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t one-half an acre belonging to the town for a landing or fishing place on Medford River, which is bounded as follows, viz.: on land formerly of Mr. Jonathan Tufts, now Brigadier Royall's, measuring from the road at the east end, back to the river, northerly 8 rods: from said east end along the road to a stake, measuring 24 rods westerly; and from said stake northerly to the river is two rods, all straight lines. The location of this piece of land is west of and adjoining the estate of Mr. Chandler on South street, and it was the southerly end of the ford. There is a watering place belonging to the town lying on Medford river, bounded as follows: bounded on each side by the land of Mr. William Smith; southwesterly 29 1/2 rods; northeasterly 28 1/2 rods; southeasterly on the Rangeway leading to the river two rods, the breadth at the bottom next to the river, northerly 13 1/2 rods, which lies a little to the west of Smiths house. The watering-place above described is the gravel
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hould go abroad. 12th. Patriotism — The lost Pleiad from the political Heavens: when love of his country is cherished as the highest attribute and ornament of every citizen, and patriotism supercedes every other ism, the Republic will be safe and invulnerable. 13th. Henry Clay — The Leader whom it was glory to follow; the Lawgiver whom it was patriotism to obey. Moses's ceps in Moab. Is there no Joshua to lead us through the sea of troubles before us? [Drank standing.] Mr. Chandler, of Norfolk, responded in a brilliant speech, paying a feeling tribute to the memory of Clay. 14th. The Army and Navy — Like all the other agencies of the government, "instituted for the common benefit, protection and security of the people." they can only be employed to guard their rights and defend their liberties. Marmaduke Johnson, Esq., of Richmond, in response, made one of his peculiarly happy efforts, and we regret that we are compelled by the lateness of the hour to pas<
Congressional. Washington, Feb. 2. --Senate.--A number of memorials in favor of the Crittenden amendments were presented by various Senators. Mr. Chandler presented a memorial inquiring if the United States had a de facto government, and if so, praying for the arrest and imprisonment of all Commissioners appointed by South Carolina as an independent sovereignty. Mr. Trumbull introduced a resolution for the appointment of a committee of three on the part of the House of Representatives, as to the method of counting the electoral votes cast for President and Vice President of the United States, and of notifying the successful candidates of their election; which resolution was agreed to. A number of private bills were introduced and passed. Mr. Hale called up his resolution of inquiry as to why the pay and mileage of the late Senator Lynn had not been paid in accordance with the order of the Senate. After debate by Messrs. Hale, Pugh, Johnson and Critten
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Supreme Court of Appeals. --This Court is still in session in this city. The following decisions have been rendered since the commencement of the term: Still vs. Owen — argued by Tucker and Patton for appellant, and D. Marr for appellee.--Decree of the Circuit Court of Pittsylvania affirmed. Holmead, &c., vs. Murphy — argued by Tazewell Taylor for plaintiffs and David May for defendant. Judgment of the Circuit Court of Norfolk city affirmed. Richmond, Fredericksburg and Potomac Railroad Company vs. Chandler-- argued by W. W. Crump and R. T. Daniel for plaintiff and Howard & Sands for defendant. Judgment of the Circuit Court of Caroline affirmed. Sellman & Crook vs. McPherson's administrator, and the same vs. McPherson — argued by Andrew Hunter for plaintiffs and Tucker and Patton for defendants. Judgment of the Circuit Court of Jefferson rever
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The Daily Dispatch: February 28, 1861., [Electronic resource], The surrender of the Government property in Texas. (search)
ause the Peace Conference was in session, and he believed there was a plan on foot on the part of the Republicans to prevent any the conclusion by the Conference. As a proof of this he would read letters from the Senators from Michigan to the Governor of that State, advising the appointment of delegates to the Conference to prevent its action splitting the Republican party. One of the letters concludes thus: "The Union will not be worth a rush without a little blood-letting." Mr. Chandler said these letters were substantially correct. The Committee of Conference reported they had agreed on the Tariff bill, and it now stands passed. The Army bill was then read a third time and passed. A communication from the Peace Conference. was read. Mr. Crittenden moved its reference to a select committee, to report to-morrow. Agreed to. The Postal Appropriation bill was reported. The Senate then went into Executive session. House.--A resolution was
The Daily Dispatch: March 11, 1861., [Electronic resource], The drought in Cuba opening a Market. (search)
The Senate Committees. --The Standing Committees of the U. S. Senate have been appointed. The following is a list of the more important: Foreign Relations.--Messrs. Sumner, Chairman; Collamer, Doolittle, Harris, Douglas, Polk, and Breckinridge. Finance.--Messrs. Fessenden, Chairman; Simmons, Wade, Howe, Hunter, Pearce, and Bright. Commerce.--Messrs. Chandler, Chairman; King, Morrill, Wilson, Clingman, Saulsbury, and Johnson. Militia.--Messrs. Wilson, Chairman; King, Baker, Lane, Rice, Latham, and Breckinridge. Naval Affairs.--Messrs. Hale, Chairman; Grimes, Foot, Cowan, Thomson, Nicholson, and Kennedy. Judiciary.--Messrs. Trumbull, Chairman; Foster, Ten Eyek, Cowan; Bayard, Powell, and Clingman.
Want us to fight. --The Montreal Herald is opposed to the abandonment of Fort Sumter, and, like Senator Chandler, of Michigan, would like to see a little "blood-letting."--The Toronto Leader talks much in the same way.
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