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Lieut. Early has been appointed by Gen. Winder a Commissioner to investigate the cases of all soldiers confined in the military guard-houses of the Eastern and Western Districts, so as to expedite their being sent off to their respective regiments — All convalescent soldiers leaving the hospitals hereafter for their regiments will be organized into companies, under commissioned officers, prior to their departure from this city, and after getting to their destination, if there be any difficulty in finding their way to their respective regiments, they will go into action as a company in the manner they leave here. They will get transportation by companies from Crump, whose therefore the organizations of the impromptu companies will be effected.
orgia, were among the killed. John Smith, Company K. (Halifax,) of the 14th Virginia, had his leg amputated at the Delavan Hospital, by Drs. Allen and Davis. Those of the wounded were, George P. Badger, 12th Va. regiment, co A, leg broken; D C McMasters, N C 2d regiment, co L, hips injured; J E Williams, 31 Ala regiment, badly bruised; H. H. Dirks, 10th Va cavalry, head, not very bad; W T Abbitt, 1st Rifle regiment, 8 C, co F, breast; J M Moore, 14th 8 C regiment, head and breast; G W Crump, 10th Va cavalry, co A, right and back; I Nesslar, 10th Va cavalry, co A, right leg broken; H W Hay, 19th Georgia, company F, hips; C B Gladley, 19th Georgia, company F; J Winfrey, 12th Virginia, company K, side and hip; A De Leon Moses, co H, Hampton's Legion, S C, leg broken; J J Smith; 14th Va, co K, thigh broken; W A Loundermilk, 2d N C, co C, both thighs broken; Serg't John Bahr, 23d S C reg, head; T J Wilkinson, Richmond Huzzas, co B, 3d bat cav, arm broken; E C Harper, 5th Ala, co I,
wing water to run from the city hydrants, huckstering in the markets, and employing hacks without posting the rates in the vehicles, were fined and dismissed. A well known musician was brought before the Recorder for "stealing" a "cornet," which was proved he purchased, and two young girls were arraigned for an "assault," which was proved to be a woman's quarrel. Both parties were dismissed. Henrico Circuit Court, Friday, October 31st --Present, Hon. John M. Gregory, Judge.--The case of Joseph Bernard, indicted for the murder of Jno. Oscar Taylor, (defended by Messrs. Crump and Lyons, and prosecuted by John B. Young, Esq.,) was submitted to the jury on Thursday evening, and adjourned over until to- day. The jurors, on emerging from their retirement, announced, through their foreman, that they found Bernard guilty of manslaughter, and uncertained the term of his imprisonment at slammers in the Penitentiary. On a former trial prisoner was sentenced to a term of nine years.
the disposal of the ill-gotten funds. Fawley in turn stole the pocket-book and contents, and in endeavoring to get off was captured by the watch. The jury gave him three years and six months in the penitentiary as the reward of his exertions. Gilmer A Lumpkin was arraigned for forging a check, purporting to be signed by Owens & Son, for $6,000, payable at the Traders' Bank to the order of West & Johnsten.--An alleged accomplice, named Samanni, had been acquitted on the previous day. Mr. Crump, counsel for the accused, submitted a motion to quash the indictment against the prisoner for errors apparent on its face, and was replied to by the Commonwealth's Attorney. For the purpose of examining into the question presented for the consideration of the Court, Judge Lyons adjourned the case until next Tuesday, when his decision on the points involved will be rendered. A petition was presented by counsel on behalf of Mrs. Elizabeth Magill, praying that one Wm. H. Stephens might
The Daily Dispatch: March 13, 1863., [Electronic resource], Another Notification to Foreign Consuls of opened ports. (search)
Ordinary Licenses. --An application was submitted to the Hustings Court yesterday by Judge Crump, on behalf of Mr. C. C. Field, of Congress Hab, for a license to keep an ordinary. The application was endorsed by a large number of well known gentlemen, Government and State officials, as well as members of Congress. A license to keep an ordinary involves the privilege of selling ardent spirits, or a mixture thereof. The Court, after hearing the applicant, through his counsel, announced that it had determined to grant no more permits to sell liquor. So the license was refused. A motion to reconsider will be argued to day.
20 bushels of corn. and Margaret Griffin, arrested for receiving the same, also underwent an examination, resulting in Mr. Griffin's discharge. The case against Mis G. was continued. The case against Jesse White. for shooting at and wounding John Andrews, on Main street opposite the Spotswood. Hotel, on Sunday morning, was called upon it being announced that the wounded man would be unable to appear for several days, the Mayor determined to continue the case until Thursday. Judge Crump appeared for White. None of the circumstances attending the affair were related in Court. Mike Sullivan and James Hope. boys were required to answer for being engaged, on Sunday night about 8 o'clock, in making a great noise and disturbance in front of the Mount Vernon Hotel, near the Petersburg Depots. of insurgent that could produce discord was in use by the crowd, who were encouraged in their efforts by a number of full-grown rowdies, who showed a disposition to resist the arre
Mayor's Court, April 27th. --The case of Jesse White, charged with causing the death of John J. Andrews, by inflicting a gun shot wound in the left forearm of said Andrews, was called up Mr. Wm. W. Crumy appearing as counsal for the accused.--Mr. Crump announced that to save trouble his client would wave an examination before the Mayer and ask that the case be sent directly to the Hustings Court. This was done. The tribunal in question will hold its session on the 2d Monday in May evening. No application was made for ball, the wounded man having died and the defendant being now charged with murder. Patrick Karoney, charged with shooting off a loaded pistol near the junction of 11th and Cary sts, and attempting to shoot watchman Carter, was committed to await an indictment by the Husting Court Grand Jury. The defendant alleged that he was drunk and that his pistol went off by accident. The Major remarked that he purposely pointed it at Certer. Wm. Cenlry, charged w
Runaway. --On the 31st of April, my servant girl, Sallie. She is a ginger-bread color, and has the appearance of a broken back or deformity and is very low, and has a short neck. She had on when she left a light purple calico large figure, and very dirty, with only a small piece of shawl on her head. Ten dollars reward will be paid for her delivery to me. E J Crump, Corner of 2d and Leigh sts. my 4--2t*
Hustings Court. --In accordance with the order of the previous day the case of Robert S. Forde, charged with the murder of Robert E. Dixon, Clerk of the House of Representatives, was taken up in this Court yesterday. Mr. Crump, for the defence, submitted a motion for a continuance of the case until the next term of the Court, on account of the absence of material witnesses. The motion was argued throughout the entire day by Messrs. Crump and Randolph, and Senators Simms and Burnett, of submitted a motion for a continuance of the case until the next term of the Court, on account of the absence of material witnesses. The motion was argued throughout the entire day by Messrs. Crump and Randolph, and Senators Simms and Burnett, of Kentucky, counsel for the defence, and Mr. Daniel, attorney for the Commonwealth. The Court, at a late hour last evening, decided to grant the motion, and the case was accordingly continued to the next term, commencing on the second Monday in June.
Supreme Court of Appeals. --The following decisions were rendered last week in cases pending before this Court. Present: John J. Allen, William Daniel, Richard C. L. Moncure, and Wm J. Robertson, Esqs., Judges: Palmore, &c., vs Redd's administrator and others. Appeal from decree pronounced by the Circuit. Court of the city of Richmond.--Myers, Howard & Sands, for the appellants; August & Randolph, Macfarland & Roberis, and Steger & Johnston, for the appellees. Decree reversed. Harvey vs. Skipwith. Upon writ of supersedeas to a judgment recovered by the defendants vs. the plaintiffs in the Circuit Court of the city of Richmond, June 31, 1859. Howard & Sands for the appellants; Crump, Wellford, August & Randolph, and Morson, for the appellees. Judgment affirmed.
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