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Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 33. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), Index. (search)
, 665 Bethesda Church, battle of, 57 Billmyer Capt. J. M., 192 Bishop, Capt. C. R., 297 Bouldin, Capt. E. E., 69 Boonsboro, Md., battle of, 278 Bristow station battle of, 250 Brown comander I. N. 11, Capt. J. Thompson, 104; Rev. Wm. D. D., 260, 290 Bull, Col. G. A. killed 223 Burrows D. D., Rev. J. L., 221, 290 Burton, Bishop L. W., 194 Bryan, Capt. J. R., perils of, 32 Cameron, Ex-Gov. W. E., 298 Carman Gen. E. A., 98 Carter's Battery, 233 Carter, Ligon, Surgeon E. A., 292; Captain R. F., 292 Lincoln, A., retort on, 109 Lipscomb's kettle drum, Tommy, 101 Long Dr. Crawford W. 161 Lynch, Captain W. F., 12 McWilliams A., killed, 365 Magruder General John B., 33 Mahone, General Wm., monument to, 352; his boy clothes, 368 Malvern Hill, battle of, 112 Maryland Cavalry, invasion of, 192 Medicine in the South, progress of, 162 Montague, Gov. A. J., 297 Moore, D. D., Rev. H. D 234 Moore, Surg. General S. P.,
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 34. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), Index. (search)
246. Allan, Colonel, Wm., 2. Alien, Colonel J. W., 263. Appomattox Advance from, Development of the south since, 336. Appomattox, Thin gray line at 246. Armistead, General L. A., Death of, 29. Army of Northern Virginia, Chaplains of the, 190. Ashby, John William, last man killed at Appomattox, 218. Averill General W. W., 206, 209. Baker, Colonel E. D., a spectacular hero, 271. Ball's Bluff, Men of Virginia at, Battle of, 254. Ball, Colonel W. B., 274. Barksdale General Wm., 264. Bartlett, General, Wm. Francis, 273. Battery No. 19, 83. Beale, Rev. G. W., 210. Beale, General R. L. T 75, 183. Beall, General W. N. R 74. Beauregard, General G. Y., 129 Bee, General Barnard E., 266. Bennett, Mrs., James Gordon, 36. Bennett, Hon. R. T Address of, 52. Berkeley, Captain, Charles, 371. Berkeley, Colonel, C. Edward, 371. Berkeley, Colonel, Norbourne, 371. Berkeley, Major, Wm, 371. Beverley, Capture of, 308. Bidgood, Sergeant Major J. V., 253.
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 35. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), Index. (search)
4 Secession, The Right of, 166 Sharpsburg Battle of 142, 196; mortality of 22nd Virginia at, 348 Shenandoah, C. S. Steamer, 235; officers of, 242; vessels captured by, 245; the flag of, 258. Sherman's, Gen. W. T. War is hell 365 Shiloh, The Battle of 204; relative Confederate and Federal losses in, 225; commentaries on causes of defeat 226 Shipp, Gen., Scott, 231 Sims Frederick Wilmer, 166 Smythe Gerald, of England, his Admiration of the Southern Cause, 125 Stewart. Col. Wm. H., 235 Stuart, Gen. J. E B., killed, 143 Sturdivant's Battery, Major N A , 10 Talcott, Col. T. M R., 25 Tucker. Col. Joseph T., 277 Valentine, Sculptor, E. V., 97 Virginia Cavalry: Roll of Co. A 7th Regiment, 335 Roll of Co E 18th Regiment, 161 Roll of McNeil's Rangers 323 Virginia Infantry: Roll of Co. E 19th Regiment 312 Roll of Co. G, 24th Regiment 352 Roll of Co. 115th Regiment 363 Roll of Co. A, 49th Regiment, 298 Vicksburg, Siege of, 47; Confederate States dead
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 37. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), Index. (search)
, 357. Manassas 8th Virginia at Second, 313. Marshall, Col. Charles 34, 323. Marylanders in the C. S. Army, 235. Massey, Col. E. C., 164. Maury, Gen. D. H., 324. Meade, General, 104. Memorial Day, Origin of. 368. Memorial Sermon in Old St. John's Church, 338. Minor, Lieut. R. D., 50. Morrison. Col. E. M., 319. Mosby Col. John S., 21, 34, 210; Unjust strictures by, 230, 269. Munford's Marylauders never surrendered 309. Murdaugh, John D. 39. Murdaugh, Capt. Wm. H., 39. Nitre and Mining Bureau, 11. Oates, Col., of the 50th Ala., 128. O'Conor Chas., the first to lead for defence of Jefferson Davis, 245. Oladowswi, Lieut. Col., 16. Ordnance of secession, 186. Ordnance Bureau of the Confederacy, 1.15. Ould, Col. Robert, Commissioner of Exchange, 352. Parker, Commodore F. A., 42. Parker, Representative, 164. Pegram, Willy 65. Petersburg Fight around. 174. Pickett, Gen. George E., 132. Pickett's Division, fatalities
g, 365, 377; temporarily relieved on account of wounds, 369; requests investigation of conduct before Petersburg, 377; at Deep Bottom, July 26 to 29, 1864, 468; before Petersburg, July 30, 475, 485; second movement at Deep Bottom, 506, 507, 511; brigadier-general in regular army 513; at Ream's station, 527-531; at catcher's run, 117-128; in command of Middle Military Division, III., 417. Hanover ferry, position of, II., 267. Hanover junction as a strategic point, II., 217. Hardee, General Wm. J., in command at Macon, III., 287; at Augusta, 288; at Savannah, 305; evacuates Savannah, 306; abandons Columbia, 422; defeat and retreat from Averysboro, 448. Harrison, Fort, captured by Ord, III., 71. Hatch, General, at Franklin, III., 212; at Rutherford creek, 260. Hatcher's run, battle of, 116-128; declared a defeat by Northern democrats, III., 169. Hawe's shop, battle of, II., 269. Hayes, General Rutherford B., service in West Virginia, III., 101-103. Hazen, Gene
y in the Northwest Parish of Cambridge. Twenty-three machines were in operation and forty persons employed in this factory in 1801 (Holmes ). The machines numbered fifty-five in 1809 (Fiske ). The town of West Cambridge dates its prosperity from the establishment of this manufacture. See Wyman, 1028; Hist. Cutter Family, 231-2, 338-44, 374, 393-4; and Boston Daily Advertiser for 20 June, 1877. 11. William, s. of Thomas (3), m. Elizabeth Cutter, 2 Nov. 1783—Cutter (par. 42). Elizabeth—Esq. Wm.'S wife—d. 18 July, 1806, a. 43. Had Eliza, d. unm. 16 June, 1812, a. 28; Hannah Maria, adm. to the ch. and bap. (aet. 27) 16 Jan. 1814, d. unm. 9 Mar. 1814, a. 27; Sarah Ann, d. 10 June, 1810, unm., a. 21; William, styled 4th, d. 26 May, 1812, a. 21, unm.; Caroline, d. unm. 22 Oct. 1812,a. 19; James Madison [M. D. Harv. 1822]—left college in sophomore year from ill-health; Thomas Jefferson [b. Menotomy, 30 Oct. 1797, removed elsewhere]; Mary Ann, m. Henry S. Low; Capt. W. H. Low,
Comte de Paris, History of the Civil War in America. Vol. 3. (ed. Henry Coppee , LL.D.), Addenda by the editor (search)
Georgia, Lieut.-col. W. L. Grice. 49th Georgia, Major S. T. Player. Archer's brigade. Brigadier-general J. J. Archer. Colonel B. D. Fry. 13th Alabama, Col. B. D. Fry. 5th Ala. Batt., Capt. S. D. Stewart, Capt. A. N. Porter. 1st Tenn. (Prov. Army), Lt.-col. N. J. George. 7th Tennessee, Lt.-co]. John A. Fite. 14th Tennessee, Col. Wm. McComb, Capt. R. C. Wilson. Lane's brigade. Brigadier-general J. H. Lane. 7th North Carolina, Colonel E. G. Haywood, Lt.-col. J. L. Hill, Maj. Wm. L. Davidson, Capt. N. A. Pool. 18th North Carolina, Col. Thomas J. Purdie, Lt.-col. F. George, Major John D. Barry. 28th North Carolina, Col. S. D. Lowe, Capt. Edward F. Lovell. 33d N. C., Colonel Clark M. Avery, Capt. Joseph H. Saunders. 37th North Carolina, Colonel W. M. Barbour. Pender's brigade. Brigadier-general W. D. Pender. 13th North Carolina, Col. A. M. Scales, Lt.-col. J. H. Hyman. 16th North Carolina, Col. John S. Mc-Ilroy, Lt.-col. Wm. A. Stowe. 22d North Carolina
Comte de Paris, History of the Civil War in America. Vol. 4. (ed. Henry Coppee , LL.D.), Addenda by the Editor. (search)
75th IndianaCol. Milton S. Robinson. 87th IndianaCol. Newell Gleason. 101st IndianaLieut.-col. Thomas Doan. 2d MinnesotaLieut.-col. Judson W. Bishop. 9th OhioCol. Gustave Kammerling. 35th OhioLieut.-col. Henry V. N. Boynton. Maj. Joseph L. Budd. 105th OhioLieut.-col. William R. Tolles. Third Brigade. Col. Edward H. Phelps. Col. William H. Hays. 10th IndianaLieut.-col. Marsh B. Taylor. 74th IndianaLieut.-col. Myron Baker. 4th KentuckyMaj. Robert M. Kelly. 10th KentuckyCol. Wm. H . Hays. Lieut.-col. Gabriel C. Wharton. 18th Kentucky Detached at Brown's Ferry, Tenn.Lieut.-col. Hubbard K. Milward. 14th OhioLieut.-col. Henry D. Kingsbury. 38th OhioMaj. Charles Greenwood. Artillery. Capt. George R. Swallow. 7th Indiana BatteryLieut. Otho H. Morgan. 19th Indiana BatteryLieut. Robert G. Lackey. 4th United States, Battery ILieut. Frank G. Smith. Engineer troops. Brig.-gen. William F. Smith. Engineers. 1st Michigan Engineers (detachm
21; Indians want to buy, 21; bought by the town, 21; granted land on south side of Charles River, 21. Weathersfield settled by explorers from Watertown, 36; attacked by Indians, 42; 46. Wellington family, remarkable longevity of, 108. Wellington: Samuel, residence, 84; Seth, 88; Thomas, Jr., bought old church, 75 n. 2, tavern-keeper, 82; William, selectman, 81, 101. Wellington's grove, 81. Wellman Stephen, 84, 85. Welsh, John. fine residence of, 84. Welsteed, Wm., 118; Rev. Wm. declines a call, 118; librarian at Harvard College, 119. Wessaguscus shore, 38. Wesson, Capt., Zachary, builder of the Green Tavern, 89. Western fever raging, 36. Weston: originally part of Watertown, 9; gets and sells its portion of lands granted at Wachusett Hill. 20; 52; 100; incorporated, 55; barn in burned by Indians, 62; 79, 108. Westward growth of the town, 53. Whipcutt, 26 n. 3. Whipping as a means of punishment, 18. White Mountains, 141 n. 1, 142. Whitman
Affairs of honor. --A duel was fought in Georgia, on the 8th inst., between Edwin Hart, editor of the Tallahassee (Fia.) Sentinel, and a gentleman named Coleman, in which both parties were killed. Rev. Wm.W. Walker and J. E. R. Crabb were arrested in Westmoreland county, Va., last week, and bound over not to fight a duel, which had been arranged to come off with rifles. The difficulty originated in politics.
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