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This motion was defeated by a vote of 32 to 46. The question then came up on the amendment of Mr. Crockett, when. Mr. Harris, of Mo., called the previous question, which being sustained, and the vote being taken, the amendment was agreed to. Mr. Cliff, of Miss., moved to amend the second section of the bill by adding "unless the parents of such persons are living, and shall give their written" "absent to his enlistment, before be is received." This amendment was adopted. The bill, as amended, was then read and passed to its engrossment, when Mr. Swann, of Tenn., moved a reconsideration; but the motion did not prevail. The bill was then put upon its passage, as amended and adopted. The Chair announced the following committee, under the resolution of Mr. Barksdale, to examines into the condition of the Navy Department. Messrs, Foote, of Tenn; Lyons of Va.; Barksdale, of Miss. Dupre, of La., and Boyce, of S. C. On motion of Mr. Dargan, the House adjourned.
ridges, H. W. Bruce, E. M. Bruce, Chambliss, Chisman, Clapp, Clopton, Collier, Cook, Crockett, Curvin, Curry, Dargan, Davis, Dawkins, Dejarnett, Ewing, Farrow, Foote, Foater, Freeman, Gardenheir, Gartrell, Gentry, Graham, Gray, Hanly, Hartridge, Heiskell, Herbert, Hilton, Hoge, Holcomb, Holt, Johnson, Kenan of Ga., Kenan of N. C., Kenner, Lander, Lyon, Machen, Marshall, McDowell, McLean, Menees, Miles, Moore, Perkins, Pugh, Royston, Russell, Sexton, Smith of Ala., Smith of N. C., Strickland, Swann. Tibbs, Trippe, Vest, Villere, Welch, Wilcox, Wright of Texas, Wright of Tenn, and Mr. Speaker.--74. Noes.--Messrs. Breckinridge, Conrad, Conroe, Dupre, Harris, and Lyons.--6. Absent, or not voting.--Messrs. Arrington, Barksdale, Boteler, Burnett, Chambers, Chilton, Clarke, Davidson, Elliott, Gaither. Garland, Garnett, Goode, Hyer, Jones, Lewis, Mckae, McQueen, Mumerlyn, Preston, Ralls, Read, Singleton, Smith of Va., Staples, and Wright of Ga. Mr. Harris, of Mo., from the Com
im; and if so, in what court and before what tribunal and with what result. 4th. Whether the said Chas. K. Hyde belongs to the land of naval forces of the Confederate States, or is liable to military duty under any law thereof. Resolved, also, That the president be requested to communicate to this House copies of any orders or any other papers relating to the case of the said Charles K. Hyde, with a statement of any testimony taken in the case. These resolutions were opposed by Mr. Swann, of Tenn., end sustained by Mr. Baldwin, and were finally agreed to by — ayes 58, noes 13. Mr. Crockett, of Ky., called up the report of the Committee on Elections in regard to the petition of J. P. Johnson, contesting the seat of A. H. Garland, the sitting member from the Third Congressional District of Arkansas. Mr. Trippe, of Ga, offered the following substitute for both the majority and minority reports: Resolved, That a vacancy be, and is hereby declared in the represen
nto secret session. House of Representatives. --House met at 11 o'clock. Prayer by Rev. Dr. Read. The House resumed the consideration of the bill pending at the time of adjournment on Saturday, viz:--A Senate bill reported back by Mr. Swann, of Tennessee, from the Military Committee, to authorize the President to accept and place in the service certain regiments and battalions heretofore raised, with amendments. The object of the bill is to authorize the reception of certain regiments, battalions, &c., which have been raised in good faith, but not legally. The amendments to the bill were agreed to. Mr. Swann, of Tenn., moved to reconsider the vote by which the House agreed to the last amendment, which proposes to strike out the words "military organizations raised after this time," and to insert "regiments or battalions organized after the said first day of October, 1862." Mr. Gardenhier, of Tenn., opposed the amendment. It was an act of injustice to milita
hing in this bill to prevent General Winder from arresting every member of this Congress, if he chose to do so; there was nothing in the law of the last session to have prevented it. If the President had chosen to play the part of Cromwell, he could, under the law lately in operation, have arrested the legislative department of the Government. Whilst he was in favor of the suspension of the writ in certain cases, he was also in favor of clearly defining the extent of that suspension. Mr. Swann, of Tenn., called the previous question upon the motion of Mr. Baldwin to strike out the enacting clause of the bill, and the call being sustained, the ayes and noes were ordered, with the following result: Ayes 19 noes 45. So the motion to strike out did not prevail. The Chair decided that the vote sustaining the call of the previous question covered the engrossment of the bill, which cut off amendments. An appeal was taken from the decision of the Chair, but the House sustained th
The Daily Dispatch: October 9, 1862., [Electronic resource], Affairs in the Kanawha valley — Sale of Salt. (search)
e Quartermaster-General the rank, pay, and allowances a Brigadier General was next considered. The question being whether the bill should pass the President's vote to the contrary not withstanding and the vote being taken, it was decided in the negative, Messrs. Haynes, Orr, Phelan, and Wigfall being the only Senators present voting in the affirmative. the Senate then went into secret session. House of Representatives.--the House met at 12 o'clock. Prayer by Rev. Dr. Reed. Mr. Swann, of Tennessee, from the Military Committee, reported that the Committee bad had under consideration the bill to authorize the President to receive certain regiments battalions, &c., with Senate amendments, and recommended that the bill pass with Senate amendments. The bill was not taken up. the Speaker announced that the question before the House was upon the motion of Mr. Garnert, of Virginia, to reconsider the vote by which the resolution of Mr. Ferkies was passed, instructing the
f six pieces of artillery. Their columns moved upon three roads, the Shepherdstown and Winchester Turnpike, a county road bearing across to the Martinsburg and Winchester Turnpike, and the road leading directly to Martinsburg. The 9th Virginia, at that time on picket duty, contested the ground inch by inch, as it was forced to fall back before the superior numbers of the enemy and await reinforcement, during which time the first squadron of that regiment made a brilliant charge, led by Captain Swann, driving the enemy before them until, overpowered, it was compelled to retire, with a loss of one man killed and two wounded. About 11 o'clock the 4th Virginia was ordered down on the county road before mentioned to support the 9th; but having soon ascertained that the main body of the enemy were advancing on Martinsburg, the whole brigade was immediately ordered around to that point. On approaching the town the enemy were found to be in possession, having brought their artillery to bea
erate States, " with a recommendation that the House concur in the amendments which authorize the President to appoint general and field officers for the organization of such troops. The bill was taken up, and the amendments concurred in. Mr. Swann, of Tenn., from the same committee, reported back House bill, with Senate amendments, entitled an act to authorize the President to accept and place in the service certain regiments and battalions heretofore raised. On agreeing to the amendmenonth of January, 1863, $2,500,000; for the purchase of subsistence for the army for the month of January, 1863, $6,571,672.91. The aggregate appropriated by the bill is nearly $85,000,000.] After the reading of the bill had been completed, Mr. Swann, of Tenn., moved that the committee rise and recommend that the House pass the bid. Mr. Kenner called the question, which was sustained, and the bill was engrossed, read a third time, and passed. On motion of Mr. Jones, of Tenn., the
rry Rutledge, Wm. Loving.--Hawkins, W. S. Coxe; 37th Va. reg't, Privates P. H. Green and G. Williams; 47th Ala. reg't, G. W. C. Jarvis; 48th Ala. reg't, W. W. Hardwick and C. Harris, 23d Va. reg't, J B. Black and B. A. Carter; 47th Va. reg't, Lieut, Chandler; 5th N. C. battalion, S. T. Gee; 11th Va. reg't, James R. Rice; Danville artillery, G. W. Keesee; 1st La. reg't. A. Thurnway and — Crangle; 2d La. reg't, J. A. Prim, E. Well Ashley Covington, Wm. Smith, privates, and Lieuts. McBride; and Swann; 9th La. reg't, Capt. G. W. Chadbourne, privates J. A. Hesser, J, Pervis, D. C. Cobb; 15th La. reg't, Serg't Clack and Private Jack Haley, 10th La, reg't F. Price. Among the wounded still at the hospital at Sharpsburg we find the names of the following officers Col. R. Penn, 42d Virginia regiment, thigh amputated, 48th Alabama regiment, Lieut. W. M. Hard-wicks, wounded in foot; 1st Louisiana regiment, Lieut. Lawrence, leg amputated; Lieut. Mallory, wounded in both legs; 2d Louisiana reg
12 o'clock, and was opened with prayer by Rev. Dr. Birrows. The roll was then called by the Clerk, to ascertain whether a quorum was present, when fifty four members answered to their names, constituting a quorum. Mr. of Va, offered a resolution that the Hon, J. L. M. Curry be and he is hereby appointed Speaker. pro tempore of the House during the necessary absence of the regular Speaker. The resolution was unanimously agreed to, and the Clerk appointed Messrs. Boteler, Clarke, and Swann to wait upon Mr. Curry and inform him of his election. On taking the Chair the temporary Speaker returned his thanks for the confidence implied in the action of the House, and invoaed the indulgence of members and their assistance in the discharge of the new duties imposed upon him. Mr. Holt, of Ga., offered a resolution that a committee of three be appointed, to join such committee as may be appointed by the Senate to wait on the President and inform him that the Congress of the C
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