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Macfarland, Charles K. Mallory, James B. Mallory, Marr, Marye, Miller, Morris, Morton, Richardson, Rives, Sheffey, Slaughter, Speed, Strange, Sutherlin, Tredway, Robert H. Turner, Tyler Waller, Williams, Wilson, Wise, and Wysor.--53. Nays.--Messrs. Armstrong, Aston, Baldwin. Alfred M. Barbour, Baylor, Berlin, Blow, Boggess, Brent, Brown, Burdett, Burley, Byrne, Campbell, Caperton, Carille, Carter, Chapman, Clemens, C. R. Conrad, Robert Y. Conrad, Couch, Critcher, Curtis, Dent, Deskins, Dorman, Dulany, Early, Echols, French, Fugate, Gillespie, Graveley, Gray, Ephraim B. Hall, Hammond, Haymond, Holladay, Hubbard, Hughes, Hull, Jackson, Janney, Peter C. Johnston, Kilby, Lewis, McComas, McGrew, Marshall, Maslin, Masters, Moffett, Moore, Osburn, Parks, Patrick, Pendleton, Porter, Price, Pugh, Robert E Scott, Sharp, Sitlington, Southall, Spurlock. Chapman J. Stuart, Summers. Tarr, Taylor, White, Whitfield, Wickham, and Willey.--74. Mr.Wilson, of Harrison, said he voted in the aff
een accorded to others had been denied him. Mr. Baldwin said that so far as he and those around him were concerned, the gentleman from Louisa evidently labored under a mistake. It was true that they desired to have a vote, but he was sure that none could deny a courtesy to a gentleman of such unexceptionable urbanity of manner as the one who had just taken his seat. The vote was then taken on Mr. Ambler's motion to strike out, and decided in the negative — yeas 26, nays 80. Mr. Dorman, of Rockbridge, moved that the Committee rise, and on this motion Mr. Armstrong again demanded the yeas and nays.--The vote resulted — yeas 38; nays 56. Mr. Born, of Botetourt, moved to strike out the 1st section and insert a substitute, which we will publish to-morrow. Mr. Morton moved that the Committee rise, and Mr. Borst, of Page, demanded the yeas and nays. The motion was agreed to — yeas 60; nays 37. The Committee then rose and reported progress. In Convention. <
to such treaty." The amendment was advocated by Mr. Wise; and the vote was taken on his motion to strike out, and resulted — yeas 31, nays 78. Mr. Blow, of Norfolk city, moved to amend the second section by inserting in the 3rd line after the word "routes," the words "nor shall any foreign State be annexed;" which was subsequently changed, at the suggestion of Mr. borman, so as to read "nor shall any foreign State or country be annexed." Explained and advocated by Messrs. Blow and Dorman, and rejected — yeas 44, nays 67. The second section was then adopted, without amendment. The third section was then taken up: 2. Neither the Constitution, nor any amendment thereof shall be construed to give Congress power to legislate concerning involuntary servitude in any state or Territory wherein the same is acknowledged, or may exist, by the laws thereof; nor to therefore with, or abolish, the same in the District of Columbia without the consent of Maryland and Virginia
ery clear one to his mind. The motion to adjourn was not renewed. Mr. Scott, of Powhatan, favored the motion to go into secret session, and then proceeded to indicate the change that had come over his own mind, under the influence of passing events. He had been one of the strongest Union men in the whole country; but he had abandoned all hope, and was now for war. He was ready for secession now, if it were policy. This was a matter to be deliberated upon in secret session. Mr. Dorman, of Rockbridge, did not view the resolution as a proposition for secrecy, except temporarily. The reporters were to be retained, and the proceedings would be published to the world after the injunction was removed. Were it otherwise, he should oppose it. He wished to harmonize and unite Virginia. He was tired of trying moral power on Abraham Lincoln. He regarded his proclamation as a declaration of war and subjugation. If that be so it would be the extreme of folly to discuss that pr
rticulars — military movements against the enemy. Alexandria June 18. --The train which was sent to the relief of the Ohio troops, containing the 1st and 2d Connecticut Regiments, proceeded as far as four miles this side of Vi- enna, where they met the remnant of the Ohio troops at 4 o'clock this morning. It appears that after the engine left last night, and nineteen rounds had been fired, the Secessionists made no further demonstrations, and the Ohio companies retired. Mr. Dorman, employed as a brakesman on the road, who was the only one of the employees who started with the train, says that the attack was made about half-past 4 o'clock yesterday afternoon. The enemy had planted their cannon immediately at a curve of the road, which is straight for some distance. It is supposed that the enemy were in expectation of meeting a larger force, and that the Ohio companies were only an advanced guard. Of the military movements now in progress consequent upon th
le. The 17th, which prohibits persons from holding office who shall hereafter fight a duel, was adopted. No change in-the 18th, upon maladministration or corruption in office. In the 19th section, relating to slaves and free negroes, Mr. Dorman moved to amend by striking out all after the word "and" in the third line, and inserting--"It shall be the duty of the General Assembly to prescribe proper regulations for reducing such negroes to slavery." Mr. Harvie moved a substitute foestator when the emancipation was by will; and where by deed, to such person as would be the distributees of the grantor were he dead at the time, subject to debts of the testator or grantor as in a due course of administration." Rejected. Mr. Dorman's amendment was then agreed to Mr. Chambers moved to amend by adding the following: "But emancipated slaves who had not forfeited their right to freedom on the 19th of April, 1861, shall not incur the forfeiture of their freedom if they r
he amendments were withdrawn, when Mr. Haymond moved to amend by making the term of office of Judges of the Supreme Court of Appeals twelve years, and that of the Judges of Clicuit Courts eight years. Rejected. Messrs. Price and Tredway renewed their amendments, and the question was on the latter, providing that the Senate shall elect the Judges of the Supreme Court of Appeals. The amendment was rejected, and that offered by Mr. Price was agreed to. Another amendment, offered by Mr. Dorman, was rejected; when Mr. Kent offered a substitute for the whole section, viz. "The Judges of the Subreme Court of Appeals shall be elected by joint vote of the two Houses of the General Assembly, and the Judges of the Circuit Courts shall be elected by the voters of their respective circuits — They shall hold their offices during good by havior, or until they arrive at the age of — years, or until removed in the manner prescribed in this Constitution, and shall at the same time hold n
Lancaster moved the previous question, which was sustained. The vote was then taken on the motion to reconsider, and resulted — eyes 41, noes 47. So the motion was lost. Mr. Brooke moved to reconsider the vote by which the substitute of Mr. Dorman was rejected last night. Agreed to. The question recurring on Mr. Dorman's substitute, the vote was taken, and resulted in its adoption — ayes 71, noes 26. The substitute is as follows: "Whereas, Vacancies may have occurred, orMr. Dorman's substitute, the vote was taken, and resulted in its adoption — ayes 71, noes 26. The substitute is as follows: "Whereas, Vacancies may have occurred, or may occur, in the General Assembly, and, by reason of the presence of the public enemy, it may be impossible to fill such vacancies in the mode now provided by the Constitution and laws: Therefore, "Be it ordained, That in all such cases now existing, or that may hereafter occur during the present war, the Senate and the House of Delegates shall each have power to elect members to fill such vacancies in its own body, or such vacancies may be filled in such other manner as the General Assem<
The Daily Dispatch: December 7, 1861., [Electronic resource], A Coward in Breeches and a Heroine in Petticoats. (search)
n made under the present Constitution, shall be placed in the first and second classes of the classification to be made under the provisions of this Constitution." Adopted. The 12th section, which provides that the first general election of delegates to the General Assembly under this Constitution, shall be held on the fourth Thursday in May, 1863, was amended by adding--"unless otherwise provided by law. " The Schedule, as amended, was then adopted. Rights of citizenship. Mr. Dorman submitted the following ordinance, which was considered and passed: "An ordinance concerning returned natives. "Be it ordained, That natives of Virginia who were residents of any other States or countries prior to the 4th of March last, and who since that time have returned hither with the intention of permanently resuming their citizenship, or who are here how with such intention, shall have and enjoy all the rights and privileges of citizens of Virginia, as fully as if they had
onsville; Francis Taylor, White's batt, Co. D, Gordonsville; J N Shop pard, 12th Va, Co. C, Gordonsville; Wm Milsard 1st N C, Co. D, Gordonsville; Wm Williams, 9th Va Co. A, Richmond; Thos Buck, 7th Va, Co. M, Richmond; Serg't Joseph Sommers, 2d N C, Co. D, Richmond; James Jarv's, 2d N C, Co. G, Richmond; Jones Henderson, 2d M C, company G, Richmond; Daniel Biggins, Cobb's Legion, Co. K Richmond; Andrew Willis, 1st S C, Co. B, Gordonsville; George Longtby, Chews's Va battery, Richmond; Miles Dorman, 2d Va, Co. C. Richmond; Wm Davis, 4th Va. Co. K, Richmond; James Ponton, 2d Va, Co. C. Richmond; Geo Denton, 2d Va, Co. C; Richmond; Henry Salmon. White's batt, Co. B Richmond; W Hubbard, White's batt, Co. B, Richmond; Chat Wilson, 7th Va, Co. G, Richmond; P Nath, 9th Va, Co. G Gordonsville; Wm Price, 6th Va, Co. R. Richmond; John Lamar, 6th Va, Co. E Richmond; Jas Keatts, 6th Va, Co. G, Richmond; Chas Carter, 2d Va, Co. D, Richmond; James Ashell 2d N C, Richmond; John Williams, 1st S C
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