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iminary to his master stroke against Shreveport. As Confederate partisan rangers, all natives, were patrolling the country roads, an invading force in its marauding trips was reasonably sure to meet with some of these bold riders. Weitzel's orders were to open communication between Indian Village and Lake Chicot. Indian Village was a settlement on Bayou Plaquemine, occupied by troops under command of General Emory. Calling in the aid of the gunboat Diana, making a reconnoissance from Berwick, it was found that all the routes from the village to Chicot were choked with drift for a distance of five miles. Not long did the gunboat Diana breast the waters of the Atchafalaya. On March 28, 1863, Dick Taylor was watching her somewhere from the bank near Berwick bay. He says: I have the honor to report the capture of the Federal gunboat Diana at this point to-day. She mounted five heavy guns. Boat not severely injured, and will be immediately put in service. Emory's loss in killed
ps in his hedges. Brashear City was one gap; Berwick was to be another. Taylor had needed a slis' communication with New Orleans cut off. At Berwick was a number of sick men convalescing. With alids was an effective force of about 400. Berwick's works were formidable; but for them Taylor n an illusion. Covering the main attack on Berwick, Taylor had organized an expedition via Plaquod Hunter. With such resources the attack on Berwick was made a success. Major was ordered to reaune 23d, as Taylor himself would be attacking Berwick at dawn. A gunboat lay in the bay protecting Berwick. During the night Green had, in absolute silence, stationed a battery opposite the gunboasland. Taylor took care of all stores from Berwick—not only these, but a large drove of cattle o moved up the Teche, leaving pickets opposite Berwick. Twenty-four hours afterward the enemy's sco killed and wounded. The Federal forces at Berwick advanced to Vermilion bayou on October 8th, a[1 more...]
Chapter 14: Texas troops in service in other Southern States the battles of Shiloh, Vicksburg and Chickamauga Texas troops in Louisiana and Arkansas engagements at Camp Bisland, Berwick's bay, Fordoche, Bayou Bourbeaux, Mansfield, Pleasant Hill and Jenkins' Ferry. Having completed a statement of the campaigns within the State, it is but an act of justice to the Texas troops who were engaged in other States during the war to give some account of their service additional to the reference which has already been made to Texas troops in Virginia or elsewhere. At the battle of Shiloh there were present the Ninth Texas infantry, Col. W. A. Stanley; Second Texas infantry, Col. John C. Moore; the Texas Rangers (Eighth), now under Col. John A. Whatton. In service in Tennessee in 1862-63 were the Tenth Texas cavalry, Col. M. F. Locke; Eleventh cavalry, Col. J. C. Burks, Lieut.-Col. J M. Bounds; Fourteenth cavalry, Col. J. L. Camp, Capt. R. H. Hartley; Fifteenth cavalry, Col
L. Morgan's squadrons, all under Maj. B. D. Chenoweth, took an active part in the attack on Pine Bluff, Ark., October 25, 1863. When on April 9, 1863, General Banks, in command at New Orleans, began his first Red River campaign by occupying Berwick City, General Taylor, at Camp Bisland, put the Texans at once to the front, sending Colonel Green's regiment, Fifth mounted volunteers, from Camp Bisland toward Berwick. Green skirmished, falling back before the Federal army, until the 12th and 13Berwick. Green skirmished, falling back before the Federal army, until the 12th and 13th, when a considerable engagement was fought at Fort Bisland, or Bethel's plantation, in which his regiment and Waller's battalion and the Valverde battery held the extreme right; Colonel Bagby's Seventh regiment, as skirmishers and sharpshooters at the front. In the repulse of the enemy on the 13th the services of Colonels Green and Bagby and their commands were specially noticed. Captain Sayers, commanding the Valverde battery, also conspicuous in the fight, was wounded. Colonel Bagby, th
Capt. Calvin D. Cowles , 23d U. S. Infantry, Major George B. Davis , U. S. Army, Leslie J. Perry, Joseph W. Kirkley, The Official Military Atlas of the Civil War, Index. (search)
27, 1; 101, 1; 116, 2; 136, E7; 137, B13 Berlin, Ohio. 140, B3, 140, F5; 141, A6 Bermuda Hundred, Va. 16, 1; 17, 1; 56, 1; 74, 1; 92, 1; 93, 1; 100, 1 Lookout and signal tower at Crow's Nest 67, 10 Union and Confederate lines 65, 1; 77, 3 Berry's Ferry, Va. 69, 1; 81, 4; 85, 1 Berryville, Ark. 135-A Berryville, Va. 25, 6; 27, 1; 43, 7; 69, 1; 74, 1; 81, 4; 85, 1; 100, 1 Engagement, Sept. 3, 1864 82, 10 Bertrand, Mo. 153, C11 Berwick City, La. 135-A; 156, E6; 171 Bethel Church, Va. 45, 1; 61, 4; 78, 1; 81, 2; 93, 1; 135, 5 Bethesda Church, Va. 17, 1; 19, 1; 20, 1; 22, 1; 63, 8; 74, 1; 77, 1; 81, 3; 92, 1; 93, 1; 94, 5; 97, 2; 100, 1, 100, 2; 137, E8 Battle of, June 1-3, 1864 55, 5 Beulah, N. C. 117, 1; 138, E6 Beverly, W. Va. 2, 4, 2, 6; 116, 3; 135-A; 135-C, 1; 137, B1; 141, A14 Capture of, Jan. 11, 1865 84, 5, 84, 10 Expedition, June, 29-July 4, 1863 30, 5 Beverly Ford, V
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 21. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), United Confederate Veterans. (search)
artin, com.; med. offi., H. H. Blanchard; deaths, 5. Camp 173. Tullahoma, Tenn.; J. P. Bennett, corn. Camp 174. Paducah, Ky.; W. G. Bullitt, com. Camp 175. St. Augustine, Fla.; J. A. Enslow, Jr., com.; med. offi., Wm. F. Shine, M. D., Sept. 12, 1861, major; members, 24. Camp 176. Yager City, Miss.; S. D. Robertson, com. Camp 177. Oklahoma, Okla.; J. W. Johnston, com.; med. offi., A. J. Beale. May, 1862, captain; members, 80; deaths, 3; Home, Jacksonville, Fla. Camp 178. Berwick, La.; M. W. Bateman, com.; members, 31; disabled, i. Camp 179. Booneville, Miss.; D. T. Beall, com. Camp 180. Macon, Miss.; H. W. Toote, corn. Camp 181. Richmond, Va.; Gen. Alex. W. Archer, com. Camp 182. Monroe, La.; W. R. Roberts, corn. Camp 183. Oakley, La.; W. S. Peck, corn. Camp 184. West Point, Va.; H. M. Miller, com.; med. offi., W. C. Nunn, June 1, 1861-5, colonel; members, 41; disabled, 1; deaths, 1; Home, Richmond, Va. Camp 185. Campbell, Texas; R. W. Ridley, com
the Rev. W. Turner , Jun. , MA., Lives of the eminent Unitarians, John Shute, (search)
a great measure through his exertions, this proposition was defeated. It may have been owing to his conduct on this occasion, as well as to the part he took in the struggle at Salters'-hall, that an attempt was made to defeat his election for Berwick, in 1722, by raising against him the cry of Arianism. This cry is referred to in the following remarkable passage by Mr. Bennet, of Newcastle, in the dedication of one of his works to Lord Barrington:—I speak not this from an apprehension that ons in religion that render you obnoxious, or that you need be shy of owning on proper occasions. I have reason to think you have examined religion and formed your creed with some care and exactness. In the mean time, what have the voters for Berwick to do in this matter? I cannot discern the obligation we are under, even in religious societies and churches, to pry into our brethren's sentiments, especially in the abstruser questions of religion, in which most of them, I am confident, must,
Boston Avenue, Somerville, 3. Boston Gazette, 65. Boston & Lowell Railroad, 8. Boston & Maine Railroad, 10. Botanic Gardens, Cambridge, 75. Boles, John, 41. Bowman, Francis, 38. Bowman, Hon. Selwyn Z., 42. Bowman, Zadoc, 42. Bradish, Hannah, 65. Bradshaw, John, 16. Bradshaw, Jonathan, 68. Bradstreet, Samuel, 43. Brattle Street, Cambridge, 51, 52. Brattle, William, 55. Bredge, Mathew, Sr., 83. Breed's Hill, Charlestown, 47. Brigade Band of Boston, 2. Brigham, Berwick on Tweed, 50. Brigham, Children of Thomas and Mercy, 56. Brigham, Mercy, 53. Brigham, Norfolk Co., Eng., 50. Brigham, Peter B., 56. Brigham, Peter T., Esq., 53. Brigham, Thomas, The Puritan, 49. Brigham, Town of, Duffield, Eng., 49. Brigham, William E., 49. Brigham, W. I. T., 51. British Museum, 73. Brighton, Mass., 53, 79. Broadway, Somerville, 22, 31. Broadway Park, 3, 31. Brooks, Captain, Caleb, 16. Brooks Estate, West Medford, 3. Brooks (family), 42. Bro
who, perched in platoons on the dead limbs of the cypress, seemed like vanguards of ill omen from the realms of Pluto. On April 11 we crossed Berwick Bay to Berwick City, and on April 12 began that march of three hundred miles whose destination proved to be Port Hudson. In speaking of Port Hudson, we can hardly leave out the schard Taylor, who was in command of all rebel armies in Western Louisiana. The rest of our army, under Banks, crossed Berwick Bay, as already noted, landed at Berwick City, a little town of a dozen houses, and an ancient Indian mound, and then marched up the Bayou Teche past Pattersonville to attack Taylor in front. Taylor's for the swamps. It being Banks' intention to crush Taylor between his own and Grover's forces, how this plan worked we shall see a little later. On landing at Berwick City, I looked for my horse and equipments, which soon became notably conspicuous by their non-appearance; nor did I return to my own or they to me until after I ha
59, 60, 61. Baptist Church, East Cambridge, 39. Barberry Lane, Land on, 73-85. Baton Rouge, 51, 53. Battle of Weldon Railroad, 2. Bayou, Boeuf, 53, 56. Bayou, Sara, 58. Bayou, Teche, 53, 54. Bean, George W., 12. Belding, Charles H., 12. Bell, 39. Bellfield, 7. Benedict Institute, Columbia, S. C., 31. Bennett, Adeline Frances, 69. Bennett, Clark, 40, 69, 75. Bennett, Hannah, 69. Bennett, Lydia, 48. Bennett, Oscar F., 48. Benz, August, 12. Berwick Bay, 53, 54. Berwick City, 54, 55. Beverly, Mass., 3. Bisland, Battle of, 55. Black's Station, 11. Blanchard, Catherine, 31, 32. Blanchard, Nathan, 29. Block House, The, 25. Boardman, Andrew, Esq., 63. Bodge, George A., 12. Bolton, John T., 13. Boston, Mass., 5. Boston Commandery, 72. Boston Harbor, 6, 90. Boston and Lowell Railroad, 73. Botanical Garden, 89. Bowdoin College, 34. Bowdoinham, Me., 31. Bowman, Mrs. Selwyn Z., 32. Bow Street, 31. Boynton Plank Road, 9. Boynton, Willi
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