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his being one of the Jewish festivals and holidays, the stores of the Jews are closed, and Gen. Huger has allowed a furlough to soldiers of the Jewish persuasion. The flag presentation yesterday, at the Pleasure House, on Lynn haven beach, was a decidedly gay and pleasant affair. The address of Miss Garrison was exceedingly appropriate to the interesting occasion, and was delivered in a clear, distinct voice, and in a style that elicited much commendation from the large assemblage Capt. Burroughs, on receiving the beautiful ensign, responded in eloquent and patriotic terms, highly commendatory of the noble sentiments uttered by the fair and youthful speaker, and of the patriotic spirit and whole-souled generosity of the ladies of the Seaboard counties of Princess Anne and Norfolk. After the presentation ceremonies, feasting, dancing, singing, rambling upon the sea shore — the voice of the "breeze-ridden waves," mingling with the music of a band of practiced performers, combined
d. Company C.--Killed — Private D Hall.--Wounded — Privates R J Woolwine, J Akers, N C Akers, B. R Hall, J D Carter, and D J Thorn. Company D.--Killed — Private J C Halney, Wounded — Privates F G Brewer, Hugh Hash, E S Hash, and John Young. Company E.--Killed — Private E Crigger.--Wounded--Privates James Suit, mortally; J Kinser, mortally; Sergeant T Price, Corporal N Perkins, R Puckett, M Mahony, W Patterson and J Slagle. Company F.--Killed — None. Wounded — Private R Burroughs. Company G.--Killed — None. Wounded — Privates T Paris and R L Old. Company H.--Killed — None. Wounded — Lieutenant W Painter and privates E Keesling, mortally; Gus Johnston, D Smart, J Indman, Wash Anderson, and D J Ward. Company I.--Killed — Privates R B Bickley and H H Dale, Wounded — Captain A F Wolfe, slightly, Lieutenant Henderson, and privates G Akers, W D Stidham, and H R Edwards. Company K--Killed--Privates A. Crabtree and John Bogle. Woun
Corbyn, Privates D P Hurlbut, B Masters, J Register, M Berant, H McClellan, Thomas Aybar, W Booth, S Brown, R Wilson, 8 Griffith, C W Johnson. Second Company.--Lieut Tillinghast, Serg W C Butler, Corp'l C S Rains, Corp'l R Cobb, Privates A C Butler, T L Darcy, W W Howard, H E Daffin, R A Jenkins, J L McNulty, J R B Owens, W G Peacock, T P Player, G E Pooser, W R Tuten, W E Bell, R Jordan, E S Barnes, W A Collier, S H Wood. Third Company--Lieut Carlisle, Lieut W B Watson, Privates E Burroughs, T C Boy J, A Caine, A Dupont, B Dupont, J Gallagher, Geo Hoiloman, J Ivers, W Jones, P Pelicier, A F Walker, F Bal zell, D L Dunham, J T Hull Fourth Company.--Capt McCartan, Serg M M Alexander, Corp'l H R Cross, Corp'l C M Brown, Privates Jos Alexander, D D Barleson, T W Albriton, E F Lyhea, W H Broad water, J J Anglin, L S Hendricks, E F Williams, J R Zetrower. Fifth Company.--Lieut J O'Neal, Serg W F Sollo, Privates E F Decotts, T Saunders, A Butler, G Cameron, J T Edwards, J Mor
co F, 1st N C; T J Simmons, Lt. Col, 45th Ga; Jno Rigby, co D, 35th Ga; F M Stovald, Lt. co A, 19th Ga; J J Buckelerd, co H, 44th Ga; M P Sweeney, co E, 44th Ga; S W McMullen. co I, 44th Ga; P W Ward, co F, 44th Ga; J P Morris, co I, 44th Ga; J V Kelley, co B, 44th Ga; D L Hitchcock, co F, 44th Ga; P M Stewart, co C, 44th Ga; J W Lewis, co D, 44th Ga; C L Pitts, co H, 44th Ga; J F McKibben, co D, 44th Ga; J W Brooks, co I, 44th Ga; Saml Millans, co P, 44th Ca; J M Swann, co D, 19th Ga; L Burroughs, co K, 19th Ga; E A Smith, Lt co K, 49th Ga; J W Scott co H, 48th Ga. Third Georgia Hospital. David Denton, 28th Ga; J H Wodley, 44th Ga; J C McGulggun, 38th N C; Wm Derrick, 44th Ga; A C Roberts, 35th Ga; N M South, W H Clopton, W H Vaughn, 44th Ga; P M Bairfield, 27th Ga; Banks Crawford, Corp J Merrison, 19th Ga; S A Parker, R Chandler, E Farrar, 2d Ga; J Parker, Jno W Jackson, 15th Ga; H W Willis, 2d Ga; J P S Nash, 27th Ga; J H H Brown, 8th Ga; W C Strickland, 31st Ga; Jas Gr
The Daily Dispatch: January 29, 1864., [Electronic resource], Re-enlisting for the War in General Lee's army. (search)
fugees" going down the peninsula--President Davis's servants. A dispatch from Fortress Monroe, dated the 23d inst., says: The Norfolk Old Dominion, of to-day, says there is a rumor that Jeff. Davis's colored steward and chambermaid have arrived in Norfolk, having successfully escaped from the rebel chief. We do not vouch for the story. Augustus and Louisa Brugess were detected yesterday in Norfolk in receiving and distributing the rebel mail, and were sent to jail. Major Burroughs, the noted guerilla, is rapidly recovering from his attack of small pox. Twenty refugees from Richmond, Petersburg, and Augusta, Ga., arrived in Norfolk yesterday. Thirty seven refugees arrived here from Richmond to-day, via Yorktown. Gen. Butler has gone to Newport's News this afternoon to have an interview with Admiral Lee. Financial. In New York, Monday, gold closed at 157¾, and Exchange 172. The Herald commenting on the bank returns says: The bank sta
mouth. --An "election" was held in Portsmouth, Va., last week. Over the head of the simon pure ticket was printed "For President, Abraham Lincoln — subject to the Union nomination." About 400 votes were cast. Dan Collins was re-elected Mayor, getting 46 more votes than his competitor, John C. Neville — P. H. Daughtry was elected Commonwealth's Attorney by a majority of 44 over Lieutenant Governor L. P. C. Cowper. The other officers chosen were Dempsey Nash, Clerk of the Court; John J. Williams, Commissioner of the Revenue; J. M. Fleming, City Sergeant; and Chas. C. Jordan, City Surveyor. and Chas. C. Jordan, City Surveyor. The Sidermen are: John W Tucker, Wm. G Webb, Thomas Kain, and L C Adams. Common Councilmen.--John H Burroughs. Thomas Kala, Thomas Moran, Mitchum Noet, P. H. Daughtry, Lemuel H Williams, A C Dunham, Joseph H Porter, Nicholas Shacklock, John Wilson, Richard McLean, and Wm Walker. Constables — Eugene Kelly, George H Johnson, Wm E Minter and John Q Ad
last, Miss Mary Harris, of Chicago, killed Mr. Burroughs, a clerk in the Treasury Department, by shde after her arrest to a reporter, says that Burroughs had promised to marry her, and she killed hi had been nothing improper between her and Mr. Burroughs. Accepting the above to be true, the ng to give. From them we learned that Mr. Burroughs was the brother of Dr. Burroughs, PresidenDr. Burroughs, President of the Douglas College, a Baptist seminary, at Chicago; that he did beside for a considerable timnary at Chicago. They also State that Mr. Burroughs frequently told Miss Harris that he could eived. We are also informed that when Mr. Burroughs started to go to Chicago to be married, inith whom she had her home in Chicago. Mrs. Burroughs yesterday stated that about twelve months ago Mr. Burroughs received, through the mail, a strange newspaper, in which was a marriage notice mMiss Mary G. Harris, of Burlington, Iowa," Mr. Burroughs, upon reading it, said "he was glad to lea[1 more...]
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