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of officers for the use of the Army of the United States. Since the beginning of the war no firm in the South has shown more enterprise and activity than Messrs. West & Johnston, of this city. They have brought out from time to time works of great value, demanded by the exigencies of the times and not withstanding all diffid for books of military instruction, and as the stock on hand was completely exhausted long ago, it became necessary to have reprints for the use of the army. Messrs. West & Johnston attempted the task and have issued to the public several valuable and instructive books upon tactics and the art of war. Among the best of these is llery drill, commencing with the school of the piece and ending with instructions for manœuvring a battery in the field. "Nepoleon's Marints of War." Messrs. West & Johnston have re-issued this little volume as a publication timely for the occasion. The maxims are illustrated by examples and instances drawn from the cam
Forthcoming work. --Messrs. West & Johnston, of this city, will publish at an early day a Biography of General Turner Ashby, the noble Virginia hero, by Mr. Edward A. Pollard.
A Prophetic book. Those indefatigable publishers. West & Johnston, have reproduced another book, which is having a great run, and, what is better, deserves to have it, "The Portican Leader," that celebrated novel published by the late Judge Beverly Tucker in 1826 and which so marvelously applies to current events that some persons, not acquainted with its have seemed to suspect that it must have been gotten up since the beginning of the present war. It is a shrilling and powerful narrative, but most wonderful in its character as "a tale of the future," new literally fulfilled. The present edition," is edited by Rev. Thos. A. Ware. For sale by West & Johnson.
The Daily Dispatch: August 25, 1862., [Electronic resource], Affairs in Princess Anne and Norfolk counties. (search)
An Enterprising Publishing House. [From the Atlanta (Georgia) Commonwealth.] Messrs. West & Johnston, of Richmond, are paving the way to, and laying foundations for becoming to the Confederate States what the Harpers and Appleton were to the United States. The rapidity with which they prepare new publications and issue them, is really refreshing, and exhibits a degree of energy and enterprise highly commendable, and which, we should judge and hope, has proven profitable to them. Pape Cause and Contrast; Life of Jackson, the Martyr Southern Spy; Mosie Addums. All the above have had very large sales, some as many as from ten thousand to twenty thousand have been sold, and the demand seems to be still on the Messrs. West & Johnston have several very important military and miscellaneous books in press, among them the Life of Gen Ashby, which will be looked for with great interest. We are rejoiced to judiciously directed enterprise in this department of busine
A series of humorous pictures of the calamities which befell the "Young Napoleon" below Richmond, have been issued from the press of West & Johnston. The mechanical execution is excellent.
ader who was moving up from Pendleton will a rebel force. It is believed that great numbers of the Maryland Secessionists have crossed the Potomac into Virginia, to join the rebel service, since the promulgation of the order for the draft. It is asserted that an entire company of cavalry left Montgomery county, on the Upper Potomac, last week, and that squads are constantly moving. It is perhaps, easier to fight these men in Virginia than in Maryland. Desponding view of Affairs out West. The correspondent of the Chicago Times, writing from Memphis, gives the following gloomy summary of Federal affairs in the West: Arkansas is being overrun by strong guerrilla bands. Hindman has collected a force of twenty-five or thirty thousand, and there are almost as many more ranging the country for spoils. There have been a number of skirmishes, of which nobody seems to have the right accounts, and nothing is know except that strong Federal expeditions have been attacked and
Debow's Review. --This work for May (the publication of the number having been delayed by the fall of New Orleans) has been received from Messrs. West & Johnston. It is an excellent number.
ow it immediately springs into popularity, and is eagerly sought after. Southern authors looked to the Harpers, the Appletons, and others of a like character, to publish their books for them — now they rely upon those enterprising publishers, Messrs. West & Johnston, who are extensively engaged in the publishing business. We have now upon our table a variety of military and other works gotten up in a very superior manner by these gentlemen. The typography will compare favorably with the Harpe read the trashy productions of itinerant Yankees, whose books, as a general thing, are as worthless as their hearts are black; but will in future have Southern books, written by Southern gentlemen, printed on Southern type, and sold by Southern publishing houses. Messrs. West & Johnston deserve the thanks of every citizen of the Southern Confederacy for the enterprising manner in which they have entered into the publishing business, and we command them to the support of all true Southerners.
h Mississippi--thigh. First Lieut J McNutt, Co C, 17th Mississippi--thigh, amputated. Second Lieut J M James, Co B. 17th Mississippi--chest. First Lieut W B Stinson, Co--, 18th Mississippi--hip. Capt J Howard, Co B, 2d North Carolina--shoulder and thigh. Second Lieut R L Warrington, Co F, 2d North Carolina--head and foot. Lieut W Quince, Co--, 3d North Carolina--brought in on litter dead. Second Lieut W A Threadgill, Co C, 14th North Carolina. Lieut H H West, Co H, 20th North Carolina--shoulder. First Lieut J Y Whitted, Co G, 27th North Carolina. Lieut James H McBride, Co--,--Louisiana--head, shell, died. Second Lieut M V B Swan, Co B, 2d Louisianan — shoulder and breast. Col J M Williams, 2d Louisiana--lung. Lieut R H Slaughter, Co F, 8th Louisiana. Second Lieut Wm E Cooke, Co A, 8th Louisiana, thigh and leg — tetanus. Capt N St Martin, Co K, 8th Louisiana--both thighs. Lieut Arnge Bozier, Co--,9th Louisia
m Army Regulations and other sources, By B. Bloomfield, Major and Quartermaster. Provisions Army C.S.A." This doubt to be in the hands of all the Quartermaster.--There are some of them who will notice the worst from the information it imparts. They can have no excuse for irregularities and neglect with such a guide as this their hands. Published by Wm. Johnston. "War; A Poem with Copious Notice founded on the Revolution of 1861-62 (up to the battles before Richmond inclusive) By John H. H Witt. Published by West & Johnston. We have not had time to examine this production but the reputation of the author and the profound interest of the subject will no doubt give it a wide circulation. "Cary's Bayonet Exercise and Skirmisher's Drill." This is from the present the same publishers, and in a valuable contribution to the military literature of the country. The handsome style in which their publications are executed enhances the great reputation of the Richmond publishers.
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