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custom in those days of defining the bounds of a highway by means of a stump, a rock, or a marked tree. Such bounds soon disappeared and rendered a new laying out of the way necessary. Medford roads were first mentioned in the county records on June 25, 1658: Medford is enjoined to repair their highways before the next term of Court, on penalty of forty shillings. Complaints were numerous thereafter in regard to the condition of these roads. March 13, 704-5: Capt. Peter Tufts and Stephen Willis, appear in Court to answer to defects in the way to Malden, they say that they are mending the way as fast as they can, and in regard to the defect north of Mistick Bridge, that they have mended the same. Aug. 25, 1719, John Bradshaw, appearing in court to answer to complaints about a highway in Medford, answered that to the best of his knowledge, the way is mended. In the year 1769 the town of Medford being presented for not amending and repairing a highway in said town leading t
Medford Historical Society Papers, Volume 3., Births, Deaths and Marriages from early records. (search)
orn February 20th 171 8/9 Martha Daughter of John & Mary Whitmore Born ffebrewery ye 23-171 8/9 Ruben Neagro: Son of mr Jona Tuftes Servant Kuffe and Pheliaf Servnt to ye Revrnd. mr porter. Waf Born february 27——1718 1718 Deaths Stephen Willis died March 15th. 1718. Deborah Willis died July 15th 1718. Leiut Stephen Willis died July 29 1718. Mary Tufts the Wife of Thos Tufts Esqr died Sepbr ye 3. 1718 Sarah Ward Widow. Died November ye 18 1718 Betts Attwood Son of OlStephen Willis died July 29 1718. Mary Tufts the Wife of Thos Tufts Esqr died Sepbr ye 3. 1718 Sarah Ward Widow. Died November ye 18 1718 Betts Attwood Son of Oliver and Anna Attwood died Novr ye 28th 1718 Bartholomew Semer Died January 20 171 8/9 Gershom Son of Jonathn & Lydia Hall died Decemr 9, 1718 Mary Willis Daughter of John & Mary Willis died Feb 2d 1718 Mariages John Bradshaw and Mercy Tufts were married March ye 14 1718/ By ye Revd mr Porter— John Giles and Susanna Hall were married March ye 27 1718/ By ye Revd mr Porter Peter Wait of Medford and Abigail Peirce of Woborn were married May 22 1718/ By ye Revd mr Porter. Eb<
considerable historical interest. The entire number of persons holding slaves in the last half of the 18th century probably did not exceed thirty, the town records giving, indirectly, the names of twenty. Partial list of slaveholders: Capt. Caleb Brooks, Ebenezer Brooks, Samuel Brooks, Capt. Thomas Brooks,—Bishop,—Brown, Mary Bradshaw, Andrew Hall, Jonathan Hall, Jr., Stephen Hall, Benj. Hall, Hugh Floyd, Jacob Polly, Zachariah Pool, Isaac Royall, Dr. Simon Tufts, Rev. Mr. Turrell, Stephen Willis, Deacon Benj. Willis, Francis Whitmore. Not that our ancestors believed it wrong; the names of Rev. Mr. Turrell and Deacon Benj. Willis would refute that. But economically it was unprofitable, and its ultimate extinction was doubtless the expectation of all who gave the subject any thought. I have referred to Deacon Benj. Willis as a slaveholder. The following extract from his will may show the attitude of many masters towards those whom they held in service: I Benj. Willis . .
or those who were suspected. It appeared again in 1760, in the town, and the only record that we have of it is in the Treasurer's report. The report states that on Feb. 19, 1760, £ 5, i shilling and 8 pence was raised to Mr. William Tufts and another townsman, for watching at the smallpox house. The treasurer also adds, to myself and horse to Charlestown for the Doctor for Thomas Linch 2s/8. Another part of the report also states that money was paid to certain persons who furnished Captain Willis and other persons with blankets and other furnishings during their illness. One of the victims of this epidemic was the schoolmaster, William Whitmore, who died March 10, 1760, and because of his death the schools were closed till the July following. The smallpox, after having been for four years in abeyance, renewed its visitation in 1764. Town Records, Volume III., page 131. The warrant, which was issued in his Majesty's name, April 13, 1764, called all the freeholders together
Peter Tufts's upland and the quantity of this Lott is more than some of the Rest because the quality of it is not so good; and the woodlands [ ] are in the bounds thereof belong to her the sd Katherine make recompence for more than ordinary ponds that are therein. also she hath tenpounds in the house and land at Charlestown namely one quarter thereof all which together makes One hundd. fifty two pounds 12s 4d-------------------£152..12..4 Sixthly Susanna Wade Susanna Wade married Stephen Willis, Dec. 18, 1698. Died March 12, 1742. hath set out to her eight Acres of Marsh more or less that lyeth between the Widows Thirds and her sister Katherine's part of of Marsh butting upon the river south and upon Peter Tufts's upland North the measure is larger than some of the rest because the quality is not so Good;—also there is one Jsland in the bounds thereof which the said Susanna is to have to make good some loss more than Ordinary in her part by Ponds—also she is to have one quarte
Medford Historical Society Papers, Volume 7., Some old Medford houses and estates. (search)
n occupied by Mr. Thomas Shepard. The westerly part of the house was set off to Mr. Hall, and the easterly part to Mr. Stephen Willis. (Mr. Willis sold his part of the house in 1683 to Mr. Hall.) This house stood on the north side of the road (HighMr. Willis sold his part of the house in 1683 to Mr. Hall.) This house stood on the north side of the road (High street), and the easterly line of Allston street passes through its location, one-quarter part of the location of the house being within the limits of the street, and the remaining three-quarters in the lot on the easterly side of said street. Ond, and the present brick house built while the premises were improved by the town as a Poor Farm. The house of Stephen Willis, senior, stood on the north side of High street, near Warren street. The house of Nathaniel Hall (son of John Hall, selater years it was known as the Huffmaster House. Thomas' new house stood just west of Allston street. In 1684, Mr. Stephen Willis sold to Mr. John Bradshaw ten acres of land, including what is now known as Rock Hill. The old house on the corner
nting him a fitting man for that purpose. Nath. Wade. Stephen Willis. Selectmen of Meadford. The court granted Mr. WillisMr. Willis a license. Again in the year 1692 the selectmen addressed the court. To the Hon. Justices of the Peace at the Sessions ho1692. from your Worships humble servants, Nath. Wade, Stephen Willis, John Whitmore, Selectmen of Meadford. Mr. Willis wasMr. Willis was again granted a license. The next year (1693) we find Mr. Willis again licensed. Where the Willis Tavern was located weMr. Willis again licensed. Where the Willis Tavern was located we can only conjecture by the following: Mr. Willis owned land a short distance west of Marble brook, on the north side of theMr. Willis owned land a short distance west of Marble brook, on the north side of the way from Medford to Woburn, and at the foot of Marm Simonds' Hill (this hill was called in the early days of the plantationhouse at which Mr. Dunton was entertained in that year. Mr. Willis sold this lot of land with the buildings thereon in the ce there is to authorize us to believe that the house of Mr. Willis was the house at which Mr. Dunton was entertained in the
Medford Historical Society Papers, Volume 8., Church records,—1713-1721. (search)
Church records,—1713-1721. The following list comprises the persons who were admitted to full communion in the church at Medford during the ministry of Rev. Aaron Porter. In the church records, under date of November 18, 1751, Mr. Turell wrote that at that time only John Willis, Benjamin Teal, and Benjamin Parker remained as members. 1713, June 14,Stephen Francis, sen. Stephen Willis, jun. Isaac Farewell. Elizabeth Farewell, wife of Isaac. Rebeccah, wife of William Willis. 1714, June 6,Susannah Porter, wife to Aaron Porter. Nov. 21,John Tufts, sen. 1715, Jan. 2,Mary Leatherby, wife to Stephen Leatherby. Feb. 13,Peter Wait. Sarah Wait, wife to Peter Wait. Hannah Sargent, wife to Joseph Sargent. May 8,Hannah Seccomb, wife to Peter Seccomb. June 12,Hannah Larrence. 1716, April,John Willis. Elizabeth Alberry, wife to John Alberry. May 13,Ephraim Leatherby (dismissed). 1718, Mar. 16,Benjaminn Teal. Anna Teal, wife to Benjamin Teal. April 27,Benjamin Parker. Abi
Medford Historical Society Papers, Volume 8., The Whitmores of Medford and some of their descendants. (search)
to Francis Whitmore in Cambridge, November 25, 1663. As the latter also owned land in Billerica, it is possible that it was through Mr. Collins that the Whitmores first came to Medford. On December 24, 1680, John Whitmore, Thomas Willis, Stephen Willis and Stephen Francis, divided the balance of the Collins Farm between them. John Whitmore had already purchased one-fourth of this estate from Caleb Hubbard. The Whitmore house was in that part of West Medford where Usher's Block now stands, 17, 1731. Mercy, b. March 1, 1714. Elizabeth, b. August 6, 1716; m. Thomas Fillebrown, March 30, 1732. His wife, Anna, died August 6, 1716, and he married, second, Mary——, who died March 29, 1760. He was a farmer and bought land of Stephen Willis, near his father's place. His house stood where the brick house on Canal street now is. His father also sold land to him. This land was sold to him for £ 10 current money, in hand, before the signing of the deed, May, 1726. This land is des
Medford Historical Society Papers, Volume 9., Strangers in Medford, (continued from Vol. 8, no. 4). (search)
burn Prec. Burlington. Apr. 15, 1769Nov. Ct., 1769Tenant at spot Pond or Jacob Hall.        Lucy (wife)        Uriah (children)        Sarah (children)        Lucy (children)        Barnabas (children) Stanley, AbigailCharlestown, Nov. 14, 1766May 16, 1767In family of Benj. Teel. Standly, DavidCambridge, Mar. 23, 1759Nov. 21, 1759Taken in by Abner Lealand. Stanyan, HannahStoneham, May, 1764Mar. 1, 1765Wife of Joseph.        JosephStoneham, Oct. 27, 1789Tan. Q. 1760Tenants of Stephen Willis.        Hannah (wife) Stareman, JohnWoburn, Sept. 10, 1756.Age 15. Apprentice to Ebenezer Blunt, Housewright. Stenal, JonasMay Ct., 1757Joseph Stenall? Stenal, JosephStoneham, Nov. 5, 1756May 3, 1757In family of Robert Burns.        Hannah (wife)        and two children Still, PhoebeCharlestown, Nov. 19, 1760Sept. 7, 1761Age 4 years. Servant in family of Saml. Hall. Stocker, HannahLynn, Dec., 1765Nov. 8, 1766 Stocker, S
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