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Mr. Chambliss, a communication from the Executive, relating to the conflamation of military appointments, was taken up, but, for reasons stated, its consideration was postponed for the present. Contributions Needed. Mr. L. S. Hall made an appeal to the Convention in behalf of the widow of the late John N. Hughes, who had been driven from her home and was in destitute circumstances. The Secretary was directed to receive contributions. Statistics called for. On motion of Mr. Pendleton. Resolved, That the Auditor of Public Accounts furnish to the Convention a table showing the white population of each county in the State, the number of white male inhabitants above the age of 21 years, the negro population of each county, and a statement showing the value of property in each county, real and personal. Amending the Constitution. The Convention resumed the consideration of the third article of the proposed amended Constitution, which prescribes the qualifica
The Penitentiary. --Since the machine shops at the penitentiary were destroyed by fire last spring, it has not been such an easy matter to find profitable employment for all the convicts; but the damage has now been to a great extent repaired, and the axe factory will be put in operation some time this week. Col. Pendleton keeps the institution in good order, notwithstanding his boarders are very numerous. Gas has been lately introduced into the premises, and was lighted up last Friday night, giving even such a gloomy establishment an unusually cheerful appearance.
word "though" in the 10th line, and insert the words "or upon which the Court may be equally divided on a hearing." Rejected. Mr. Haymond offered an amendment, but accepted a substitute offered by Mr. Stuart: insert after the word "appeal," in the 6th due, the words "formed of the Judges of the Supieme Court of Appeals and of the Circuit Courts, or any of them." Agreed to. An amenoment offered by Mr. Price was rejected, and the section, as previously amended, was adopted. Mr. Pendleton moved to amend the second section by filling the brank before the word "dollars" by inserting the words "two hundred." Mr. Stuart moved to amend the amendment by substituting the words "five hundred." Agreed to — ayee 55 noes 36. On motion of Mr. R. Y. Conred, the section was further amended by transposing from the fifth and sixth lines the words "cases involving freedom, or the constitutionality of a " to the ninth line, so as to include such cases in the "exceptions" to the a
if it shall from any cause be impossible to give notice by personal service of process on such Judge, that the General Assembly may cause notice to be given by publication once a week for four successive weeks in one of the newspapers published at the capital of the State, in which publication the causes alleged for his removal shall be stated, which publication shall be equivalent to personal service of the notice." Laid on the table and ordered to be printed Citizenship. Mr. Pendleton, of Ohio, presented the following proposition to be submitted by him as an amendment to the Constitution, which was laid on the table and ordered to be printed: "All free white persons born in this State, all free white persons born in any other State of this Confederacy, who may be or become residents of this State; all aliens being free white persons naturalized under the law of the Confederate States, who may be or become residents of this State; all persons who have obtained a
[special Dispatch to the Richmond Dispatch]Northern news. Secretary Seward's letter to Minister Dayton--Com. Wilkers's official report — Congressional, &c. Norfolk, Dec. 12. --The following items of news are taken from latest Northern papers received here: Washington, Dec. 10.--Secretary Seward's letter to Minister Dayton, of France, is out. He is very anxious to abolish privateering. Thouvenel is chary. Seward rejects his proposition of neutrality. Commodore Wilkes's official statement, about Mason and Slidell, charges the British agent with complicity in their escape to Europe. Mr. Pendleton, of Ohio, moved that Congress alone shall have the power to suspend the writ of habeas corpus. He spoke at length upon his resolution. It was afterwards tabled by a vote of four to one. New York, Dec. 10.--Cotton firm but unchanged. Sales of 1,800 bales at 31a31½. Stock exchange — U. S. coupons $93a93¾; Virginia 6's $67a6
d appropriate testimonials offered by members to the memory of the deceased Senator. The greater portion of the day's session in the House was occupied by Mr. Pendleton, of Ohio, in a speech on his motion to refer back to the Judiciary Committee the memorial of the whilom Baltimore Police Commissioners, now resident at Fort Warren, Boston harbor. Mr. Pendleton wished to have the committee instructed that Congress alone has the power to suspend the habeas corpus writ, and declaimed at length against the President for its suspension in the case of these as well as other State prisoners. He was briefly replied to in support of the course pursued by thes, and that "it did not lie in the mouths of the memorialists to claim the benefit of the constitution, every provision of which they had trampled under foot" Mr. Pendleton's motion was tabled--108 yeas to 36 nays. A resolution was adopted requesting the Attorney General to furnish his opinion on the subject of the retrocessi
ynchburg Republican dated "Army of the Valley, Winchester, Va., Dec. 9," we extract the following: There has been some skirmishing down on the Potomac below Martinsburg this last week. On last Thursday Gen. Jackson ordered four pieces of Pendleton's battery and four companies of infantry to Martinsburg, for the purpose of destroying Dam No. 5 on the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal, which would very much incommode the Federals; and on Saturday the battery took their position on the bank of the ked in a few days and destroyed, even if our men have to cross the river. There was another small force ordered from here last night towards the river, consisting of four companies of the 27th regiment and the two remaining rifle pieces of Pendleton's battery. The Yankees are now six miles this side of Romney, and abodt six or seven thousand strong. From Tybee and Green Islands. We take the following from the Savannah News, of the 12th inst.: The six Federal vessels at Tyb
the rebels, when they retired, carrying off their wounded. None of the Unionists were hurt. News from Western Virginia--proceedings of the Convention. Wheeling, Dec. 15. --The Convention has disposed of the boundary question. They include, unconditionally, an addition to the 39 counties included by the ordinance of the August Convention, viz: The counties of Pocahontas, Greenbrier, Monroe, Mercer, and McDowell. They also have taken in Hampshire, Morgan, Berkley, Jefferson, Pendleton, and Frederick, on the condition that a majority of the votes cast in the District, and a majority of the counties comprising it, express themselves in favor of coming in at elections to be held on a day appointed by the Legislature. This attempt to extend the boundary is regarded by some as an endeavor to embarrass the progress of the new State movement. The Convention was yesterday discussing a section relating to treason against the State. Mr. Van Winkle, of Wood, raised an i
ity Council of your city for the substantial and generous gift of a new uniform; to the kind ladies, for making the same; and to Thom is H. Wyune, Esq, for the many acts of kindness he has bestowed upon them. They will remember their friends at home, and will endeavor to prove by their future conduct, as they have done in the past, that they are not unworthy representatives of your beautiful and generous city. There is a considerable revival of religion going on at present in Winchester, and numbers have professed conversion. Bishop Meade on last Sunday, confirmed several ladies and gentlemen. The soldiers also seem to take an interest in the subject, and they can usually be found at the different churches at the time of religious exercises. Capt C. G. Coleman, of the Frederick Hall Grays, has been appointed Major of the 23d Regiment. vice Pendleton, resigned. Lieut. A. J. Richardson, has been promoted to the Captaincy of the Louisa Rifles, in the same Regiment. Ned.
d off, protesting that he did not know — not at all — that he had not it. His Honor appeared somewhat insensible to the merits of this plea, but suspended the matter. The accused exhibited a paper, dated Friday morning, which was clearly procured under duress of the warrant, but which, at all events, was not a license. What the paper was, was not made known to the bystanders. Thomas Wilson, brought up for stealing a hat. This man was found with an extra hat in his hand in front of Mrs. Pendleton's; and appearances were such as to induce the witness, Brothers, to take charge of the man and the hat. Mr. T. G. Seeders swore that the hat was his, and that he had left it on a table in the front passage at Mrs. P's. In spite of Wilson's protestation that he was holding the hat only as a kind act for one Mr. Price, his Honor remanded him, that he might be able to call in Mr. Price for bail and main prize. Morris Denny had allowed a nuisance to remain too long before his house afte
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