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l Hudiburg; privates J R Davenport, Ponder, Roston, S S Thornton, Geo Kidd, Bond, Spray, Sinclair. Missing: Private Laprade, J H Robinson. Total killed 0; wounded 10; missing 2. Company D--Killed: Sergt J G Perry, Thos Robinson, John Ernest, William McDonald. Wounded: 2d Lt J M Kelly; privates J W Ham. John House, H Mardis, B R Ham, J Riley, J Dumas, Thos Rawls, R Mayo, J McLean, H A Morehead, E J Long, H Herrington, H Ham. Total killed 4; wounded 14. Company E--Killed: Private A W Beckham, John Kirksey. Wounded: 2d Lieut T P Mims, Serg't A J Helbert, Corp'l J D Love; privates H B Crouch, J L Edmunds, G W Edmunds, J Malone, J C Morehead, W H. Pope, B Quinn, N Howard, J T Jones, J R Mims. Wounded and Missing: Privates W G Broadtoote, Smith Lee. Total killed, 2. Total wounded, 18. Total wounded and missing, 2. Company F.--Killed: First Sgt J W Fant; Private G W Hopkins. Wounded: Sgt J F Tarrant; Corporals J D Funster, D C Farmer. Privates J R Spann, J L Deuprec, R Maho
Foster, wounded. Company A, Capt J D Wylie.--Killed: Privates J L Allen and R H Adderson.--Wounded: Sergeant J W Flylor; privates J Moore, P Moore, J Sullivan, T L Wright, Jas Weaness, J D Cauthen, M A McCaskle. Company B, Capt Thos C Beckham.--Killed; None Wounded: Capt S C Beckham, O S W H Ragadale; privates J W McCully, W D Watsor, T M Lemone, F M Lemone, T J Stevenson, J S Ross. Company C. Lieut W T Norris commanding.--Killed: Sergt W Wilburn. Wounded: Privates J A Little jBeckham, O S W H Ragadale; privates J W McCully, W D Watsor, T M Lemone, F M Lemone, T J Stevenson, J S Ross. Company C. Lieut W T Norris commanding.--Killed: Sergt W Wilburn. Wounded: Privates J A Little john, Drury Scruggs, R H Smith, A C Lindsey. Missing: Privates J D McVeigh, and Jas Capos. Company D. Capt J T Douglass.--Killed: Corp Gen Dukes; privates F M Cator, John Bishop, H Barnett, Thos Johnston. Wounded: Capt J T Douglass, Lt J C Gross, Serg'ts J S Davis and Wm Graham, Corp'l E. D. Fry and James Johnston, privates F Comer, Wylie Easters, A J Cline, J B Gorel, J P Jeter, Jas Jenkins, G J Lee, J McJunkin, J A S Oxner, D Pressly, J L Turner. Company E, Lieut Saunders commandin
The Daily Dispatch: June 20, 1862., [Electronic resource], List of Deaths at Seabrook's Hispital to June 20th, 1862. (search)
imbrew, Co. L, 6th Ala; L G Morris, Co. H, 4th N C; A Baden, Co. A, 6th Ga; T T Atwood, Co. E, 12th Miss; D F Jenkins, Co A, 12th Ala; H H Cotter, Co. B, 17th Va; R B Hart, 9th Va; Capt O A Lee, Co. I, 27th Ga. June 5.-- W M Powers, Co. A, 6th Alabama; H Brooks, Co I. 1st Va; R W Allen, 41st Va. June 6.-- G B Battle, Co. F, 4th N C; T R Prince, Co. B, 2d Miss; John Ryan, 2d Miss; R Barrow, Co. D, 22d N C; R E Estes, Co. F, 7th Va; S J Gary, Co. H. 18th S C; Wm Hay, Co. A. 38th Va; B T Beckham, Co. E, 12th Miss. June 7.-- J L Carey, Co. G, 12th Miss; T L Mays, Co. F, 5th Ala. June 8.--Geo B Stone, Co. D, 6th Ala; Wm M Cannon, Co. B. 12th Miss; A Martin, Co. D, 6th N C; T B Baker, Co. F, 6th Ala; five unknown. June 9. G B Gents, Co. B. 4th N C. June 10.-- Geo H Creamer, Co. A, 6th Ala; W Stalnaker, Go. K, 12th Ala; A O Treadwell, Co. I, 6th Ala; Jno Meredith, Co. C, 5th Texas; Wm Tilman. Co. K, 19th Va. June 11.--G B Betty, Co H, 5th Ala; Gabriel Benlet, 1st La Ba
W J Tyler, co G, 4th Ga; H Weston, co C, 4th Ga; A J Stutts, co D, 48th N C; J Kensington, co C, 4th Ga; W H Lewis, co I, 44th Ga; W Y Brown, co E, 48th Ga; Corp'l C E Cook, do do; Capt J N Wilcox, co K, 28th Ga; Lieut Robt Mathews, co G, 44th Ga; G W Townsend, co E, 19th Ga; Henry H Cox, co F, 45th Ga; G A Brewer, co I, 44th Ga; F J Weldon, co E, 44th Ga; C N Little, co E, 14th Ga; D Buckner, Co I, 19th Ga; Jas Little, Co I, 49th Ga; Jas K Rye, Co A, 45th Ga; S M Hoskey, Co F, 48th Ga; R Y Beckham, Co H, 44th Ga; M Fussel, Co F. 49th Ga; I Stdstill. Co B, 49th Ga; T A Edwards, Co G, 35th Ga; J S Dowdy Co B, 49th Ga; Hiram Haney, Co A; 35th Ga, Jno Bonner, Co G, 19th Ga; Jno H Wilson, Co D, 35th Ga; Jno F Valentine, Co B, 14th Ga; Wm Beam, Co G, 35th Ga; S W Valentine, Co B, 14th Ga; J M Knight, Co G, 35th Ga; E W Dickson, Co K, 49th Ga; N V Covington, Co E, 49th Ga; R S Anderson, Co K, 49th Ga; W P Nobley, Co K, 49th Ga; H T Spinks, Co B, 35th Ga; E Able, co K, 19th Ga; G W Pierce,
olunteers lost 31 killed and 150 wounded, out of 521 that went into action in the morning. The 2d Mississippi battalion lost 106 killed and wounded, out of 234 taken into action in the morning. The following is a list of casualties in the Purcell Battery, in the battle of Thursday evening last: Killed--Lieut. Wm. A. Allen; Corporal Murphy, Privates Boyd and Stillman. Wounded--Lieut. H. M. Fitzhugh; Serg't Crow, McGruder, Temple, Ball, Messier; Corporals Eddins, Beck; Privates Beckham, Cheatham, Thos. Berry, Donahoe, Geo. Dockerty, Davis, Daniel, Ege, Flemming, Finnell, Mott, Grigsby, Herring, Holland, Heart, Harrow, Geo. W. Johnston, E. P. Jones, W. T. Flint, James, Kimball, Mitchell, Mahoney, McLeod, Morton, O Brien, F. S. Price, Ritchie, Rose, Sacrey, T. H. Thompson, B. M. Temple, Partington, W. T. Smith, T. T. Yager. This list proves the desperate bravery exhibited by the command in the bloody strife.--We learn that Mr. Dawson, a young English man, who came
The Daily Dispatch: July 5, 1862., [Electronic resource], List of casualties in the recent battles before Richmond. (search)
iment, Elicy's brigade; June 27th. Company A--Killed: Capt Cook, Corp Thomas Slaughter, Martin Burruss, Jos Burruss, Robt Burruss, Wm B Peake, Robert Powell, Ed Staples, Wounded: Sergt T Brockman, Reuben Newman, Herbert Newman, F D Hume, A Hensworth, Henry Diggs, W. T. Diggs, Jos. Brockman, S Cave, W. H. Richetis, J O Neal, A Walters. Company B.--Killed: J P Haynes, J W Franklin. Wounded: Capt. C. T. Crittenden, Lt. J A Grinnell, Sergt B B Ashley, Sergt. W A Judd, Roane Alicock, --Beckham, G Kilby, Jno F Freeman, Martin Smith, J R Tapp, Thos. Kilby, Stephen Green J. J. Jones. Company C.--Wounded: Capt Goodman. Lieut Grubbs (since dead.) Sergt. Maj. Wm Mansfield, C H Catter Jno Bible, O P Madbry, D Hay, Geo Maginder, R Moore. Company D.--Killed Sgt R N Trico Jos Brown J. W Campball. Wounded. Lt S H Parsons Color Sergt Fendall Chiles, He Dine, Price Perains, Jas M Trico (alike dead,) P E. Jones, D A. Trico, Jos Sarpeni. Company E.--Wounded: W. R. Pendleton, D.
was $300 each. The required ball was furnished. Supreme Court of Appeals.--Decisions rendered Tuesday, November 18th.--Present Hon. Jno. J. Allen. William Daniel, Richard C. L. Moncure, and Wm. J. Robertson, Judges: Randolph's adm'r, etc., vs. Moody, etc., argued by R. T. Daniel, Wm. H. Macfarland, and Wood Bouldin, for the appellants; and David May, Jas. Alfred Jones, and Marmaduke Johnson, for the appendices Decree at the Circuit Court of Petersburg affirmed. Gibson vs. Beckham and others, argued by Arthur A. Morson for the appellant, and Wm. Green for the appellees Decrees of the Circuit Court of Culpeper county affirmed. Barton vs. Pope, etc., argued by Jas Alfred Jones for the appellant and Wm. T. Joynes for the appelices. Decree of the Circuit Court of Southampton county reversed. Hutchinson's ex'r vs. Murshon's adm'r, etc., argued by John R. Tucher for the appellant, and Arthur A. Morson for the appelices, Decree of the Circuit Court of Loudoun cou
vents of the day were as follows: About 5 in the morning the enemy in heavy force — more than 10,000 in number — commenced crossing the river at Beverley's, Rappahannock, Kelly's, and the intermediate fords, cavalry, infantry, and artillery, with five days rations, for an extensive raid, as was subsequently ascertained upon the communications of the enemy. Brig-Gen. Jones, whose pickets guarded Beverly's ford, moved down to their support, and the Stuart Horse Artillery, commanded by Maj. Beckham, was brought early into action, the enemy's advance being checked at St. james's Church.--Subsequently Brig Gen. W. H. F. Lee, whose command guarded the river bank above, moved down with his command on the enemy's right flank and rear, and had a spirited engagement near Cunningham's house, while Gen. Hampton's brigade moved to the right of Jones's in the extensive plain in front of Fleetwood heights. The enemy brought their artillery into action in Jones's front, but it was speedily driv
easons I forbear to mention the exact force engaged on the part of the Confederates. The fight occurred near Brandy Station, and from the locality, the force they had, and other circumstances, it is inferred that it was the identical body of Yankee cavalry that attempted the bold reconnaissance Saturday. This time Gen. Stuart brought on the fight, opening with his effective horse artillery on the position of the enemy partially concealed in a wood. We had eight pieces under command of Major Beckham, and the Yankees twelve, with which they promptly responded, and advancing forced our outer line of skirmishers back to the main body. Our right and left wings advanced, and the fight became general. The Yankees were driven back nearly to the river, but being reinforced we fell back, and drove the enemy in turn back to his covert in the woods. Immediately on the opposite side of the river was a large encampment of infantry which probably prevented a further pursuit. The fighting
his head, right arm and leg in a horrible manner. He was instantly killed. Letters found on his person from his father and mother, and postmarked Martha's Vineyard, N., C., showed that he was a convalescent from Winder Hospital, returning to his regiment.--His remains were buried on the farm of Dr. B. M. Buckner, who took charge of his effects, and who promptly hastened to the relief of the wounded. The left leg of another North Carolina soldier, named Tatum, was crushed and amputated above the knee; another, a youth, named Beckham, had his left leg broken above the ankle, and adjusted; another, name unknown, received a severe flesh wound in the right thigh. The wounded were sent to Gordonsville. No case is serious except that of Tatum. Several other passengers were considerably bruised, many of the seats being thrown from their places. The accident is believed to be attributable entirely to the defect in the axle of the car, and not to any fault in the bed of the road.
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