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Company F--Killed — None. Wounded — Privates G F Tal ey, W F Waldrop, and D J Spicer. Company G--Killed — Thomas M Cole and James. W Jeffress. Wounded--Lieut. E L Haskin, and privates Thomas Collins, G J W Roberts, and W D, Dickerson. Company H--Killed--Private Ben McAllister. Wounded — Private M Steuart. Company I.--Killed — Private D R Thomas. Wounded — Privates W J Morrison, A P Steel, and J Harvey. Company K.--Killed — Capt D C Harrison. Wounded--Private John T Tucker. Fifty-First Virginia Regiment--Lieut. Col J. W. Massie, Commanding. Company A.--Killed — Private L D Cole Wounded — Privates C L Hall, A Jones, G R Carrico, William Farmer, Troy Busick, T B Cornett, J M Cooper, and Hugh Boyn. Company B.--Killed — Privates O Robertson and J Phipps. Wounded — Private S Jarald. Company C.--Killed — Private D Hall.--Wounded — Privates R J Woolwine, J Akers, N C Akers, B. R Hall, J D Carter, and D J Thorn. Company D.--
who fought the Fanny at Roanoke Island and Elizabeth City, got his wound — there the gallant young Hutter fell, all shot by the dastards who fired from the ship and shore when the white flag was flying at the main and mizzen of the Congress! Here, too, and in the same way, Flag-Officer Buchanan, and Flag-Lieut. R Minor were wounded. Now, the James River gunboats, whose dark smoke had been seen against the blue distance ever since 8 o'clock, came dashing along past the shore batteries. Tucker, the courtly and chivalrous, leading the van with the Jamestown, Lieut. Commanding Batney, close aboard, and the little Teaser, Lieut. Webb, in her wake — like a bowlegged bull-dog in chase of the long, lean, stag hounds. It was a gallant dash, and once past the batteries, the two heavy vessels took position in line of battle, while the Teaser dashed at the Minnesota, looking no larger than a cock-boat. And right well she maintained the honor of her flag and the appropriateness of her name
Another correspondent of the Dispatch, who witnessed the terrific engagement, sends a long and interesting account, a portion of which we append. After describing the successful attack upon the Cumberland and the Congress, the writer proceeds. It was now about 8 o'clock P. M., when the Confederate steamer Patrick Henry, Capt. Tucker; the Jamestown, Lieut. Barney, and the Teazer, Lieut. Webb, which had been lying near the Rocks on James river, and were attracted by the cannonading, appeared on the scene, and were ordered at once by Commodore Buchanan to open upon the Congress and the perfidiens shore batteries; and never was order more daringly executed, as these slight vassals dashed up to the enemy and literally vomited fire upon them. How they escaped destruction in this unequal conflict, it is impossible to explain, especially as at this hour the Minnesota, the heaviest steamer in the Federal navy, came up from Old Point, and opened upon our squadron, about a mile off.
the same company. He was a son of Colonel William Bailey, a wealthy planter, living in the town of Lake, twelve miles from Jackson, Mississippi. His comrades watched tenderly over his dying bedside, and, when all was passed, shed bitter tears over the loss of their departed fellow soldier. It was a sad sight, never to be forgotten by those who behold the flush of life fade from the cheeks of that dying prisoner of war. Departure of the commissioned officers. During yesterday, Col. Tucker, commanding at Camp Douglas, received a telegraphic order from Major-General Halleck to send all the commissioned officers held at the camp to Columbus, Ohio. They were accordingly placed on board of the evening train on the Pittsburg, Fort Wayne and Chicago Railroad, under a guard detailed to escort them to the above-mentioned place. They were brought from Camp Douglas on horse cars, which came down the State street line, and were switched on the Madison street line, thus moving to the
n, and their deeds are destined to fill an important page in the history of this unrighteous and unholy war. Not long since one of their number, a young man named Tucker, of Upshur county, in a hand-to-hand conflict, killed a notorious Yankee, after which he was captured, tried, and condemned to be hung. In a few days his comradehe guards, dispatched them with bowie-knives, broke open the prison, set their comrade free, and before day break were 26 miles distant. This statement I got from Tucker himself, who is now here, and is corroborated by any number of respectable citizens of this place. This is the way to fight the thieves and robbers now polluting our soil. A bullet from an unseen foe is the most dreaded of all. Tucker says he has made about twenty of them bite the dust, and if spared, will yet be amply avenged upon them for the desolation of his home and the death of an aged and beloved father. His father, it seems, had, at the commencement of the war, given some So
ifficulty, gives us some later details than we have before had from that quarter. He says that on the 16th inst., there were but 2500 troops in and around the city, $00 of which were immediately in the corporation, and the rest in the suburbs. There was, in addition, one regiment at Murfreesboro, and another at Shelbyville, all belonging to Gen. Mitchell's division. Our informant states that a few days before he left, the "cotton agent" of the Washington despotism proceeded out to Major Tucker's plantation, some distance from Nashville, on the Murfreesboro road, and stole about twenty bales of cotton in the name of his government, and hauled it to the city. It had been concealed, and was discovered by him. But little of this staple, however, had been obtain by the Federal since their occupation of Middle Tennessee. The bogus military Governor, Andrew Johnson, has been reduced to the necessity of keeping an armed guard at his door all the time, as a protection to his perso
illiamsburg, May 5th, 1862, which you will please publish for the benefit of those having relatives and friends in the regiment. The regiment went into action about 20 minutes to 11 and remained until dark, commanded by Lieut. Col. H. A. Carrington. Company A. Capt J. A. Holland--Killed: Sergeant Jas S Paxton. Wounded: Sergeant Jacob Wolf, dangerously; Coronal John W Travis, in hand; Privates W H Maccuhelmer, arm broken; S T. Moole, in arm; C. B Moore, in hand; Wm. H Page, in leg; J W Tucker, in hip; S. T Vass, in hand; Wm. Vaughn, in arm and hand: Wm. E Watson, in shoulder. Company B, Capt. T. D. Claiborne--Killed a Lieut. Archibald Pleasants, and Private John E. Epperson. Wounded: Privates Marshall Compton, in head; E. M. Pace, in foot; John T. Townsend, three fingers shot off; H. E. Wootten, one finger shot off, Geo. W. Yarborough, leg broken. Company C, Capt H T Ovan — Killed Privates Upson A. Robinson and Wm. O Watson Wounded: Lieut. A A Watkins, thumb shot off;
killing and wounding only some thirteen or fourteen of our men. We struck the Monitor and Galena again and again; and I think from the manner with which they seemed to recoil at our heavy shot that something about them must have been put out of place. The Galena begin to run first, apparently much crippled, We continued to fire upon them as they retreated, amidst loud cheers from our toys. It is reported here, by our pickets, that the Galena Las since suck. Our men stood to their guns with the greatest bravery and determination. Captains Tucker and Barney, of the Patrick Henry and Jamestown, and Cap's, Drury, Jorden and, Presson, of Chester field, Bedford, and Lynchburg, have commend of the guns here. They have seen something of the enemy's Chiness yongs before, and, I presume, will not be easily driven from their position of the loud noise the enemy can make with his guns. Let the good citizens of Richmond be He do not the enemy to Richmond this May, Faith .
Rumored skirmish. Capt. Tucker, of the Jennings Wise Hussas, with forty of his men, left this city on Monday night on a scouting expedition within the fines of the enemy. We heard last evening, on what we deem good authority, that Capt. C. met a scouting party of Federal, attacked and routed them, taking three prisoners.
O'Brien,. Dav Barry, Michael Barry, Wm Yund, John Thompson, Daniel H Strickney. Company D.--Killed: Privates J F Brogdon, W M Cardwall, R M Dyess, W, F Grimes, R W T Horn, A D Matheny, Thos Reades, W F Winslow. Wounded, mortally. Captain E Tucker, private James Matheny. Wounded, slightly: Sergt M J Horn, Corp'l E L Horn, T H Bryan, Henry Fowler; privates Henry Cook, G W Circy G W Dyess, W Dyess, A D Lowery, W J McNeal, W T Pi E L Rhodes W H Shields, John Strowd, lst Lieut J T Davis. oilden, Jas Tupper Missing: R W Shustard, C W Hudson. Total killed, 3; wounded, 18; missing, 3--24. Company B, Watson Guards Capt Gary.--Killed: Privates A J Lumpkin, H T Shalock. Wounded. Lieut Tompkins, Sgts R J Bank right, L T Dear, G P Tucker, Corp'ls D T Starkey, W R Does, Privates T N Browning, W B Coleman, J R Dorn, Jno Jennings, A Martin, G T Palmer, W S Ritter, J M Self. Missing: W B Idson; J W Tompkins, S W Corley. Total killed, 2; wounded, 15; missing, 3 --20. Company C,
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