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Tobacco Inspector appointed. --The Governor has appointed Luke Wade. Jr., inspector of Friend's Warehouse, in Lynchburg, Va., vice Clifton D Jennings, resigned.
h broken by ball. Company F.--Corpl Daniel Murphy, shoulder; Privates John Spruce, do; James Taylor, hand; George Madison, missing. Company G.--Wounded — Private H T Stratton, in thigh; Wm Harlow in thigh; H E Ponton, in hand; Wm B Graves, in hand; Wm L Jones, in face; R H Ponton, in hand; Wm P Spencer, in arm. Company H.--Killed--Private John Pendleton. Wounded — Private J A Barbour, in hand; R Christian, in both arms; badly; R W Cox, in foot; J W Davis, in shoulder, badly; J Y Jennings, in head, slight; J R Johnson, in leg, badly; Ed B McGinnis, in head, badly; Geo W Mays, Sr, in thigh, slight; James W Mays, arm broken; P P Stinnett, in arm, slight; R N Stinnett, mortally; Henry Ward, finger shot off; Corp'l E L Cox, in hip, arm, and thigh, badly. Company I.--Wounded — Capt D G Waller, mortally; Serg't Daniel Higginbotham, mortally; Private John T Evans, seriously; S B Logan; D T Dogan slightly; Benj Hartless, slightly; Jesse C Wright, slightly; E W Smith, very slight<
his horse shot under him. He then went in on foot, but in a short time was shot through the heart by a piece of shell, which killed him instantly. Col. Gardner, of the 7th Tenn; Lt. Col Shackelford, of the 1st Tenn, and Major McGaughlin, of the 1st, had their horses shot under them in this charge. Adjutant G. A. Howard, of the 7th Tenn., was wounded in the shoulder. Of the same regiment, Capts. Dowell, Allen, Fry, Walsh, Franklin, Shepherd, and Curd, were wounded; also, Lts. Timberlick, Jennings, Doak, Allison, Durett, and Baird, were wounded; Lt. Ingraham was killed. The 7th Tennessee lost 17½ men in killed, wounded and missing; the 1st, 89, and the 14th, 125. The Tennessee brigade, with the other forces, remained on the field that night. Gen. Hatton's body will be carried to Tennessee today. The 9th Virginia. From an officer in this regiment, we learn that it was in advance in Saturday's fight, and were suddenly surprised by the enemy, within sixty yards of an ambusca
Underwood. Company C.--Wounded: Captain T R Buckner, Private James Wharam. Killed: Privates W O Anderson, Daniel Dailey. Company D. "Ambler Grays."--Wounded: Privates G R Hargrave, W E Thomas, J B Johnston, Wm Hall, John Tranham, W W Jennings, Captain John S Anderson, Sergt P Randolph. Killed: Privates John R Bowles, T Gammand. Company E. "Richmond Zouaves."--Killed: Privates — McElroy, --Clark. Wounded: Lieut. Omohundro; privates J Griffith.--King. Company F, "Fluvanna Hornets;"--Killed; Privates F T Pace, John W Asblar. Wounded: Capt John T Martin; Privates J J Jennings; W E Thomas, Thos W Harlowe; Corp'ls W G McLane, John W Sadler; Privates Collins J Winston, B H Bragg, R S Campbell, A J Wilson. Company G. "Randolph Guards,"--Killed: Sergeants J B Farrar, H W K Davis; Private C C North. Wounded: Serg't P H Pollard; Private Thos North. Company H. "Amelia Minute Men."--Killed. Lt W T Robertson, Sergt J Y Taylor, Corp'l J B Fryser. Private D S Shoe
co H, 8th Ala; F M Eubanks, co H, 19th Ga; J O Waters, co I, 38th N C; D B Hutte, co E, 6th Ga; A D Cassiller, co A, 12th Miss; L B Sconyer, co H, 28th Ga; J H Frorior, co G, 14th La; M M Murphy, co K, 40th Va; J J Phillips, co G, 34th N C; R F Hill, co H, 14th Ga; N E Sigman, co F, 38th N C; S W Kemp, co F, 44th Ga; W W Penkerton, co G, 44th Ga; Samuel Troyden, co M, 22d N C; Chas H Brekey, co G, 3d La bat; Z W Ashburn, co L, 55th Va; G W Rogers, co K, 19th Miss; 8 co E, 14th Ga; Capt L T Jennings, D, 3d La bat; W E Michelle, co G, 3d La bat; Simon Bear, co K, La, Victor Minot, La Zeeman; W A Brockenbrough, Lieut E Brockenbrough, 49th Va; N E Sigmon, co F, 38th N, Carolina. Christian and Lea's Hospital. Wm F Wise 1st N C; T W Bell, 38th N C; H F Edwards, N C; W R Macon, 34th N C; William Hobbs, 3d N C; J P Hood, 14th Ga; J T Creighton, 56th Va; Pickens Butler, 19th Ga; W J Willoughby, 19th Ga; O F Matthews, 28th Ga; J L Hubbard, 22d N C; John Sikes, 3d N C; T J Mil
The Daily Dispatch: July 5, 1862., [Electronic resource], List of casualties in the recent battles before Richmond. (search)
unded: Privates D Strange, J Warren. Missing: C Barnett, J Lankford, F Bohlinger,--Madison, Chas Walton. Company I.--Killed: C J Higginbatham. Wounded: Serg't T. H. Campbell, Privates D G Campbell Jos Campbell, E W Smith, W L Simpson, L O Jennings, D F M Burford, W A Pendleton, A S Quinn. Missing: A M Franklin, L P Hawkins, T P Gill, W H Lavender. Company H.--Killed: Herod Scott. Wounded: Serg't T. McGinnis, Corp'l P Roberts, Privates G. G. Hite, Jno Watts, P G Cox, B Cox, B T, Joiner, J Landrum, H. Stinnett, John Davidson, C W Brown, B Sottle, E Cutter. D Jennings, Lieut Richardson. Company K.--Wounded: Captain J. G. Woodson, Lieut A J Robertson, Serg't J. H. Rea, Private M. L. Abel. A list of Killed and wounded of Company I, 1st North Carolina regiment, Capt. Foote. Killed: Orderly Sergt J. W. Hartsfield, Privates Oscar L Mitchell, Isham W Mitchell, John Smith. Wounded: Elijah Belvin, mortally; Sergt M F Searborough, severely; Atlas H Jones, seriously; J
On the night of the 20th ult., a company of the 12th Virginia cavalry, under Capt. O'Ferrall, entered the town of Luray, Page county, in the hope of finding a body of the enemy, who had been committing various depredations upon the property of the citizens. The Yankees, however, had taken their departure but a short time before. The Confederates were welcomed with great demonstrations of joy. At Newtown, near Winchester, Capt. O'Ferrall's company captured and paroled a number of prisoners. A large force of Yankee cavalry crossed the Blue Ridge, from Madison county, on the 24th ult., into Rockingham, and arrested Dr. S. B Jennings, Dr. S. P. H. Miller, Capt. Kite, Capt. Covington, Geo. W. Sanford, and Meredith Nighting, residing near Conrad's store. They burned Mr. Nighting's barn and dwelling house, alleging as a reason that a Yankee soldier had been shot and killed near that place.--Some of the parties were subsequently released but Mr. N. was carried off into captivity.
about two weeks since to take command of the 31st. Major Bowman is a paroled prisoner, having been captured at Ball's Bluff, and has not yet been exchanged. The 127th Pennsylvania regiment arrived about 2 o'clock this morning from Jump Curtin, Pe. and at once went into quarters at the Soldiers' Retreat, which they left at noon to day for one of the surranding forts. The regiment numbers about 856 men, and is well armed and equipped for immediate service. The principal officers are Col. Jennings, Lieut. Col. Allman, and Major, J. Robert, will have already seen some service. The regiment is well supplied with field music. During yesterday quite a number of recruits arrived, that is being at the Retreat this morning about 400 of whom are for the Massachusetts 15th, and for the 1st Ohio battery. These regiments are as fine sad splendid looking bodies of men could be gathered together. They are mostly Saturday yeomen, and are of a class who have rallied at the call of
It is supposed by many that Hill has gone to intercept Sigel, who is probably on his way to Culpeper, and by others that he may be working around in our rear. In addition to the officers already mentioned as being killed and wounded, I learn the following were among the unfortunate ones: General Jackson, of the Pa Reserves, and Lieut. Col. Dickinson, 4th U. S. artillery, were both killed. Gens. Vinton, Kimball, Caldwell, and Campbell were wounded, but none of them seriously. --Major Jennings, of the 26th New York Volunteers, and Col. Sinclair, of the Pa. Reserves, are also among the wounded. All the wounded are being properly cared for, and to-night the surgeons are indefatigable in their efforts to relieve the sufferers. Why the rebel Lee did not make resistance to the crossing of the Rappahannock. Fredericksburg, Dec. 12. --The great battle has not yet come off; but before the setting of tomorrow's sun it will, beyond much doubt, be known whether we are t
Rhode Island; Major Horgan, 88th New York: Capt. Kelly, 14th Indiana, and Capt Meagher, 7th New York. Amongst the wounded are the names of Gens. Vinton, Gibbon, Kimball, Caldwell, and Campbell none of them dangerously. Cols Sinclair, 5th Pa; N H Nugent, 69th N Y; Wiseman, 28th N J; Snyder, 7th Va; Miles, 61st N Y; Andrews, 1st Delaware; McGregor, 10th Mass; Hatch, 4th N J. Lt. Cols Geo Dane, 6th Pa; Goodman, 4th Ohio. Majors Goebel, 7th New York; C. C Knight, L19th Pennsylvania; Jennings, 26th New York; O'Nell, 63d New York. Bardwell, of Pennsylvania; Cavanaugh, 69th New York; Philbrook, 16th Massachuset is. Captains Cameroon, 9th New York; Carpenter, 91st New York; Hart, Assistant Adjutant General to Gen. Tyler; Andrew Mahoney. 19th Massachusetts; M. Dunn, 19th Massachusetts, Hendrickson, 9th New York, G. G. Weymonth and J. R. Smith, 136th Pennsylvania; Slater, 15th N York; Leddy, 69th New York; Houghton; 14th Indiana; Burke, 88th New York; Donnovan, 69th New York;
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