterfield, 1785, 1786 (1787—declined). Jeduthun Wellington, 1786-90, 1797-1801. Seth Wyman, 1786-90. George Prentice, 1787-90, 1797-1805. Samuel Locke, 1791-93. Philip Whittemore, 1791. James Russell, 1792, 1793, 1806. Capt. Solomon Pei. Samuel Cutter, 1782. Capt. William Adams, 1783, 1784 (1785—declined). Lieut. Daniel Brown, 1785 (declined). William Whittemore, 1785 (1786—excused). Seth Wyman, 1786—excused. Samuel Whittemore, Jr., 1786 (1787—excused). Samuel Locke, 1787—refused; 1788—excused. Jeduthun Wellington, 1787-92. Ebenezer Hall, 1l, 1785—declined. John Adams, 1785—declined; 1792, 1793, 1795, 1801, 1807. Samuel Butterfield, 1785, 1786. Jeduthun Wellington, 1786-90, 1794, 1796. Seth Wyman, 1786-90, 1794. George Prentice, 1787-90, 1799, 1800, 1803-05. Samuel Locke, 1791-93, 1795. Philip Whittemore, 1791. James Russell, 179
hia, Penn., in 1842. Wyman, Seth, adm. Pct. ch. and bap. (aet. 30) 28 Apr. 1745; [son of Seth Wyman of Woburn, the Ensign distinguished in Lovewell's Fight, 1725; see Sewall's Hist. Wob., p. 207, 208, &c.] He was born 5 Nov. 1715, and m. Ruth Wright, 4 June, 1744, at Woburn. See Wyman's Chas. Had s. Seth, b. 26 Mar., bap. 5 May, 1745. Ruth, wife of Seth the father, was adm. Pct. ch. 1 Sept. 1745. He d. 19 Nov. 1749, and his wid. Ruth had dau. Ruth, b. 8, bap. 21 Jan. 1750. See Wyman's Chas., 1057, further. 2. Seth, s. of Hezekiah (see 4), d. 11 Apr. 1825, a. 75. Seth Wyman waSeth Wyman was Pct. committeeman, 1786-90; chosen Pct. treas., 1786, but excused; Pct. assessor, 1786-90,‘94. Ruth, relict of Seth, buried 1 June, 1842, a. 8-. She was Ruth Belknap. See Wyman's Charlestown, 1057Wyman's Charlestown, 1057. 3. Jabez, of Woburn, m. Lydia Winship 13 Jan. 1767. Had dau., stillborn, 22 Dec. 1767. He was s. of Jabez Wyman, of Woburn, and was bap. in Woburn Second Pct. (now Burlington), 26 Dec. 1736.
he enjoine house the first Monday in November at four O Clock P M Also chose a Cmmitty to prevoid the super Commity Samuel Teel Jr, Commity Patrick Roach, Commity John Dixan The vote at the November meeting fixed the next in January At Josiah Johnson Innholder at 6 O Clock Pm for the porpose of chusing Officers for the year ensueing Two dollars in the fines At that meeting the officers were re-elected and the next meeting fixed for April. In April (after a winter vacation) Seth Wyman was voted into the company, and Patrick Roach fined fifty cents. The record of the October, 1809, meeting is significant: At a legal meeting on the first Monday in October then Voted to agree with Mr. Samuel Teel and John Dickson to Clean the Engine to the Satisfaction of the Company for one dollar and fifty Cents Also Chose Joseph Bucknam and Joseph Wyman to be a Committy to provide a Supper Also Voted to meet the first Monday in November at 7 OClock Pm at the Engine house Also Vot