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urt on the second Monday in November next, and answer any charge that might be preferred against him. Thomas Samani was arraigned for examination on the charge of forging S. H. Owens & Sen's name to a check for $8,000, payable to the order of West & Johnston, which he presented to the Traders' Bank for payment. E. Sinton, Cashier of the bank, testified that Samani came to the bank about 12 o'clock Thursday, bringing the check in a note signed Owens & Son, in which they request that it be paid in large notes. Prisoner told Sinton, in reply to questions asked him in bank, that he lived neither at Owens's or West & Johnston's Witness suspected nothing wrong; but finding, on inquiry, that the check called for $1,000 more than the Owenses had to their credit, suggested that they had better make the check good by placing that amount in the bank. After this prisoner left.--On inquiry, witness was told by the Owenses that they had written no such check. An hour after the prisoner left
The Daily Dispatch: November 3, 1862., [Electronic resource], Our army retreating from Charleston, Kanawha. (search)
[from the Richmond Examiner.] We have received from Messrs West& Johnston, of this city, a specimen of Gilham's Ink or Writing Fluid, manufactured at the Lexington Chemical Works in this State. It is positively equal to Arnold's celebrated English writing fluid; indeed, we believe it was made after an analysis of this fluid by Professor Gilham, of the Virginia Military Institute. There is great demand for good ink in our mercantile community, the most of the domestic manufactures being scarcely better than shoe blacking and water. Gilham's Fluid supplies really an important want.
The Daily Dispatch: November 5, 1862., [Electronic resource], Movements of the enemy in North Carolina. (search)
of the soldiers' descriptive lists a considerable amount due various of them was also transferred to the pockets of the keen operators from the paymaster. We are informed that in these transactions Gilmer A. Lumpkin acted the part of nephew to Wyvill and — Tankersley the witness to prove his identity Lumpkin, it will be remembered, was sent a few days ago before the Hustings Court for examination on the charge of forging S. H. Owens & Son's name to a check for $5,000, payable to the order of West & Johnston at the Traders' Bank.--Tankersley was some time since incarcerated for his connection with Wyvill. All of the above parties boarded at the Powhatan House, and the officers who arrested Wyvill found in his room preparations for forgeries even larger and more daring than those he had formerly perpetrated. It is supposed that he and his associates cheated the Government out of at least $40,000. The man Tankersley, named above, was formerly an actor at the Varieties Theatre, Franklin
Thomas Collier and Richard Morris were examined for stealing two thousand two hundred dollars from John McPherson, the keeper of a restaurant on 17th street, opposite the 1st Vegetable Market. The proof being deemed sufficient, they were committed for final trial before Judge Lyons. Thomas Samanni and Cilmer A Lumpkin were arraigned for examination on the charge of having forged and attempted to employ as true and genuine a check for $6,000, payable at the Traders' Bank to the order of West & Johnston, and purporting to be signed by S. M. Owens & Son. They were sent before Judge Lyons for final trial. Thomas Turpin a lad, was examined for having, on the 27th of October, picked the pocket of Thos. T. Emmot of $180, in the 1st Market-House.--While there was no doubt that Turpin had something to do with the abstraction of the money, and shared the plunder, yet the fact could not legally be established, and he was acquitted by the Court. The Grand Jury sits to-day at 11 o
Ranaway. --Ran off from the farm of the subscriber (Chalk Level) in Caroline county, , William, sometimes called William Fantleroy, heroizing to John T. Rice, Esq. West- county and hired from Mr. Bagby, of this city; and Emanuel, belonging to Mrs. Mary Renned, near Charlestown, Jefferson county, and hired from her, Tabo. I will give a reward of $10 for their apprehension, delivered either to me in Richmond, or to Mr. Jno, Burruss, on the farm in Caroline. Charles T. Wortham. no 13--3t
all was arraigned for trial on the charge of stealing a gold watch from Robert C. Graham. The jury found him guilty and ascertained the term of his imprisonment at three years in the Penitentiary. Mr. Crane appeared for the defendant. John Pendergrast was tried for stealing $74 in C. S. Treasury notes from John McCarthy, and found guilty by the jury, who assessed his time at 18 months in the Penitentiary. Mr. Ratcliffe appeared for the prisoner. Thomas Samanni was put to the bar for trial, charged with forging a check for $6,000, purporting to be signed by Owens & Sons, and made pay able to the order of West & Johnston. The trial was concluded often night by the acquittal of the prisoner. The Judge passed sentence on Wall and Pendergrast, who were taken to the Penitentiary yesterday evening. C. S. District Court.--This Court was not in session yesterday, nor will it be to-day but will commence to-morrow, for the purpose of passing sentence on several convicts.
, the city watchmen found the two thieves in the alley leading by Rham's foundry, quarreling about the disposal of the ill-gotten funds. Fawley in turn stole the pocket-book and contents, and in endeavoring to get off was captured by the watch. The jury gave him three years and six months in the penitentiary as the reward of his exertions. Gilmer A Lumpkin was arraigned for forging a check, purporting to be signed by Owens & Son, for $6,000, payable at the Traders' Bank to the order of West & Johnsten.--An alleged accomplice, named Samanni, had been acquitted on the previous day. Mr. Crump, counsel for the accused, submitted a motion to quash the indictment against the prisoner for errors apparent on its face, and was replied to by the Commonwealth's Attorney. For the purpose of examining into the question presented for the consideration of the Court, Judge Lyons adjourned the case until next Tuesday, when his decision on the points involved will be rendered. A petition wa
e Grand Jury assembled to-day, and, having received their charge, withdrew to their room, where they heard testimony in a large number of cases. The Grand Jury returned into Court, having indicted the following parties, for the offences set opposite to their names, viz: John A. Whitman, for forging Treasury notes of the Confederate States; Gilmer Augustus Lumpkin, for forging a check for $6,000, payable at the Traders' Bank, purporting to be signed by Owens & Son, and payable to the order of West & Johnston; James M. Armour, for the murder of a soldier on Canal street, several months since, while acting as a pretended provost guard; Peter Doyle and John Duna, for horse stealing; Thos. Wilson and Mike Sheehan, highway robbery on John J. Harrold; Wm. Wylett, for stealing a pair of shoes worth $20, from M. C. Gordon & Co.; and John Murray, for the murder of Michael Leary, on the 18th of September. After making the above indictments the Grand Jury adjourned till next Friday. The Judg
Music. --We have received from West & Johnston the music of "Rock me to Sleep, Mother," published in decidedly better style then we have yet been reached in the Confederacy.
aw for the establishment in the city of ment of an to receive and forward supplies to the soldiers from this A joint resolution was offered by Mr. Colfer relative to the impressing of civilians, and the trial and punishments the certain offences by the military authorize without warrant of House of Delegates--The House was called to order at 12 o'clock. A resolution was read and committed from the Senate relative to passports for the members of the General Assembly. Mr. West offered a resolution that the Committing on Military Affairs inquire late the expediency reporting a hill qualifying voters in the service of the Confederate Government and all others absent from their homes by reason of the presence of the public enemy to vote for members of Congresses, members of the Legislature, Governor and Lieutenant Governor of this Commonwealth. [Adopted.] Mr. Orgain presented a resolution instructing the Finance Committee to inquire into the of imposing a ta
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