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Col. Gilbert C. Russell, one of the earliest settlers of Alabama, but late a resident of Washington city, died in Mobile on the 25th inst. Wm. Shriver was arrested at Memphis, Tenn., on the 25th inst., for a forgery committed at Wheeling, Va. Allen T. Caperton, Esq., and Maj. John Echols are candidates for the Virginia Convention, in Monroe county. Ex-President Tyler has been nominated in New Kent county for the Virginia State Convention. In some parts of Illinois sor 25th inst., for a forgery committed at Wheeling, Va. Allen T. Caperton, Esq., and Maj. John Echols are candidates for the Virginia Convention, in Monroe county. Ex-President Tyler has been nominated in New Kent county for the Virginia State Convention. In some parts of Illinois sorghum growing and molasses making have been carried on quite extensively during the past year. The Erie Railroad was sold at New York, Monday, for $220,000. It was bought in by the trustees Robert K. Watkins, a well known merchant of Lynchburg, Va., died on the 26th inst. Ex-Senator Yulee has chartered a schooner on which to return to Florida with his family.
0,000, and absconded. Mr. Jas. Pierce, of Nansemond county, Va., has lost in a few weeks past five children, from that dreadful disease, diphtheria. The Stowah (Ga.) Iron Works, have been sold to Messrs. Cothran, Shorter & Rhett, for $155,000. Jeremiah A. Reeves, a planter from North Carolina, was swindled out of $75 in Charleston, S. C., last week, by two confidence men. Dr. Gideon C. Marchant, who had held many prominent political positions in North Carolina, died on the 25th ult. The cooper shop of B. & J. A. Lancaster, in Wheeling, Va., was destroyed by fire on the 31st ult. Loss $1,600. Teresita, the daughter of Garibaldi, is about to be married to M. Lucien Blachi, a professor at Sienna. John McGaughey, an old citizen of Wheeling, Va., died on the 29th ult. Thos. Dunn, of Rhode Island, has been appointed Cousul at Foo Choo, China. The Rhode Island Legislature has adjourned until 26th inst. There has been but one case of small-pox
Federal Court. --Antonio Fernandez and Joseph Silva, indicted for engaging in the slave trade on board the brig Storm King, were arraigned before Judge Halyburton yesterday. The same jury that tried Calleros were sworn in these cases. But one witness was introduced, and the jury, under instructions, promptly returned a verdict of >"not guilty." The trial of Capt. Lockhart will probably take place on the 25th inst., and we hope the result will be the same. We imagine that under existing circumstances, the most minute points would have to be proved beyond possibility of controversy, to induce a jury to convict a man of piracy because he was found on board a vessel with a cargo of Africans.
The Bonaparte suit. --By the New York's mails we have further particulars of the great case of Patterson. vs. Bonaparte, which was opened at Paris, before the First Chambers of the Civil Tribunal of the Seine, on Friday, the 25th of last month, as our readers are aware from what has already appeared in the Herald. From the very natural curiosity which the case excites, the court-room was as full as it could possibly be. The proceedings were opened by M. Legrand, acout for Mrs. Elizabeth Patterson, presenting the following conclusions: "That it may please the Tribunal to declare the marriage contracted on the 24th of December, 1803, between the late Prince Jerome and Elizabeth Patterson valid. And also to take judicial cognizance (donner acte) that M. Bonaparte, while demanding that the marriage of the 24th of December,1803, may be declared valid, has never had any intention, to contest, and does not now contest, the civil and political effects of the union contracted in 1807
of Samuel Stone, Commissioner of the Revenue for Jefferson county. Adverse Report.--An adverse report was returned to the resolution inquiring into the expediency of appropriating the Militia fines of Rockingham county to the use of the Volunteer Regiment of said county. Senate Bills Reported.--For the relief of Enoch Adams, of Giles county; for the relief of M. C. Hall, late Sheriff of Lewis county, and his securities. Recommitted.--The following Senate bill, reported on the 25th, was, on motion, again recommitted, viz: Providing for the location of the Court-House, Jail, and other public buildings, of the county of McDowell. Report of Commissioner from the Seceding States.--A message was received from Gov. Letcher, communicating a report and accompanying documents from Hon. John Robertson, Commissioner to visit the seceding States. The documents are: Letter of Mr. Robertson to the Governor of Florida, dated Feb. 4th; letter to the Governor of Mississippi, dated
Murder. --A letter from White's Creek, Bladen county, N. C., on the 25thinst., says that a child was murdered at Bladen Springs, in that county, on Sunday last, 24thinst. The child was the daughter of Mr. A. Colum, aged about 9 years. The deed was committed about 200 yards from its father's house. The murderer is believed to be a negro girl.
The expected Hostilities in Texas. --The U. S. troops from Ringgold barracks have been concentrated at Fort Brown, (Brownsville,) Texas, and with those already there make 400 men, all under the command of Capt. Hill, who, despite the orders of Gen Twiggs, is preparing for offensive and defensive operations. A letter from one of the Texas State troops, at Brazos Santiago, dated the 25th ult.,says: Gen. McLeod returned this evening. The commander at Fort Brown will not listen to any argument, but says we are a "pack of traitors," and they will come down and retake our fort — but they can't do that. We had a picket guard posted last night, and we all slept on our arms in anticipation of an attack. We have complete control of the bar and passes. I suppose we will throw up more entrenchments. We have placed some guns in position for the Daniel Webster; also, for the Brownsville men if they come to attack us, which I do not think they will. Our picket guards are four m
From Central America. New York, April 3. --The steamer Northern Light, from Aspinwall on the 25th ult., has arrived. Advices from Pen state that President Moreno, of Ecuador, has been intriguing for the annexation of his country to France.
generally are aware of the arrest of this officer, of the United States Army, by the Virginia forces near Harper's Ferry, and of his being afterwards brought before the Governor, at this place. The interview of the General with the Governor was followed by his discharge, and he yesterday proceeded to Washington. Gen. Harney, at the time of his arrest, was on his way from St. Louis to headquarters, to report. The following facts connected with his detention, may be relied on: On Thursday,the 25th, a dispatch was received at Harper's Ferry, stating that Gen. Harney was on the coming train. Brigadier General Carson, commanding at Harper's Ferry, immediately gave orders for his arrest, and communicated with Gen. Lee and Gov. Letcher, who directed him to send Harney to Richmond. The following escort was accordingly detailed for that purpose: Major Nelson, commanding; Major Patten; Captains Kinney, Holliday, and Marshall, of Staff.--Gen. Harney made no resistance to the arrest.
The Daily Dispatch: may 3, 1861., [Electronic resource], Correspondence of the Richmond Dispatch. (search)
the United States troops encamped in the vicinity of Indianola. The latter are reported to be in possession of two schooners, seized with a design to leave in them. Fifteen hundred volunteers were enrolled at Galveston in four days in reply to General Sherman's call. One thousand in the country tender him their services. Active military preparations are going on throughout the State. Maj. McCulloch's regiments for the frontier were mustered into service at San Antonio on the 25th. Forts Bliss and Quitman have been surrendered to the State Commissioners, and will soon be garrisoned by the Texas troops. Capt. Moore, C. S. A., is actively superintending the erection of batteries here. Capt. Ingraham, C. S. A., has arrived from Montgomery. Gov. Clark has confirmed Gen. Sherman's appointment by the Convention as military commandant here. The Texas Commissioners to the Indian Nation report very satisfactory progress. The Southern cause is theirs, a
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