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at Bath, April 3, 1806, aged 92. Mr. Helyer succeeded Mr. Gardner as colleague with Mr. Clap. See N. E. Hist. Gen. Reg., vol. XV. pp. 66 and 234. He was brother-in-law of Rev. Joshua Gee. See also Clapp Memorial, p. 204. 1738 An attempt having again been made in the latter part of 1737 to ask the advice of the neighboring clergy with respect to settling a minister, on Feb. 21, 1737-8, Mr. Daniel Rogers was chosen minister. The result was unsuccessful. Rev. Daniel Rogers, of Littleton (H. U. 1725), is named in the Proprietors' Records of Cambridge, in 1767. Hence early in the following year, Wednesday, Mar. 21, 1738-9, was set apart for a day of fast, and Rev. Messrs. Hancock, Appleton, Storer and Turell were again desired to assist with counsel, advice, &c. Mr. Thomas Prentice was therefore chosen minister (April 23, 1739) by unanimous vote, and his answer desired with convenient speed; but it was a negative one, The Rev. Thomas Prentice, H. U. 1726, was install
er, 6 Aug. 1826—Cutter (par. 34). Willard,———, of Harvard, at Thomas Adams's, d. 11 July, 1756, a. 23. Williams, John and w. Mary, adm. Pct. ch. at organization, 9 Sept. 1739. He d. 17 Jan. 1752, a. 85. His widow, Mary, d. 17 Feb. 1772, at the age of 102. A dau., Damaris, m. Jeremiah Rus-29 sell (par. 6). Rebecca Green, grand-dau. of John Williams, deceased, was adm. Pct. ch. 13 Dec. 1761. 2. Nathaniel, s. of John (1),had w. Anna, adm. to this ch.— from the ch. of Christ in Littleton—by letter, 2 Mar. 1740. He d. here 20 July, 1748, a. 50; and his wid. Anna m. Ebenezer Parker, of Stoneham, 25 Oct. 1749. Anna Parker—late Williams—was dism. to Stoneham 7 Apr. 1754. She was Anna Davies, pub. to Williams in 1738.—Paige. Josiah Wood, son of Mrs. Anna Williams, d. 17 Nov. 1742, a. 22. 3. Thomas, s. of John (1) and w. Sarah, adm. Pct. ch. at organization, 9 Sept. 1739. He belonged to the Baptist Society in this Pct. 1787, and d. 5 Feb. 1809, at the age of
erogative and the people of Virginia. When a boy, he had learned something of Latin; of Greek, the letters; but nothing methodically. It had been his delight to wander alone with the gun or the angling-rod; or by some sequestered stream to enjoy the ecstasy of meditative idleness. He married at eighteen; attempted trade; toiled unsuccessfully as a farmer; then with buoyant mind resolved on becoming a lawyer; and answering questions successfully by the aid of six weeks study of Coke upon Littleton and the Statutes of Virginia, he gained a license as a barrister. For three years the novice dwelt under the roof of his father-in-law, an inn-keeper near Hanover Courthouse, ignorant of the science of law, and slowly learning its forms. On the first day of December, as Patrick Henry entered the court, before which he had never spoken, chap. IX.} 1763. Dec. he saw on the bench more than twenty clergymen, the most learned men in the colony; and the house was filled and surrounded by a
rising ground above Concord bridge had increased to more than four hundred. Of these there were twenty-five minute men from Bedford, with Jonathan Wilson for their captain; others were from Westford, among them Thaxter, a preacher; others from Littleton, from Carlisle, and from Chelmsford. The Acton company came last, and formed on the right. The whole was a gathering not so much of officers and soldiers, as of brothers and equals; of whom every one was a man well known in his village, obserd road. There they were reinforced by men who were coming in from all around, and at that point the chase of the English began. Among the foremost were the minute men of Reading, led by John Brooks, and accompanied by Foster the minister of Littleton as a volunteer. The company of Billerica, whose inhabitants, in their just indignation at Nesbit and his soldiers, had openly resolved to use a different style from that of petition Chap. XXVIII} 1775. April 19. and complaint, came down from
pleasing. But he was also possessed of much force of character, and of independent mind. A sermon of his in favor of inoculation for smallpox showed some courage in that day when it was thought that the use of this preventive agency was flying in the face of Providence. More important was the calmness of his judgment and his critical discrimination upon the subject of witchcraft. He published a pamphlet about this, making a careful analysis of a case of witchcraft which had occurred in Littleton, in which he exposed the tricks which two sisters had played upon the easy credulity of the community and equally upon that of their parents. I am struck too with the poise of his mind in the religious excitements, so-called, which were inaugurated by Rev. Geo. Whitefield. In 1742 he published a pamphlet called A Direction to my People in relation to the Present Times, in which the excesses of emotional fervor are declaimed against and a religion founded on truth and soberness is commend
Medford Historical Society Papers, Volume 8., Strangers in Medford, (Continued from vol. 8, no. 1). (search)
Mead, Isreal, tailor.      wife and two childrenWatertown, May 3, 1756Tenant of Col. Royal. On farm late of Jona. Tufts, deceased. Mead, JohnJan. 30, 1791 NathanielJan. 30, 1791 Mears, MaryBoston, Aug. 10, 1755Age 11. In family of John Bishop. Mills, SamuelAug. 31, 1797 Mitchell, JohnLondonderry, Apr. or May, 1756Nov. 27, 1756Note—Not to be found. More, AugustusSudbury, July 20, 1768Tenant at Tavern House owned by Col. Royall.    Abigail (wife)    Eatham (son) Mullen, ArthurLittleton, spring of 1756July 30, 1756    Mary (wife)    Seven children Mullet, ElizabethCharlestown, Mar. 1, 1764Dec. 3, 1764Laborer in house of Timo Tufts. Mundon, MaryFrom Almshouse, Boston, July 2, 1756Age 7. Servant in house of Wm. Tufts. Murphy, MaryAug. 10, 1777In family of John Darling. Nathaniel (a servant)See Benjamin Peirce. Newhall, CalvinLynn, Sept. 8, 1764Journeyman in family of Saml. Tilton. Newman, DavidLynn, Feb. 2, 1764Journeyman in family of Saml. Tilton. Ne
Happy editor --The editor of a paper, published in Littleton, N. H. in announcing his retirement, says: "I have no regrets to make — not a mistake to atone for, or a blunder to mourn over."
s in this fight was very heavy, and we have to mourn the loss of some noble and gallant spirits, and the severe wounding of many others. We published yesterday a list of names which we had received as killed and wounded, and this morning we add a number of others in the 11th and 24th regiments: Eleventh Regiment.--Col. Garland, slightly wounded in the hand. Home Guards, Lynchburg — E. A. Akers, wounded twice, not seriously; James Franklin, John Waller, Martin Laskie, Wiley Campbell, Littleton Moor , S. Noralin, Adam Nowlin, Van Taliaferro, and John Sumpter. Rifle Grays — Killed, J. R. Raize, S. Stewart, J. Slagle, H Elam, and Wm. Florence. Wounded, John Sooley, Thomas Rector, Lieut. Peter Akers, Thomas Chestham, J. O. Thurman, and G. Wightman, Lynchburg Rifles--Wounded, Lieut. Walter Abbott, and — Keaton. Jeff. Davis Guards--Killed, J. Reynolds and-- urks. Wounded — John Bolling and--Larley. Twenty-fourth Virginia Regiment.--Col. Terry, of Bedford, shot through the mou
One hundred Dollars reward --Will be paid for the arrest and delivery of Littleton to us or to Messrs. Lee & James — Re is a set follow, about 5 feet 8 inches high, about 22 to 23 years old, of Chesnut color, rather diffident in speaking, and quick in his movements. He was formerly owned by Judge Thos H Early of the Eastern shore of Virginia, whence he came to Judge John Perkins's, of La, who has been living at the corner of Franklin and Adams sts. Littleton is lurking about this city. r the arrest and delivery of Littleton to us or to Messrs. Lee & James — Re is a set follow, about 5 feet 8 inches high, about 22 to 23 years old, of Chesnut color, rather diffident in speaking, and quick in his movements. He was formerly owned by Judge Thos H Early of the Eastern shore of Virginia, whence he came to Judge John Perkins's, of La, who has been living at the corner of Franklin and Adams sts. Littleton is lurking about this city. P M Tabe & Son, Exchange Building. au 14--1
k8Kinston33 Tuscarora11Falling Creek40 Core Creek17Moseby Hall45 Dover23Bests50 Southwest29Goldsboro'59 North Carolina road. From Goldsboro' toMiles.From Goldsboro' toMiles. Boon Hill12Mebane's98 Smithfield22Haw River104 Stallings34Graham106 Raleigh48Company's Shops108 Morrisville61Gibsonville115 Durham's74McLean's122 Hillsboro'88Greensboro'130 Raleigh and Gaston. From Raleigh toFrom Raleigh toMiles. Huntsville10Warrenton58 Forrestville16Macon62 Franklinton25Littleton73 Kitrell's35Summit79 Henderson42Gaston82 Ridgeway Junction55Weldon94 Roanoke Valley. From Ridgeway Junction toMiles.From Ridgeway Junction toMiles. Townesville10Clarksville22 Richmond and Danville. From Richmond toMiles.From Richmond toMiles. Manchester4Meherrin65 Powhite8Keysville73 Coalfield13Drake's Branch81 Tomahawk18Mossingford84 Powhatan22Roanoke90 Mattoak27Clover94 Chula30Scottsburg100 Amelia Courthouse36Boston109 Jetersville43New's Ferry117 Jennings
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