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Richmond Circuit Court. --The fall term of Judge Meredith's Court commenced yesterday. Six persons were admitted to the rights of citizenship, and some other business of an unimportant character was transacted. No criminal cases were submitted to the Grand Jury. A question was raised as to the trial of any such cases sent on to this Court. Messrs. August and Cropper argued that the Hustings Court had possessed no right to send criminals to Judge Meredith for trial, since the people decided upon the establishment of the Court presided over by Judge Lyons. Mr. Tazewell argued that Judge Meredith had a right to try the cases, and that they ought to be tried. The question will be decided to-day.
Political. --The discussion between Messrs. Lyons and Gilmer, at Metropolitan Hall, was listened to by a large audience. The headquarters of the Breckinridge Democracy will be open to-day and Monday for the enrollment of voters. Hon. John S. Pendleton addressed the Bell and Everett party at the Club House on Thursday night. His speech is pronounced an able one by those who heard it. --The Bell and Everett Club of Manchester will be addressed to-night by Messrs. Crane and Burwell. The Commissioners, Conductors, and Clerks, appointed to serve at the election next Tuesday, are requested to meet at the office of the City Sergeant, on Monday afternoon, at 4½ o'clock. Hon. D. C. Dejarnette will address the people of Henrico, at the Court-House, on Monday.
Richmond Circuit Court. --The trial of Robert Reid for a felonious assault upon Mr. Harvey, which was to have taken place yesterday, was postponed until the 30th inst., and rules were awarded against witnesses. The trial of Melton is set down for Wednesday next. A nolle prosequi was entered in the case of the Commonwealth vs. O'Keiff and Grace. Seven persons were admitted to the rights of citizenship yesterday. We understand that Judge Meredith will not try the criminal cases that have been sent on since the establishment of Judge Lyons' Court.
Grand Rally of the Democracy. --Jas. Lyons, Esq., will address the Democratic Association of Church and Union Hills, at Springfield Hall, on Saturday Evening next, 3d instant, at 8 o'clock. The citizens generally are invited to attend. J. H. Sands, Pres't.. B. F. Cock, Sec's. Robert H. Whitlock, Sec's. no 2--2t*
th's Attorney joining in the demurrer. Joseph Woof, convicted of a misdemeanor in August last, and sentenced to three months imprisonment and to pay the costs of prosecution, was discharged from jail yesterday, the Court being satisfied of his insolvency. Joseph Calvin Henry, held in jail to be indicted for a misdemeanor, was discharged from jail yesterday, the Grand Jury having failed to indict him. Charles Colgate, charged with feloniously assaulting and beating Elizabeth Talley with intent to maim, disable and disfigure her, on the 13th of October, was examined before the Court yesterday for the offence, and sent on to be tried before Judge Lyons. Richard, slave to Thomas W. Wooldridge, was convicted before the Hustings Court yesterday, of stealing $600 from Pleasant Hill, a free negro, and ordered to receive nine and thirty lashes. The trial of Allen Nunnally, indicted for keeping a disorderly house, was commenced yesterday, and will be concluded to-day.
The Daily Dispatch: November 16, 1860., [Electronic resource], The British and American difficulty at Panama. (search)
Winfrey and wife vs. Christian. Argued by John Thompson, Jr., and Wm. Green for appellants, and August & Randolph and Johnson & Gulgon for the appellee. Decree of Circuit Court of Buckingham affirmed. Armistead vs. Garrett. Argued by James Lyons for appellant, and R. T. Daniel for the appellee. Decree of Circuit Court of city of Williamsburg, etc., affirmed. Petty john vs. Orange and Alexandria Railroad Company. Argued by James Garland for plaintiff, and Wm. Green for defendantWilliamsburg, etc., affirmed. Petty john vs. Orange and Alexandria Railroad Company. Argued by James Garland for plaintiff, and Wm. Green for defendant.--Judgment of Circuit Court of Amherst reversed. Selden vs. Trevilian et al, and Lyons et al vs. Trevilian et al. Argued by Andrew Johnston for the appellant, in the first case, and P. R. Grattan and McFarland & Roberts for the appellees. The second case argued by A. J. for appellees. Decree of Circuit Court of Goochland reversed.
Hustings Court--Judge Lyons presiding. --John Mescoe, who stands convicted of felony, was yesterday again placed at the bar, and a motion was made to arrest judgment on the verdict rendered, which motion the Court overruled. The prisoner was then sentenced to confinement in the penitentiary for the term of two years. At the request of the prisoner, the execution of sentence was postponed for sixty days, to allow him time to apply to the Court of Appeals for a writ of error. An account of the City Sergeant for expenses incurred in the execution of Wm. D. Totty, amounting to $110, was allowed by the Court, and ordered to be certified to the First Auditor of the State for payment. No other business of public interest was transacted.
ty of 218. Add to this his majority of 31 in Wyoming, and Bell's ascertained majority in the State is 249. Owing to informalities in voting for the Electors, nine of the Bell Electors and six of the Breckinridge Electors have been chosen to cast the vote of the State. The Electors are to meet at the Capitol, in this city on the 5th of December. BellElectors.BreckinridgeElecters. Thomas Bruce74,524Wm. Lamb.74,306 Marmaduke Johnson74,524J. R. Edmunds.74,245 L. J. Bowden74,524James Lyons74,245 J. J. Jackson, Jr.74,524R. A. Clay brook74,245 F. T. Anderson74,450W. H. Anthony74,245 B. H. Shackelford.74,377J. W. Massie74,155 A. B. Caldwall74,249Isaac B. Dunn73,585 L. H. Chancellor74,020Z. Kidwell73,495 Jos. Christian74,097T. F. Goods73,671 Walter Presson73,927T. T. Tredway72,865 J. T. Thomson73,208B. B. Douglas72,529 T. H. Epes.73,168Eppa Hunton72,464 J. F. Johnson73,102J. G. Newman72,457 W. R. Staples72,747J. L. Kemper71,687 A. E. Kennedy72,466T. M. Isabel71,106
nted the following, as the Committee on Business: Jno. R. Garnett. Jno. D. Warren, Sherwin M. Rae, Jno. B. Young, Jno. A. Hutcheson, A. R. Holladay, Jno W. Atkinson, Z. S. Mc . E. H. , Jas. M Garnett, Wm. A. Cocke, James Lyons, Dr. C. Archer. The committee then retired for consultation. Mr. E. E. Orvis stated that he had prepared a series of resolutions, which he desired to submit. On motion of Mr. N. F. Bwe, the resolutions were referred to the Coreport, and advocated the adoption of that of the majority. Mr. Cocke replied briefly. Mr. Rosser opposed the majority report, because the preamble did not go far enough, and because the resolutions were too milk and waterish. Mr. James Lyons supported the resolutions as they were, and urged their adoption. He approved the course of South Carolina--believed she was right — and, for one, was ready to sustain her to the last dollar he had. Dr. Garnett advocated the preamble a
Judge Lyons commenced the December term of his Court yesterday. After disposing of a number of civil cases, Samuel H. Jefford, indicted on the charge of stealing $30 in money from Martin L Covington, on the 15th of May, was set to the bar, and plead not guilty A jury was then selected, and adjourned over until half past 10 o'clock this morning, when the trial will be proceeded with.
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