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Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 22. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), chapter 1.24 (search)
‘63, Water's Battery. Jan. 31, ‘64, 7th Mississippi Regiment. Perry, J. J., Assistant Surgeon, appointed by Secretary of War March 21, ‘62, to rank May 1, ‘62, to report to Col. Finley. Sept. 30, ‘63, 6th Florida. April 30, 1864, no change. Pearce, J. F., Surgeon, Sept. 30, 1863, left with wounded at Gettysburg. 8th South Carolina Regiment. Peets, George H., Assistant Surgeon. Sept. 30, 1863, 21st Mississippi Regiment. Peddy, G. W., Surgeon, appointed by Secretary of War to rank May 16, ‘62. Passed Board at Vicksburg April 6, ‘62. Sept. 30, 1863, 56th Georgia Regiment. April 30, 1864, no change. Pearce, J. W., Surgeon. Passed Board at Charleston Nov. 12, ‘63. April 30, ‘63, 41st Georgia Regiment. Absent without leave, April 26, 1864, ordered by Surgeon-General to be dropped from the rolls. Peak, John S., Assistant Surgeon, appointed by Secretary of War June 15, ‘63, to rank Nov. 24, ‘62. Nov. 30, ‘63, to April 30, ‘64, 10th Confederate Cavalry.
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 33. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), Roster of the Battalion of the Georgia Military Institute Cadets (search)
ck, J. D., Dovedale, Baldwin county, Ga. Napier,——, Macon, Ga. Nevett, ——, Savannah, Ga. Noble, Stephens, Rome, Ga. Owens, James, Macon county, Ga. *Parsons, William H., Johnson county, Ga. Pattillo, George, Cartersville, Ga. Pearce, James. Pearce, J. W., Decatur, Ga. *Plant, Robert H., Macon, Ga. Died in 1903. President of a bank. Randall, Bush, Cobb, Ga. Decatur, Ga. Redding,——. Reese,——. Robert, W. H., Lagrange, Ga. Now druggist in Denison, Texas. RoPearce, J. W., Decatur, Ga. *Plant, Robert H., Macon, Ga. Died in 1903. President of a bank. Randall, Bush, Cobb, Ga. Decatur, Ga. Redding,——. Reese,——. Robert, W. H., Lagrange, Ga. Now druggist in Denison, Texas. Roberts, Wiley. Robinson, A., Meriwether counter, Ga. Robinson, E., Meriwether county, Ga. Roddy, R. L., Forsyth, Ga. Rucker, Jeptha H., Athens, Ga. Rucker, TinsleyW., (Tinnie), Athens, Ga. Atlanta, Ga. *Ryan Lawrence T., Hawkinsville, Ga. Sapp, A. J. Sciley, B. Schley, G. Schofield, ——, Macon, Ga. Sheppard, W. T., West Point, Ga. Boston, Mass. Shumake, W., Harris county, Ga. Slappey, A. B., Marshallville, Ga. Smith, Archibald A., LaGr
Comte de Paris, History of the Civil War in America. Vol. 1. (ed. Henry Coppee , LL.D.), Book IV:—the first autumn. (search)
as organizing a body of Confederate troops in Arkansas, while a brigade of soldiers from that State was forming under General Pearce; all these, assembled in the neighborhood of the Ozark Mountains, were to enter Missouri to support Price. The trooppt the Federal garrisons of Jefferson City, Booneville, and Lexington in constant alarm. In the south-west McCulloch and Pearce had crossed from Arkansas into Missouri; they were ready to sustain Price, and rendered the situation of Lyon at Springfi unite. These corps, composed of Price's Missourians, McCulloch's Confederate division, and some Arkansas brigades under Pearce and McBride, had selected Cassville as their rendezvous. Price, leaving the south-western angle of the State, where he hces of artillery—about twelve thousand men in all. On the 4th of August this army, forming three columns under McCulloch, Pearce, and Price, put itself once more en route, and made a night march in the hope of yet surprising Lyon near Dug Springs. B
borough miss Fm Myers miss R Munda miss M McCarty mrs S McCreary mrs Geo McGuire mrs J C Nelca mrs C Nelson mrs Martha A Noiris miss Mary Nowlan miss E O'Nell miss C Oliver mrs Julia A O'Connell mrs E J O'Sullivan mrs Lucy A Osborne mrs Louisa A Osborne mrs A W Prent mrs M Pleasants mrs Julia Phillips mrs N Payne mrs P A Parker mrs E Peppercorn mrs Anne Pleasants mrs M W Purrot mrs Joseph A Powers mrs E Powers miss Rosalie B Powers miss E Pearce miss Jane Price miss Bettie Petrie miss Alice Platt miss Mary Phillipps miss M V Quarles miss Mary E Quarles miss Anna E Realston miss M C Redman miss Mary P Richardson miss G A Robinson miss M G Rhodes mrs Susan R Robinson mrs C Redy mrs M A Russell mrs J W Sinnott miss Stewart miss Marion Stevens miss R E Saunders mrs Sarah A Simons mrs Lucy D Slater mrs M Swan mrs Elizabeth Stewart mrs S C 2 Stevenson mrs Fred Stephens mrs Eliz Stone mrs
High water this day (Tuesday) at 12 3-4 o'clk. Arrived, Steamship Roanoke, Couch, New York, mdze. and passengers, Ludlam & Watson. Steamship Virginia, Kelley, Philadelphia, mdze. and passengers, C. P. Cardozo. Steamer Belvidere, Keene, Baltimore, mdze. and passengers, D. & W. Currie. Schr. M. C. Hopkins, Dougherty, N. Y., hay, B. Wardwell & Co. and Bridgford & Co. Schr. J. W. L. Sturgess, Scott, Eastern Shore, potatoes, A. Millspaugh. Sloop Ellic, Camp, James River, lumber, I. J. Mcrcer & Co. Sailed, Schr. Exchange, Fuller, Rio Grande, flour, Haxall, Crenshaw & Co. Schr. Jno. Aumack, Pearce, down the river, light. Schr. Ida Mailer, Mulner, down the river, light. Schr. Geo. Franklin, Tyler, down the river, light. Schr. Rough and Ready, Mason, down the river, light Schr. Mary Adeline, Geoghegan, Pamunkey river, light.
Neeson mrs Fannie Normoyle mrs Ellen New miss Mattie Norvell miss Lucy D O'Connell miss Lizzie Osterbind miss M A Pryde miss C A 2 Pollard miss E J Pepp miss Va Pae miss Eliza Parrish miss P F Payne miss Patsy Pearce mrs Geo Pord mrs Mary A Powell mrs Harriett Porter mrs Sallie Pollard mrs E J Pleasants mrs Julia Phillips mrs Cath Piemont mrs Jos Pilters mrs Jane Pennell mrs Elna Pierce mrs Alfred Parrett mrs Ann Pryor mrs O'Kette Dan O'Dean Dennis O'Heam M R O'Brien Jno O'Nelson Jarvis O'Bren Jno Powers & Mc-Kenny Phillip Ben Power Mick Preston Chas E Pochman C Plummer &Peebles Pestallette E Pointer Sam D Penty Geo Mk Pearce G A Pritham G W Pickering H Pullen Warren Pendleton W C Page Wm M Pallen Wm G Pierce John Pearson J P Phillips Jas B Pippin Jno Peterschen J C Picot Theo Packens Alex Pulaski A T Patterson L P Quinl
Congressional. Washington, Feb, 13. Senate.--After returning from the House (to which the Senate proceeded at 1 o'clock to count the Presidential Electoral ballot,) Mr. Pearce, of Maryland, asked for a committee of conference on the Deficiency bill. A bill was passed carrying into effect the treaty with New Granada. Mr. Trumbull reported a resolution, appointing a committee to notify Mr. Lincoln of his election. Agreed to. The tariff bill was up, and postponed. The District of Columbia Militia bill was up, Mr. Mason, of Va., objected to the bill, because it proposed an oath to privates, which was unusual. The bill was further debated, and recommitted. Several private bills were passed. House. Mr. Sherman reported a bill authorizing the reception of coupon bonds, not less in amount than $50, at 6 per cent, for any portion of the late loan. Mr. Garnett, of Va., opposed the bill, saying the President elect had declared war, and he, the speaker
C Marshall & Co. J Myers J H Mitchell Jno Jr Mulholland J Manning J Milbourn W Morris W Merrett H Mander H Moody G E Mortemer G Manning H Marion T Marshall S H Morton T S Murphy C Mantley D Mauck D T Morris E Moore mast F D Moffatt L Morris Col N D Maldown B R Miller A R Maddox A Miller A B Martin L R Mortimore L Mason S T Miles F A Moore E Morgan L Murphy P Malanory J McDonald Jas McGrager J F McGovern P McGurgan Pearce H Parham W S Perry W H Prnell Josiah L Pollard J S Peyton J B Pendleton Dr J S Powers Jeff Parker Jos H Pollard Jas B Panelton Jas F Pollard J S Pollard J W Paulding J H Pratt W T Petty Thos Phillip S K Paddock Seldon Patz Edward Parker Ro C Pleasants C S Penington mr Pendleton A T Russell David Reorden Dan Roundtree R H Robinson R B Rodgers R P Rebinson F Rose Samnel Robinson S G Randolph Hy Rogannie W S Reynolds W E Rudd W
swaying crowd which surrounded him. Mr. Buchanan's private carriage was first drawn up to the entrance, but from what we could learn of the movements going on, we judge that the President elect preferred to make his appearance in an open carriage, where all could see him, as one was substituted for Mr. Buchanan's close carriage. The President and President elect took their seats in the carriage, the military at a "present arms," and the band on the left playing "Hail to the Chief." Senator Pearce and Senator Baker, of the Committee of Arrangements, having been seated in the same carriage, it moved out to its position in the line, being preceded by the company of Sappers and Miners, and flanked on the right by the Georgetown Mounted Guard, and on the left by the President's Mounted Guard. There was some grumbling at this arrangement, as it was almost impossible to get a view of the President elect, which seemed to be the chief object in view with the majority of spectators. The
Serenade. --A number of the friends of Mayor Mayo, High Constable Freeman, Councilmen Saunders, Glazebrook, Epps and Griffin, and Alms-House Superintendent Pearce, obtained the services of the 1st Regiment Band, on Wednesday night, after the result of the election was ascertained, and gave those officials a rousing serenade, which was answered orally and otherwise by the recipient of the compliment.
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