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w. Joanna m. Golden Moore, before 1642, and d. at Billerica 18 Feb. 1675-6. The General Court, 15 Oct. 1650, nefit of the children, who soon afterwards went to Billerica with their mother and her husband. 2. Richard, o d. 30 Dec. 1689, and she m. Jonathan Danforth of Billerica 17 Nov. 1690, and d. 5 Ap. 1713, a. 80; Mary, b. O. May 1638; Mary, b. Nov. 1639, m. Jacob French of Billerica 20 Sept. 1665, and d. 1 Ap. 1681; John, b. 23 May f these children, Dorcas m. Rev. Samuel Whiting of Billerica 12 Nov. 1656; Prudence m. Mr. Thomas Russell of Chance, Sen., sold all his real estate in Camb. and Billerica to Daniel Hudson of Lancaster, and said Hudson agr6-7; Abigail, b. 31 Mar. 1688, m. Joseph Farley of Billerica, 8 May 1712; Mary, b.——, m. Jonathan Willard 23 Jale. 4. Simon, s. of Simon (2), removed early to Billerica, was the first Innholder in that town, and Represehe d. 24 Feb. 1786, a. 65. He m. Hannah Crosby of Billerica; she d. and he m. Elizabeth Fiske of Lexington 3 S
o glory. 4. Jonathan, s. of Nicholas (1), was one of the first settlers in Billerica, where he spent his long and useful life. He was the first Captain of BillerBillerica, was chosen Representative in 1684, Town Clerk 20 years, and one of the most eminent land surveyors of his time. (Farmer.) He m. Elizabeth, dau. of John Poultersters of that period. Farmer. 7. Jonathan, s. of Jonathan (4), resided in Billerica, m. Rebecca Parker 27 June 1682, and d. 1710; his w. d. prob. 1755, when hers Rebecca, Elizabeth, and Sarah. 8. Samuel, S. of Jonathan (4), resided in Billerica and was perhaps the same whose estate was divided in 1742, to wid. Hannah, anngland, gentleman, was in New England 12 Nov. 1669, and purchased the farm in Billerica, 700 acres, belongings to Cambridge Church. He remained in Billerica severalBillerica several years, and is said to have resided subsequently in Andover. No record is found of wife or children. Davis, Dolor (Dolard, Dollard, and Doller, on the Record), o
652, when he purchased of John Betts land in Billerica. He d. in Wat. 30 Aug. 1685, leaving wid. Er Hannah, b. about 1643, m. John Brackett at Billerica, 6 Sept. 1661; Samuel, b. 3 Dec. 1645, d. 15ah, b. Oct. 1637, dismissed to the Church in Billerica 16 May 1664, and prob. the same who m. John Jan. 1645-6. His brother William French of Billerica administered, and sold the homestead to Robe. John, prob. s. of William (1), settled in Billerica, and m. Abigail Coggan of Barnstable 21 June8. 5. Jacob, s. of William (1), settled m Billerica, and m. Mary, dau. of Elder Champney of Camb86. 6. Joseph, s. of John (2), settled in Billerica, m. Experience Foster 4 Nov. 1663, and had, t. 1666 Edmund, Ap. 21 Aug. 1668; he rem. to Billerica as early as 1674, at which time he had m. Elhad d. 12 Feb. 1690-91. Samuel the f. d. at Billerica 12 Aug. 1711, a. 73. 4. Joseph, s. of Edm3. 5. James, s. of Edmund (1), settled in Billerica, and m. Rebecca Hamlet 17 Dec. 1664; she d. [1 more...]
. Justinian, s. of Richard (1). was a carpenter, residing here with w. Susanna, to whom and to his son Thomas Durren he grave power to sell land in Woburn, 14 Dec. 1696. He had by w. Mary, in Groton, Mary, b. 20 May 1680, and by w. Susanna, in Billerica, Susanna, b. 16 Oct. 1694. 5. Samuel, s. of Richard (1), by w. Anna, had in Groton, Anna, b. 1 Mar. 1682. 6. John, s. of Richard (1), purchased land in Woburn 1679, and was prob. the same whose w. Abigail d. there 22 May 1685, and who m. 1630, d. unm. 1673; Sarah, b. 1632; Abraham, b. 1634; they perhaps had also in Camb. Isaac, who d. 12 Ap. 1663, and Seeth, b. 1640 (called dau. of Mr. Homan, by Mitchell), m. Thomas Ross 16 Jan. 1661-2, and was slain by the Indian enemy, at Billerica, 5 Aug. 1695, a. 55. William the f. d. 8 Jan. 1652-3, a. 59, his w. Winifred suffered much inconvenience from an accusation of witchcraft, 1659; but the charge against her was not sustained, and she d. in peace 16 Oct. 1671, a. 74. See pp. 35
b. about 1656; Thomas, b. 1 Mar. 1657; Nathaniel, bap. 27 Feb. 1658-9; and in Billerica, Ephraim, b. 31 Aug. 1660; Stephen, b. 26 Nov. 1662; Enoch, b. 16 Sept. 1664;689-90; Joseph, b. 30 Nov. 1670. James the f. d. 16 Ap. 1676; Anna Kidder of Billerica, prob. his wid., m. William Underwood of Chelmsford 17 Mar. 1684-5. 2. James, s. of James (1), m. Elizabeth Brown 23 Sept. 1678, res. in Billerica, and had James, b. 27 June 1679; John, b. 27 Jan. 1680-81; Joseph, b. 21 Ap. and d. 30 JulyOct. 1690; and others. 4. Thomas, s. of James (1), by w. Elizabeth, had at Billerica, Rebecca, b. 27 Ap. 1689; and probably others. 5. Nathaniel, S. Of James (g. 1702 ; Richard, b. 10 May 1705. Ephraim the f. inherited the homestead at Billerica, where he d. 25 Sept. 1724; his w. Rachel d. in 1721. 7. Stephen, s. of Ja1703; Mary, b. 26 Mar. 1707; William, b. 13 Mar. 1710. Enoch the f. res. in Billerica, where both he and his w. Hannah d. in 1752. 9. Samuel, s. of James (1), r
e same family, d. 8 Nov. 1653. 3. Samuel, s. of William (2), rem. early to Billerica, where he subsequently resided, was Representative in 1695 and 1696, Town Cleet; Abiah. 4. Samuel, s. of Samuel (3), was styled waterman, and rem. from Billerica to Camb. about 1692. In 1698 his father conveyed to him the warehouse, boat b. 21 May 1700; Samuel, b. 20 Ap. 1703; Benjamin, b. 10 Mar. 1704-5, res. in Billerica 1748, and prob. the same who m. Mary, dau. of Deacon William French; Sarah, . 1665-6; Lydia; Ruth. The last two are named by Mitchell. Mr. Moore rem. to Billerica, and d. there 3 Sept. 1698, a. about 89; his w. Joanna d. 18 Feb. 1675-6. bought 15 acres in Chs. which he sold in 1682; in 1680 he bought 250 acres in Billerica; at both these periods he was of Rumney Marsh. He d. before 26 Jan. 1696-7. and d. 9 Sept. 1801, a. 84. 6. Amos, s. of Amos (5), m. Abigail Bowers of Billerica, and had in Lex. Amos, b. 19 Ap. 1766; Josiah, b. 4 Nov. 1767; Abigail, b. 27
dith d. 8 May 1682, a. 80. The son Benjamin m. a dau. of William Hartwell, owned an estate in Billerica, had sons Benjamin and John, and perhaps others. 2. John, resided on the south side of the and d. 10 Dec. 1668; his w. Mary d. 20 Sept. 1673. 2. Thomas, s. of William (1), settled in Billerica; he m. Rebecca who d. 19 May 1689, and Sarah Didson (or Ditson) of Reading 20 May 1686. His cthaniel, b. 14 Sept. 1668, d. about 1718, leaving family; William, b. 12 May 1671, a Deacon at Billerica, d. here of small-pox 5 Oct. 1730, while attending the General Court as Representative; Rebecc730. His w. Rebecca was appointed administratrix 26 June 1730. Patterson, James, prob. of Billerica, m. Rebecca Stevenson 29 May 1662. They resided in Billerica 1695. Peirce, Mark (or PierceBillerica 1695. Peirce, Mark (or Pierce), owned an estate at the N. E. corner of Holyoke and Mount Auburn streets 1642, when that corner was about a hundred feet northerly from its present position. 2. Jonathan, perhaps of Chs., had si
1767; George, b. 2 Aug. 1697, d. 6 Oct. 1697; Elizabeth, b. 14 June 1700, m. Deac. Christopher Paige, of that part of Billerica which is now Bedford, 23 May 1720, afterwards rem. to Hardwick, had seven sons and three daughters, and d. 1786. Georg property in the operation. I find no record here of his family. Abigail, m. John Marrett 20 June 1654. Thomas (of Billerica 25 Mar. 1695), m. Mary, dau. of Andrew Stevenson, 5 Jan. 1669. John, m. Mary Peirson of Woburn 28 Oct. 1673. Peter, mhad here Thomas, b. 19 Dec. 1662, d. young; Margaret, b. 22 Jan. 1663-4, m.——Levistone; Thomas, b. 20 June 1668; and in Billerica, Sarah, b. 21 June 1671; Hannah, b. 31 Mar. 1679, m.--Patten; John, b. 18 Jan. 1686-7. Thomas the f. was a Scotchman, ard Winship 9 June 1656, when he had liberty to mow the grass in the swamp anent the north end of Spy Pond. He rem. to Billerica about 1670, and d. 20 Mar. 1694-5, a. 64; his w. Seeth was slain by the Indians in one of their attacks on that settlem
one of the earliest settlers in that part of Cambridge which was incorporated into the town of Billerica, and d. 5 Mar. 1668-9; his w. Mary m. Lieut. William French 6 May 1669. 4. Isaac, s. of Isa s. of John (3), reputed to have been the first English child born on the present territory of Billerica, by w. Elizabeth, had John, b. 22 Jan. 1679-80, d. 4 Ap. 1680; Sarah, b. 21 Mar. 1680-81; Maryand dau. Mary, who m. James Burbeen of Woburn; Rebecca, b. 20 Jan. 1642, m. James Patterson of Billerica 29 May 1662; John, b. 29 Dec. 1644, d. 26 May 1664; Mary, b. 17 Jan. 1646, m. Thomas Richardson of Billerica 5 Jan. 1669-70; Lydia, b. 2 Aug. 1648; Andrew, b. about 1652; Hannah, m. William Burges, and was living in Ipswich 1695. Andrew the f. d. between 3 May 1681, and 1 Oct. 1683; his w. J the same who m. Israel Hinds 20 Feb. 1755. 7. Timothy, s. of John (4), m. Sarah Crosby of Billerica (pub. 24 Sept. 1748); she d. 2 Ap. 1756, a. 26, and he m. Sarah Spring (pub. 23 Aug. 1765).
., 2 Nov. 1652, and had Hannah, b. 29 Dec. 1653; Zechariah, b. 26 Dec. 1654. After the death of his second wife he m. widow Mary Butler, who survived him. He had also dau. Sarah, who m. Jonathan Tyng, and dau. Rebecca, who m. Abraham Brown 1 May 1660; one of his daughters, perhaps Elizabeth, m. Samuel Shrimpton, as is manifest from his will, and the will of his son Hezekiah, in both of which the relationship is mentioned. Mr. Usher removed to Boston about 1615, and was Representative for Billerica three years, 1671-1673. Thomas (Hist. Printing, II. 409) says, Hezekiah Usher was the first bookseller in English America, of whom I can find any account. He d. May 1676. In his will, dated 11 May and proved 19 May 1676, he names w. Mary; sons Hezekiah and John; dau. Sarah, w. of Jonathan Tyng, and her children John and Mary; grandchildren Hezekiah and Elizabeth Brown, and Elizabeth, dau. of John Usher; son-in-law Samuel Shrimpton; brother Samuel Usher of England; sister Elizabeth, w.
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