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More Tennessee Volunteers. --The Walker Legion.--An accession to the number of volunteers stationed at Richmond took place yesterday morning at 2 o'clock P. M., the Danville train having arrived at that time with the 2d Regiment of Tennessee Volunteers, composed of 952 men, and commanded by Col.Wm.B. Bate, a distinguished lawyer of Gallatip county, Tenn., as also a well-tried soldier upon the historic fields of Mexico. Its other field and staff officers are Lieut.Col. Good all, of Sumner county, one of the first to scale the walls of Monterrey, in the great battle which derived its name from that place. Major Doak, a prominent member of the Tennessee Legislature, also canned a soldier's fame in Mexico. Captain M. W. Cluskey, our confrere of the Memphis Avalanche, is on the staff of the Colonel as Quartermaster of the regiment. Dr. Kennedy, of Sumner, is Surgeon, and Dr. Erskine, of Shelby, the Assistant Surgeon of the regiment, both leading members of the medical profession i
Personal. --Hon.Wm.Smith, of the Alexandria District, was in Richmond yesterday.
Suicide --Mr.Wm.Kranse, a distinguished German physician of Cincinnati, late surgeon to one of the Ohio regiments, committed suicide in Cincinnati on Monday night, by taking belladonna.
ids me to enter into details as regards our works and our strength. Suffice it to say that we are now a good match for a goodly number of the sons of Belial, and that ere long we can extend the invitation to whom soever wisheth to come. But among all the troops there is but one Richmond company here, the Henrico Artillery, who are assisting in manning the heavy guns. The corps is officered by Capt. Johnson H. Sands, 1st Lieutenant W. Winston Fontaine, 2nd Lieutenants Walter H. Robertson and Wm. E Ritter, Orderly Sergeant H. Lansing Burrows. They number 91 men, rank and file, and are as determined and brave a set of fellows as can be found. Our men are spoiling for a fight. Like the Kilkenny cats, they may turn in and fight themselves if they don't see the enemy. They saw a Yankee's canteen the other day, he dabbed with mire and blood, and the sight made them almost frantic. There are reports that we will be attacked soon. So mote it be. We will do our duty, and trust to P
Who will do likewise? --The ladies of Hanover, in the neighborhood of Salem Church, having heard of the exposed condition of Capt. B. W. Talley's company, (Hanover Grays,) a portion of Col. August's Regiment, on Monday morning commenced making tents, and by Wednesday had finished 12 tents 10 by 10 ft, said by a judge to be as good as any he had seen. These tents would have cost the State from $250 to $300. Girls from 14 to ladies of 60 years of age were busily engaged in this werthy enterprise. Such patriotism claims our highest admiration. Mr. Haw gave essential aid in labor and material. Camp stools were made by Messrs. Ellett, Cross & Curtis and sent along, which will add to the comfort of the company. The above articles have left our wharf for Williamsburg, at which place the Grays are now stationed, in charge of Messrs. Wm. E. and P. R. Norment. All honor to the ladies of Hanover for leading off in so laudable an enterprise.
,) Boone, (Daniel,) Campbell, (Gen. W. C.,) Carroll, (Charles, of Carrolton,) Clarke, (Gen. G. Rogers,) Calhoun, (J.C.,) Clay, (Henry,) Craig, Doddridge, Fayette,--,Grayson, (Wm.,) Greene, (Gen. Nathaniel,) Hancock,--,Hardy, (Samuel,) Jackson, (President,) Lewis, (Colonel Charles,) Marion, (Gen. Francis,) Marshall, (Chief Justice,) Mason, (George,) Mathews, (Gen.,) Mercer, (Gen. Hugh,) Montgomery, (Gen.,) Morgan, (Gen. Daniel,) Pendleton, (Edmund,) Pulaski, (Count,) Putnam, Roane, Russell, (Gen. Wm.,) Ritchie, (Thos.,) Scott, (Gen. Winfield,) Smyth, (Gen. Alex.,) Taylor, (John,) Tazewell, (Henry,) Tucker, Upshur, Warren, (Gen.,) Wayne, Wetzel, (a great Indian fighter,) Wiri, (Wm.) Logan is called after the celebrated Indian chief of that name. Rockbridge takes its name from the famous Natural Bridge within its limits. Accomac, Nottoway, Nansemond, Pocahontas, Powhatan and some others, bear Indian names. Governors. The following is a list of the Virginia Governors since the
At the theatre in Montgomery, Ala., on the 16th inst, the doorkeeper was stabbed and killed by a son of Judge Rice, of that city. The Hon. Wm. L Yancey was hung in effigy on the morning of the 6th, in Okalons, Mississippi. John Wathman has been arrested in Baltimore for passing a $5 counterfeit bill on the Merchants' Bank of Lynchburg, Va. The "John Brown" men in Boston are to have a celebration on the 2d of December, the anniversary of the handing of Old Brown. Col. C. C. Roberts, District Attorney for Kentucky is dead. The notorious Billy Mulligan is on trial at New York for an assault of a police officer.
d every member of this Troop wear black crape on his left arm and on his sword hilt for a period of three days. 3d. Resolved, That a copy of these proceedings be sent to his parents, as an expression of our sorrow and sympathy in the loss they sustain in the death of so noble and patriotic a son. 4th. Resolved, That the thanks of this Troop be tendered to Mr. John S. Bolling, of Amelia, for the generous kindness and hospitality which was so nobly extended to our lamented brother during his illness at his house. 5th. Resolved, That a copy of the above preamble and resolutions be sent to the Clerk of Lunenburg county, with the request that he shall read them at the next County Court. 6th. Resolved, That the proceedings of this meeting be published in the Richmond and Petersburg papers 7th. Resolved, That the funeral expenses of John A. Winn be paid by the Lunenburg Troop. On motion, the meeting adjourned. Capt. Wm. H. Hatchett, Prest. O. M. Smith, Sec'y.;
Longevity. --Rebecca Wisher, (colored,) a family servant of the late Dr. Wm. B Selden, of Norfolk, died in that city a few days since at the advanced age of one hundred and ten years.
Nothing has been yet done towards rebuilding Sebastopol, and its appearance differs but slightly from its state at the end of the siege. The Ingham University of La Roy, N. Y., has conferred upon Gen. George B. McClellan, the commander of the Federal troops in Western Virginia, the Ll D. The steamer Capt. Roskell, left New York on Saturday for Liverpool, with 65 passengers. It is stated that upon the representation of Frank P. Blair, Jr., Col. has been made Brigadier-General. Alderman E. A. January, one of the oldest citizens of Montgomery, Ala., last Friday. Bapinet, the French astronomer, says that the present comet is Charles but Leverrier denies it. Dr. Wm. A Rogers, a citizen of Entaw, Ala, died last week.
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