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John M. Schofield, Forty-six years in the Army, Chapter XVI (search)
ary, instead of the line of the Tennessee, as at first insisted on by General Grant. Yet Grant's assent was given in view of Sherman's trust that Thomas would be able in a very few days to assume the offensive. Sherman's despatch to Thomas of the same date (November 1) instructed him as to the policy then determined on, in lieu of that which had contemplated holding the line of the Tennessee firmly, as follows: Despatch of last night received. The fact that Forrest is down about Johnsonville, while Hood, with his infantry, is still about Florence and Tuscumbia, gives you time for concentration. The supplies about Chattanooga are immense, and I will soon be independent of them; therefore I would not risk supplies coming in transitu from Nashville to Chattanooga. In like manner, we have large supplies in Nashville, and if they be well guarded, and Hood can't get our supplies, he can't stay in Tennessee long. General Schofield will go to you as rapidly as cars can take him. I
John M. Schofield, Forty-six years in the Army, Index (search)
Forced loans, 530, 531 Foreboding of death, 141 Forrest, Lieut.-Gen. Nathan B., raids Johnsonville, 165, 288; before Columbia, 168; near Spring Hill, 171; driven from Spring Hill, 172; at Thom the Tennessee, 318-320; at Eastport, Jackson, and Paris, 319; capture of gunboat by, 319; at Johnsonville, 320; failure to damage Sherman's communications, 338 Fort Brady, troops sent to Chicago frelations with S., 419, 420 Johnson, Maj.-Gen. Richard W., battle of Nashville, 264 Johnsonville, Tenn., S. ordered to, 165, 166, 288-290; the Twenty-third Corps at, 165; Forrest's raid at, 165 reports to Sherman, 164; marches toward Savannah, 165; ordered to Tullahoma, 165; ordered to Johnsonville, 165, 166, 288-290; ordered to command at Pulaski, 165, 166; commanding Thomas's troops befor32-136; battle of Jonesboroa, 157; sent to reinforce Thomas, 164, 165, 190, 288, 308, 330; at Johnsonville, 165, 166; ordered to Pulaski, 165-167; at Nashville, 165,166; operations and dispositions in
Harper's Encyclopedia of United States History (ed. Benson Lossing), Civil War in the United States. (search)
placing in each train, in conspicuous positions, eminent Confederates residing within the Union lines.—25. General Pleasonton, in pursuit of Price in Missouri, attacked him near the Little Osage River; captured Generals Marmaduke and Cabell, and 1,000 men, and sent the remainder flying southward.—28. General Gillem defeated the Confederates at Morristown, Tenn., taking 500 prisoners and thirteen guns.—31. Plymouth, N. C., taken by Commander Macomb.—Nov. 5. Forrest, with artillery, at Johnsville, Tenn., destroyed three tin-clad gunboats and seven transports belonging to the Nationals.—8. Gen. George B. McClellan resigns his commission in the National army. A flag-of-truce fleet of eighteen steamers departed from Hampton Roads for the Savannah River, to effect an exchange of 10,000 prisoners. The exchange began Nov. 12 by Colonel Mulford near Fort Pulaski.—13. General Gillem defeated by General Breckinridge, near Bull's Gap, Tenn., who took all his artillery, trains, and baggag
George Meade, The Life and Letters of George Gordon Meade, Major-General United States Army (ed. George Gordon Meade), chapter 5 (search)
ds, by Lewistown and Mechanicstown to Emmettsburg, keeping the left of the road from Frederick to Lewistown, between J. P. Cramer's Not shown on map. and where the road branches to Utica and Cregerstown, to enable the 11th Corps to march parallel to it. 4 A. M. The 11th Corps, Major General Howard, by Utica and Cregerstown to Emmettsburg. 4 A. M. The 12th Corps, by Ceresville, Ceresville not shown on map. Walkersville and Woodsborough, to Taneytown. 4 A. M. The 2d Corps, by Johnsville, Liberty and Union, Or Uniontown. to Frizzleburg. 4 A. M. The 3d Corps, by Woodsborough and Middleburg (from Walkersville), to Taneytown. The 5th Corps will follow the 2d Corps, moving at 8 A. M., camping at Union. Or Uniontown. The 6th Corps, by roads to the right of the 5th and 2d Corps, to New Windsor. The Reserve Artillery will precede the 12th Corps, at 4 A. M., and camp between Middleburg and Taneytown. General Lockwood, General Lockwood and command had just ar
ld Florence as a base to operate, in three or four days, General Beauregard thought the movement would begin on the 7th at latest. towards Lawrenceburg or Waynesboroa. Meet the army soon as possible in direction of either place, making first a demonstration towards Columbia, if practicable, to distract the enemy, now supposed marching from Nashville and Chattanooga. Send up river to Florence, if possible, all surplus captured supplies. This was addressed to General Forrest at Johnsonville, Tenn., via Corinth and Jackson, Tenn., by couriers, and shows what were General Beauregard's expectations on the 3d of November. His letter to General Cooper, dated November 6th, is more explicit, and gives a full and correct statement of the amended plan of operations adopted on the 3d, after thorough discussion of the subject by Generals Beauregard and Hood. The reader will, no doubt, peruse it with interest: Headquarters, Military division of the West, Tuscumbia, November 6th,
Frederick H. Dyer, Compendium of the War of the Rebellion: Battles, Tennessee, 1864 (search)
0-Oct. 17: Expedition from East Tennessee toward Southwestern Virginia (Gillem's and Ammen's)KENTUCKY--16th Cavalry MICHIGAN--10th Cavalry. OHIO--1st Heavy Arty. PENNSYLVANIA--15th Cavalry. TENNESSEE--9th and 13th Cavalry. Sept. 25: Skirmish, JohnsonvilleUNITED STATES--13th Infantry. Sept. 26: Skirmish, Richland Creek, near PulaskiINDIANA--9th and 10th Cavalry (Detachments). TENNESSEE--10th and 12th Cavalry (Detachments). UNITED STATES--111th Colored Infantry. Sept. 26-27: Skirmishes, Pulaskiish, Union StationMISSOURI--10th Cavalry (Detachment). Union loss, 1 killed, 4 wounded, 26 missing. Total, 31. Nov. 2-3: Affair, Davidson's Ferry, Tennessee RiverConfederate attack on Gunboat "Undine" and Transport "Venus." Nov. 4-5: Action, JohnsonvilleKANSAS--1st Battery Light Arty. TENNESSEE--11th Cavalry. WISCONSIN--43d Infantry. UNITED STATES--Battery "A," 2d Colored Light Arty.; 12th, 13th (Detachment) and 100th (Detachment) Colored Infantry; Gunboats "Key West," "Elfin" and "Tawah." Uni
Frederick H. Dyer, Compendium of the War of the Rebellion: Regimental Histories, Illinois Volunteers. (search)
ary 25, 1864. Moved to Memphis, Tenn., January 25, and Provost duty there till June. Sturgis' Expedition to Guntown June 1-13. Brice's (or Tishamingo) Creek, near Guntown, June 10. Ripley June 11. At Memphis, Tenn., till September 30. Repulse of Forrest's attack on Memphis August 21. Moved to Cairo, Ill., September 30-October 1; thence to Paducah, Ky., October 2-3. Moved to Clifton, Tenn., October 3-6; to Florence October 8. Moved to Pittsburg Landing, thence to Johnsonville October 8-11. Moved to Memphis October 21-23, and Provost duty there till September, 1865. Mustered out September 7, 1865. Regiment lost during service 20 Enlisted men killed and mortally wounded and 4 Officers and 261 Enlisted men by disease. Total 285. 121st Illinois Regiment Infantry. Failed to complete organization. 122nd Illinois Regiment Infantry. Organized at Carlinville, Ill., and mustered in September 4, 1862. Moved to Columbus, Ky., thence to Trenton, Te
Frederick H. Dyer, Compendium of the War of the Rebellion: Regimental Histories, Indiana Volunteers. (search)
15. Old Town (or Tishamingo Creek) July 15. Smith's Expedition to Oxford, Miss., October 1-30. Moved to Jefferson Barracks, Mo., September 8-19. Expedition to DeSoto September 20-October 1. March through Missouri in pursuit of Price October 2-November 19. Moved to Nashville, Tenn., November 25-December 1. Battles of Nashville December 15-16. Pursuit of Hood to the Tennessee River December 17-28. Ordered to Indiana January 25, 1865; blown up on Steamer Eclypse at Johnsonville January 27, 1865, and out of 70 Officers and men but 10 escaped unhurt. Non-Veterans mustered out March 6, 1865. Veterans and Recruits on duty at Camp Butler, Springfield, Ill., till June. Mustered out June 25, 1865. Battery loss during service 6 Enlisted men killed and mortally wounded and 55 Enlisted men by disease. Total 61. 10th Indiana Independent Battery Light Artillery Organized at Indianapolis, Ind., January 25, 1862, and ordered to Louisville, Ky. Attached to
Frederick H. Dyer, Compendium of the War of the Rebellion: Regimental Histories, Kansas Volunteers. (search)
March to Helena, Ark., June 17-July 12. (Cos. A, D and K escort train June 25-July 14.) Salem July 6. Jacksonport, Black River, July 8. Duty at Helena, Ark., till August, 1863. Operations against Quantrell in Kansas August 20-28, 1862 (Detachment). Washburne's Expedition from Helena against Mobile & Ohio Railroad July 24-26, 1862 (Co. C ). Expedition to Oldtown and Trenton July 28-31 (Co. C ). Clayton's Expedition toward Clarendon August 4-17. Expedition to Johnsonville and Marianna September 26 (Detachment). Action at Trenton October 14. Expedition to Moro November 5-8 (Detachment). Expedition against Arkansas Post November 16-26. Expedition to Grenada, Miss., November 27-December 5. Oakland, Miss., December 3. Expedition to Big and Little Creeks and skirmishes March 6-10, 1863 (Detachment). Little Rock Road April 2 (Co. G ). Mount Vernon May 11. Polk's Plantation, neat Helena, May 25. Repulse of Holmes' attack on Helena J
Frederick H. Dyer, Compendium of the War of the Rebellion: Regimental Histories, Michigan Volunteers. (search)
Moved to Morristown March 16. Expedition to Carter's Station April 24-28. Rheatown April 24. Jonesboro and Johnsonville April 25. Expedition from Bull's Gap to Watauga River April 25-27. Watauga Bridge April 25. Powder Springs Gavejoy Station September 2-6. At Decatur September 8 to October 4. At Chattanooga, Tenn., till November 2, and at Johnsonville till November 24. Nashville Campaign November-December. March to Nashville, Tenn., December 1-8. Battle of NaJonesboro August 31-September 1. Lovejoy Station September 2-6. Pursuit of Hood into Alabama October 4-26. At Johnsonville till November 20. Nashville Campaign November-December. Battle of Franklin November 30. Battle of Nashville Donesboro August 25-30. Lovejoy Station September 2-6. Pursuit of Hood into Alabama October 4-26. Moved to Johnsonville, Tenn., November 2-5, thence to Centreville and guard fords of Duck River till November 28. Battle of Franklin Novembe
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