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te elections. We continue this morning the publication of such returns as have reached us of the election held for State officers and members of Congress, &c., on Thursday, as well as a corrected vote of the city of Richmond: Richmond City.Jeffer'n Ward.Madis'n Ward.Monroe Ward.Total Vote For Governor: T S Flournoy2513764101037 Wm Smith124183181488 G W Munford119223202544 Lieut-Gov'r: Samuel Price2464714181135 J D Imboden201287338826 J W Sheffey251935 Att'y Gen'l: J R Tucker3257216821728 For Congress: W C Wickham3134044861203 Jas Lyons172348260780 For State Sen'te: G W Randolph3106386091557 R O Haskins146111114371 Ho. of Deleg's: W Robertson3235594131295 D J Saunders136312480988 D J Burr181401318900 T H Wynne184278209671 Thos. B Bigger126268182576 L W Glazebrook90165366621 R F Walker97186144427 Wm Taylor1824465291 Flournoy over Smith, 589; Flournoy over Munford, 544. Wickham over Lyons, 423. Randolph over Haskins, 1186. Messrs. Robertson,
Lieutenant Governor, two precincts:--Price, 203; Imboden, 93. Attorney-General: Tucker. 362. Congress, seven precincts: Goode, 532; Martin, 379. State Senate: Sutherrt-House — For Governor: Smith, 59, Flournoy, 33; Munford, 8. Attorney General; Tucker, 89. Lieut Governor; Imboden, 37; Price, 52. Congress: Becock, no opp, 93. Ser Munford. Lieut. Governor: Imboden 11 majority over Price. Attorney General: Tucker, no opposition. Congress: 1st district, Montague has a majority of 4 over Garnnoy, 107. For Lieut. Governor: Price, 219; Imboden, 25. For Attorney General: Tucker, 228. For Congress: Staples, 115; Edmundson, 162. For House of Delegates: Dyeford, 29. For Lieut. Governor: Price, 560; Imboden, 92. For Attorney General: Tucker, 589. For Congress: Goode, 436; Martin, 283. For House of Delegates: Jordan Brd, 58. For Lieut. Governor. Price, 262; Imboden, 375. For Attorney General: Tucker. 514. For Congress: Rives, 415. J. M. Shelton elected to the House of Delegate
47; Barbour, 6. Henrico C. H. Dejarnette, 14; Barbour, 6. Louisa county; Dejarnette's majority 325. in the 16th District the returns re-elect Hon C. W. Russell over Dr Kidwell. State Senate. Wheeling District — Dan'l M Shriver. Harrison District--Kenna Stevenson. Marion District--Jas Neeson. Preston District — C W Newlon. House of delegates. Ohio county — Thomas Edwards, Dr. Alfred Hughes and Jos. H. Pendleton. Marshall — Jas M Hoge. Brooke--Dr. N W White. Weizel — Leonard Hall. Marion — Gen T S Haymond and Stephen A. Morgan. Monongalia — D. B. Stewart and Dudley Evans. Taylor--Lieut Col. J A Robinson. Preston — R E Cowan and C J P Cresap. Harrison — W P Cooper and G W Benty. Gilmer, Calhoun, &c — J Kerr McCutcheon. Ritchie and Pleasants — Tibbs. Lewis--Dr. Wm. Bland. Official vote of Chesterfield: Smith, 345. Flournov, 134; Munford, 36; Price, 276; Imboden, 162; Tucker, 430; Collier, 238; Gholso
hite Smyth — J H Thompson. Southampton — Pretlow. Spotsylvania — J L Marye, Jr. Warren — Samuel W Thomas. Washington — A C Commings,--Graham. Pendleton — Sanders. Hardy — Chas Williams. The following additional county returns have been received: James City County.--A poll was held on election day several miles below the Confederate lines in James City county, with the following result: Governor; Flournoy 12, Smith 6, Wise 1. Lt Governor: Imboden 16, Price 2. Attorney General: Tucker 16. Congress: Wickham 7, Lyons 10. House of Delegates: Henley 23, Meanley 4. Botetourt.--Governor: Flournoy 182, Smith 169, Munford 71. Lt-Governor: Price 353, Imboden 52. Congress: Edmondson 207, Staples 202. Warren.--Governor: Smith 87, Munford 21, Flournoy 12. Lieut-Governor: Imboden 61, Price 46. Congress: Funston 101, Menifee 14. Senate: Carson 114. House of Delegates: Thomas 109. Rappahannock.--Smith's majority 150. The following is the official vote of
G. M. Turher. Tardy D. Turner it C. L. Tumes-C. H. Tars C. Tarr C. Thomas C. H. Turoy J. w. Trehera Jno. Thornton J.w. Thompson J. P. Tower H. M. Trent Hy. Tutor w. H. Thomason w. B. Taylor J. A. Tretos w. H. Tucker Jno. w. Taylor w. C. Temkins CC 2. Taylor b. S. Tucker b R. 2. Tineley A. 2. Tyser A. J. Terrell A. J. Troot A. J. Tift A. E. Tellon A C. Thomas O. w. Turner w. Templeton cpt. w. 2. Taylor wm. H. Tunstall cpt. Tj. Tucker b R. 2. Tineley A. 2. Tyser A. J. Terrell A. J. Troot A. J. Tift A. E. Tellon A C. Thomas O. w. Turner w. Templeton cpt. w. 2. Taylor wm. H. Tunstall cpt. Tj. Towneend S. C. Talley S. C. Thomson cpt R. A. Thomas R. S. Tiesley b. Thempson Pw J. Tumey cpt. P. Taliaferro Pr. Turner it D. H. Tale Levy Timberlake L. w. Tappy M. Thomas w. b. 2. Thompson w. J. Tapp wm. Vanson j. h. Vaughan w. D. Vidsers T. M. Vaden S. Jr. Vaden Sam Vanbakkelin A. M. Valiandighamton c. L. 2 Vaden D. D. 2 Valentine D. h. Vaughan c. F. Volkman c. w. 2 Vanpett c. Vatt A. Vanghan D. Vanghan A. Vanghan J. Y. Werne R.
Religious Intelligence. --The committees appointed on the subject of a union between the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in the Confederate States, and the United Synod of the Presbyterian Church in the Confederate States, met in Lynchburg, Va., on Saturday, with reference to a union of the two denominations. The committee of the General Assembly consists of Rev. Drs. Dabney, Brown, Ramsey, of Va., and Drs. Waddell and Baird of Miss. and J. L. T. Preston and F. Watkins, Esqs., Elders. The committee of the United Synod are: Rev. Den Stiles, Mitchell, Read, and and Rev. J. J. Robinson, and Elders J. T. Randolph, Tucker and James F. Johnson.
The Daily Dispatch: November 28, 1863., [Electronic resource], Army of Tennessee, Missionary Ridge, Nov. 22. (search)
Lynchburg District.--P A Peterson, Presiding Eider. Centenary --L M Lee. Colored Mission — Francis M Edwards. Court Street — R N Sledd. Coloreed Mission — To be supplied. Amherst — John W Howard, R W Watts, D. J. C. Staughter, sup'y. Buffalo — J W Jones. Lexington — C C Pearson Lexington Circuit --John L Clarke. Fincastle — L H Crenshaw. Bedford — Alfred Wills, George B Allen. Staunton River — Joseph Lear, M L Bishop. Colored Mission — E A Gibbs. Campbell — Cyrus Doggett, John W Tucker, Joseph Spriggs, sup'y. Appomattox — W G Hammond. Buckingham — James R Wagoner. State River — James W Compon. Cumberland --S S Lambeth. Danville District.--W B Rowzee, Presiding Eider. Danville --C H Hall. Halifax — D M Wallace. South of Dan — John G Bailor, Wm. Carter, sup'y. Ringgold Mission — Thos. H. Boggs. South Stanton — R A Gregory. Pittsylvania — L J Hansherger. Franklin — Joseph E Potts, one to be supplied, B B Shetton, sup'y. Flint Hil
The Daily Dispatch: December 17, 1863., [Electronic resource], The Turning Point in Bragg's late defeat — the breaking of the "Left Centre." (search)
anister were fired in their faces. This merely staggered them a moment, and before the pieces could be reloaded they ran up, captured them, and planted their colors upon them. The 10th Mississippi and Sharpshooters, posted at this point, broke and fled in confusion down the hill. Gen. Anderson, commanding the division, was at this time in the rear of Deas's brigade. Gen. Manigault sent Capt. Walker to inform him that the enemy had carried the hill in front of his brigade, commanded by Col. Tucker, and that the battery was captured. Gen. Anderson merely replied, "that it could not be so."--Captain Walker reasserted the fact, and turned around and left him. By this time the whole of Anderson's brigade had retreated, and the enemy had turned the captured pieces upon our brigade. Several shots were fired from them down our line, and by this time we had the top of the ridge in Deas's front, and his brigade began to break to the rear. Still our brigade stood firm and kept back the en
th cav; C T Carter, Mosby's bat; Corp't W D Hawkins, 38th; Jas Hillyard, Carter's battery; J L Lunsford, 9th cav; W H Moss, 4th cav; J A Morris, 49th; J W Robinson, 2d cav; A M Wright, 23d; M Yeatman, 49th; S D Butler, 14th; S Bywater, cav; Corporal Blackburn, 55th; J L Bartlett, 36th; R R Carr, 55th; J D Dowdy, 21st; Serg't J E Futler, 88th; J W Grant, 9th; D B Harold, 24th; S S Hawthorne, 37th; L A Jones, J Kester, and W J Martin, 53d; C A Ratcliffe, Sergeant T G Walker, 28th; E L Adams, 3d cavalry; J L Collier, 12th; W F Gaines, 18th; L B Hughes, 19th; T J Sounders, 56th; C W Tucker, 1st cav; W A. Ashwater, 24th; J H Bell, 8th; T Bolinger, 62d; W H Covington, 40th; S Courtney, 11th; T Dickens, 40th; J W Berly, 24th; S M Halley, 18th; R A Jordan, 27th; J G Laffoon, 18th; J T McLaughlin, 8th; J P Philpots, 42d; J T Rogers, 28th, and James Childress, 21st. The names of those from the other States who have died at Point Lookout may be found at the Army Intelligence office.
d; but we deny that it would improve any other race. All these things are beastly to the last degree, or which amounts to the same thing, they are genuine Yankee, and would be tolerated nowhere but in Yankeedom. There, however, the sentiment is almost universal, or at least is fast becoming so. The pamphlet to which we alluded above says the new race, thus compounded, would be the most perfect race the world ever saw. New, it is a well known fact, clearly demonstrated from statistics by Prof. Tucker years ago, that the mulatto race are short lived, and that in a few generations races of that composition uniformly die out. Mongrel races — the mixture of the blood of Japheth with the blood of Shem and Ham — never have been known to continue their progeny for a long series of years; so that the very means by which this voluptuous philosopher in petticoats proposes to elevate the Yankee must end in the extinction of his race — a consummation devoutly to be wished. The foul imaginati<
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