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h have appeared in the Dispatch,) show that for these three months there were inspected at-- Shockoe Warehouse3,194 hhds. public Warehouse2,381 hhds. Seabrook's Warehouse1,774 hhds. Dibrell's Warehouse449 hhds. Mayo's (Opened 14th June, 1860,)1,166 hhds. total inspections for the quarter8,964 hhds. Inspected same months, 1860: at Shockoe Warehouse3,100 at public Warehouse2,634 at Seabrook's Warehouse2,117 at Dibrell's Warehouse987 8,838 hhds. Excess in 1861.126 hhds. from the above statement of the inspections for the quarter ending the 31st March, compared with the corresponding quarter of last year, it will be seen that at Shockoe gains on last year's inspections94 hhds. Add inspections at Mayo's, (new Warehouse)1,166 1,260hhds. While Public W. H. falls off253 While Seabrook's falls off243 While Dibrell's falls off538 1,134 hhds. Leaving a balance of126 hhds. As the actual increase over the quarter ending 31st March, 1860.
fin, Grattan, Stokes and Wynne. Oakwood Cemetery--Messrs. Crutchfield, Denoon, Hill and Greanor. Accounts--Messrs. Crutchfield, Haskins and Glazebrook. Seabrook's Warehouse--Messrs. Greanor, Burr and Scott. Claims--Messrs. Burr, Hill and Epps. Police--Messrs. Hill, Grattan and Denoon. Jail--Messrs. GriffinWard — James Scott and George K. Crutchfield. Monroe Ward — Samuel D. Denoon and Fleming Griffin. The President read a communication from the Inspectors of Seabrook's Warehouse, with a copy of a notice from the Auditor of Public Accounts, ordering them to retain part of the rent due to the city, for the use of the State, until the city makes the roofs of Seabrook's fire-proof. The President said he had ordered the work to be done, so as to retain the amount ordered to be withheld. A certificate was read from the clerk of the Hustings Court, certifying that Jno. M. Francisco had returned a list of 957 voters in Jefferson Ward to his office. Fra
month, (March,) and a falling off of 601 hhds., as compared with April, 1860. From the published reports of Capt. Sheppard, we find that in April, 1860, there were inspected at Shockoe Warehouse1,563 hhds. public Warehouse1,271 hhds. Seabrook's Warehouse846 hhds. Dibrell's592 hhds. 4,272 hhds. in April, 1861: Shockoe Warehouse972 hhds. Public Warehouse756 hhds. Seabrook's Warehouse725 hhds. Dibreil's Warehouse324 hhds. Mayo's (new) Warehouse894 hhds. 3,671 hhds.pril, 1861: Shockoe Warehouse972 hhds. Public Warehouse756 hhds. Seabrook's Warehouse725 hhds. Dibreil's Warehouse324 hhds. Mayo's (new) Warehouse894 hhds. 3,671 hhds. Total falling off601 hhds. We hear that there was but little disposition manifested to buy the past week, and that the article has fallen off in price very much, and our commission merchants have advised the planters to keep their Tobacco at home for the present, consequently the receipts are now very small.
Tobacco. --From a statement furnished by the inspectors of tobacco at the different ware-houses in this city, for the nine months ending 30th ult., it appears that the inspections for the month of June, 1860, and 1861, are as follows: 1860.1861. Shockoe Warehouse2,654310 Public Warehouse1,766261 Seabrook's Warehouse939126 Dibrall's Warehouse8869 Mayo's Warehouse525293 6,770999 999 Decrease5,771 The total inspections in this city for the last nine months is 20,436, against 27,602 hhds. for the same period of the previous year. The stock on hand 1st of July in this city is near 8,000 hhds. The recent advance in the price of good shipping and fine manufacturing tobacco will doubtless cause the planters to send it forward more freely.
Tobacco inspections. --We annex a comparative statement of inspections of tobacco at the different warehouses in the city of Richmond from 1st October, 1859, to 1st July, 1860, and from 1st October, 1860, to July, 1861: 1860.1861. Shockoe10,3426,453 Public7,6335,3 Seabrook's5,6823,693 Dibrell's3,6061,472 Mayo's (opened 14 June)5253,514 27,78720,436 20,436 7,351 decrease. Stock of Tobacco on hand inspected7,135 Uninspected511 7,646 hhd.
The Daily Dispatch: August 28, 1861., [Electronic resource], One hundred and Fifty Dollars reward. (search)
Inquest. --An inquest was held yesterday by Alderman Sanxay, over the body of an unknown man, (a soldier, apparently,) whose body was found lying dead at the corner of Grace and 17th streets, near Seabrook's ware house. The jurors sworn to inquire by what means the result had been produced, returned through their foreman (Jacob S. Atlee,) the verdict that he came to his death "by intemperance and exposure." The person of the deceased presented one of the most striking features of the seafaring habit of emblematic disfiguration of the body, all parts of which, together with the arms, legs and feet, were covered with national emblems and other devices, representing the U. States coat of arms, U. States flags, symbolic figures of the Goddess of Liberty, with mottoes and letter in capitals, significant of something known perhaps only to the deceased; bracelets, with emblems, representations of rings on the fingers, and ships fully rigged and in trim for sail. The identity of t
Comparative Statement of the Inspection of Tobacco at the different Warehouses in the city of Richmond from 1st October, 1859, to 1st September, 1860, and from the 1st October, 1860, to 1st September, 1861 Sept. 1, 1860.Sept. 1, 1861. Shockoe14,5028,496 Seabrook's7,9114,834 Public.10,5267,136 Dibrell's5,4002,679 Mayo's.3,0794,636 41,41827,179 27,179 Decrease.14,239 hhds. Wm. Y. Sheppard, Proprietor Richmond Tob. Exchange.
Comparative statement of the Inspection of Tobacco, at the different Warehouses in the city of Richmond, from the 1st October, 1860, to 1st December, 1861 and from the 1st October, 1861, to 1st December, 1861: Dec. 1, ' 60.Dec. 1, ' 61. Shockoe Warehouse1,7251,293 Public Warehouse1,226882 Seabrook's Warehouse656307 D. brell's Warehouse578162 Mayo's Warehouse776569 4,9603,213 8,219 Decrease1,767 Wm. Y, Sheppard, Prop'r Richmond Tobacco Exchange. Richmond, Dec. 1, 1861.
The Daily Dispatch: February 5, 1862., [Electronic resource], Foreign Geography of the United States. (search)
Stealing money. --Jas. M. Carroll was carried before the Mayor yesterday, charged with stealing a $5 Confederate Treasury note, from Nicholas H. Dunn, in Stewart's eating saloon, near Seabrook's warehouse. Daniel Scroggins, Mr. and Mrs. Stewart, and Dunn himself, testified to having seen the defendant take the money; but the latter positively denied the charge, stating that he had remained in the room with the parties after being accused till the officer arrived and searched him, and nothing was found. He exhibited a hard, bony hand, and his time book, to show that he did not get his living by robbing. The case was continued.
l transports, and it was believed they would follow the gun-boats. A ship, which the rebels had sunk in the channel in the rear of Fort Pulaski, had been removed, several steamers, including the Mayflower, having taken part in the task of pulling her out.-- Piles, which the rebels had driven to prevent the passage of our gun-boats, had also been removed, by drawing them out or sawing them off. The third battalion of the Massachusetts cavalry regiment was stationed on Hilton Head, near Seabrook, on the borders of Scull creek Colonel Williams had his headquarters there, and the first battalion, recently at Annapolis, was expected at the same place. The horses of the regiment were landed in good condition, and the men are in good health and spirits. They have pitched their tents in a pleasant and healthy place. The second battalion is at Beaufort, with Gen. Stevents's brigade. Lieutenant Colonel Sargent is with them. There are no other cavalry corps with Gen. Sherman's command.
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