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Who is the Count de Paris? --A correspondent of the Charleston Courier gives the following account of this individual, who recently volunteered in the Lincoln army and received an appointment on McClellan's staff: The Count de Paris is the son of the late Duke of Orleans, who was the oldest son of King Louis Phillippe of France. He is the Orleanist heir to the French throne, and if his grandfather had not set Lincoln the example of stifling the freedom of the press, the young man might have reigned as Francis III. He now serves as a captain in the rail-splitter's army. I sincerely hope that one of our sharp-shooters will pick off this young sprig of royalty. Should he and his companion be made to bite the dust, the Bonaparts who reigns in the ancient palaces of the Bourbons will smile grimly on our new Republic.
sed them. Five hundred merchants had been fined one hundred roubles each for closing their shops on the 15th of October. Agitation was increasing in Warsaw. The authorities were taking more vigorous measures to maintain order. The Borussia had 118 passengers, $34,000 in specie, and a full cargo. Commercial News. Liverpool Cotton Market.--The sales of last Monday and Tuesday reached 45,900 bales, including 25,000 bales to speculators and exporters. The market is buoyant, with an advance of ¼d, and ½d. per 15. Middling Orleans is quoted at 11½d. The advices from Manchester continue favorable, the market for goods and yarns still exhibiting an advancing tendency. Liverpool Provision Market.--Beef inactive. Pork quiet and steady. Bacon steady. Lard quiet at 48a50s Tallow firmer, with an advance of 1s. per cwt. Liverpool Produce Market.--Sugar quiet and steady. Coffee steady and unchanged. Rice inactive. Spirits Turpentine dull at 62s.
closed yesterday at 9 90 from money. The bullion in the Bank of England has increased £128,000. Liverpool Cotton Market, December 14. --The Brokers Circular resorts the sales of cotton for the week at 35,000 bales. The market has been firmer, and an advance in prices of ¼d a d. is established. The sales to speculators were 2,000 bales, and those to exporters 4,000 bales. The sales of Friday were 5,000 bales, the market closing very dull. The authorized quotations are: Orleans.Mobile.Upland. Fair1211½11 ¼ Middling,10 ½10 ½10 3/8 The stock in port is estimated at 597,000 bales, of which 240,000 are American. Advices from Manchester are unfavorable. The market is very dull. Havre Cotton Market December 12--Cotton advanced 4f. a 5f., closing steady. Sales of the week, 3,250 bales. New Orleans tree ordinance, 1421;New Orleans tree ordinance bas, 1361. Stock, 141,000 bales. Liverpool Breadstuffs and Provision Market, Dec. 14th--Breadstuffs ar<
ecurities have nominally recovered a little, but business has been very dull. There are buyers of United States 5's at 67. Illinois Central shares are quoted at 45 a 44 discount; Erie, 27½ a 28½. Liverpool Cotton market. Liverpool, Jan. 4, 1862. --The regular Brokers' Circular is not completed. The sales of the week (four days) foot up 80,000 bales, the market closing buoyant on Thursday, with a considerable advance upon all descriptions. The sales of Friday were 25,000 bales, of which 15,000 were to speculators and exporters — the market closing excited and ¼d. higher. The official figures call Middling Orleans 12¾d. a 12½d., while private authorities report an advance during the week to 13d. Ten thousand bales have been purchased for export to America. New York stock market. New York, Jan. 14. --Virginia 6's, 49 a 50; Tennessee 6's 43¼ a 43¼ North Carolina 6's, 60½ Missouri 6's, 42 a 42½. On the 15th, Tennessee 6's, 43 a 43½; Missouri 6's,
April. It is announced that Italy will be recognized by Prussia. The betrothal of the King of Portugal to the sister of the late Queen of Portugal is announced. Numerous arrests have taken place in Athens of senators, officers, advocates, and journalists, and the rebellion still continues. At Paris, on the 22d February, the Bourse was firm, and rentes were quoted at 70.35. At Havre the sales of cotton for the week were 18,000 bales, with a firm and buoyant market. Orleans tres ordisaire was quoted at 105a16Sf. The stock of cotton was 93,500 bales. Latest from Liverpool, (by telegraph to Queenstown, Feb. 23.) --The sales of cotton on yesterday were 8,000 bales, of which 6,000 were taken by speculators and exporters.--The market closed firm at unchanged quotations. At London on the 21st Feb. consols were quoted at 98¼. American securities were unchanged. Mr. Slidell has had an interview with the Emperor Napoleon, and communicated to him corr
000: 1869. 2,651,000; 1868, 4,224,000; 1881. 3,811,110 bales. in 1859: England consumed 2,294,000 bales, against 526,000 consumed in France; 1860, 2,638,000, against 621,000; 1861, 2,253,000 against 578,000. The diminution which took place in 1861 was owing rather to the anticipation of a deficit of the raw material in 1862, in consequence of the American civil war, and to advance in price of manufactured articles, than to a decreased demand on the part of consumers. The price of Middling Orleans cotton has been as follows at the close of each of the following years: 1855, 5 1856, 7 1857 6 1858 7d; 1859 6 1860 7 126. It is ownerly 144, in 1844, its price was 31; during the first Empire, at an epoch, it is true, when it did not imply as many hands even in proportion as it does now its price was as high as 81d; but since 1820 is has not been as high as it is now; even in 1826, it reached only 121, and in 1886 it attained but 13d," The announcement made in the Western papers o
d quiet. Liverpool Breadstuffs market. The Breadstuffs market is dull. Wheat has a downward tendency, with a slight decline on all qualities. The various circulars report. Flour downward, at 26s 6da29s. Wheat dull, and declined 2d per cental; red Western, 10s 6d alla 6d; red Southern, 11s 8d alla 10d, white Western, 12s 6d; white Southern, 12s 8d 12s 10d. Cora, quick and steady; mixed, 28s 9d; 29s. Liverpool, Sunday,March 23. Cotton.--The sales yesterday (Saturday) amounted to 8,000 bales; the market closing steady, but dull, at unchanged quotations. Breadstuffs.--The market is very dull, with a downward tendency Provisions--The provision market closed quite. Lard and Bacon were firm at previous quotations. London--Consols, closed on Saturday at 84½ 24½ for money. Haver market. Conca.--The sales of the week have been 3.500 bales. The market is quiet and steady Orleans. tree ordinaire, 155 f.; bas, 147, Stock in port, 51,000 bales.
but had an improving tendency at the close. Console advanced ½ on the 2d. There was less demand for discount at the Bank, and the supply larger in the open market. Gold continued to flow into the Bank. Liverpool Cotton Market, April 3.--The sales of the past three days sum up 12,000 bales, of which 3,000 were to speculators and exporters. The market closed with an upward tendency, but quiet at unchanged prices. Cotton.--The brokers circular reports the sales of the week at 32,000 bales, including 5,500 to speculators, and 7,500 to exporters.--The market advanced one eighth of a penny principally on the middle qualities, closing quiet. The sales to-day (Friday) are estimated at 5,000 bales, including 1,000 to speculators and exporters, the market closing firm at the advance. The authorized quotations are: FairMiddling. Orleans18¾d.18½d. Mobile18d.18½d. Uplands18¾d.18½d. The stock in port is estimated at 450,000 bales of which 142,000 are Americ
The Daily Dispatch: may 22, 1862., [Electronic resource], The negro at home--what one who saw for himself has to say (search)
ep, and the people say it produced such effect on the Empress that she could not, or would not appear at the dinner given to the Queen of Holland, on the 28th, at the Turneries, nor did she appear at the ball which followed the dinner." It is believed by the Italians in Paris that Rome will soon be occupied by the Piedmontese troops. The Constitutional asserts that the recall of General Goyen will not change the French policy at Rome. Commercial Liverpool, May 3 1862. --The sales of cotton to-day have been 5,000 bales, including 1,000 to speculators and exporters. The market closed quiet at unchanged quotations. The breadstuffs market is generally flat — Corn steady. The provision market is very dull and inactive. Raven market The sales of cotton for the week were 6,000 sales. Orleans tree ordinance, has 1861. The market is less firm and easier. The total task in port is 18,000 sales. Faris, May 3, 1862--The Course is at 7½ 160.
1¾ for money. The bullion in the Bank of England had decreased £450,000. Baring says the disposition to sell American stocks continues, and tends to depress prices. The Paris Bourse. Paris, June 14, 1862. The Bourse is firmer. The Rentes closed yesterday (June 13) at 68f. 65 The Liverpool cotton market. Liverpool. June 14, 1862. The Brokers' Circular reports the sales of the week at 84,000 bales. The market has been buoyant and prices are one-quarter to three-eighths of a penny higher. The sales to speculators have been 22,000 bales, and to exporters 23,000. The sales on Friday were 7,000 bales, including 3,500 to speculators and exporters, the market closing firm at the annexed quotations: Fair.Middling. Orleans14½13¼ Mobiles13¾13 Uplands13½12 ⅞ The stock in port is estimated at 289,000 bales, of which 92,000 are American. State of trade. There have been no sales in the Manchester market, owing to the Whitsun holi
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