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ederate Army, 9,083 85; John S Hardaway, Amelia 200; Edwin B Snead, 1st Howi 2, Rev Dr R D Danney, Prince Edward, 20; Rev Dr J M Atkinson, 19; a lady, through Capt Coke, 10; Anonymous, through T T. Giles, Esq. 30; Mrs Joseph P Tacraton. Mobile, 10, Benj T Tinsley, Big Dick, 10; B W. Leigh, Mecklenburg, 25; Thomas Wooding, Pittsylvania, 10; B C Jones, Nottoway 36 17; Judge Wm Heigh, Halifax, 80; Emanuel Congregation, Henrico, through E J Warren, 107 82; Berea Church, Hanover, through Rev A B Smith, 89 85; Wm M Wathins, Charlotte 100; Mrs Janetta R Harrison and family, of Goochland, 67; Church in Gordonsville and others, through Rev D B Ewing 100 25; Jno Spears Powhatan, 10; Melton Kutley, Augusta, 40; W B Harris, Clarke co, 5 Citizens of Woodstock and its vicinity, through Mark Bird, 363.25; Salem Church Charlotte, Rev E W Roach, through Tn Harvey, 104,85; Spring Creek Church, Prince Edward, through same, 50; Gen'l Fitzhugh Lee's Brigade, of Maj-General Stuart's Divia Cavalry 5,406.25
The Daily Dispatch: January 20, 1863., [Electronic resource], The capture of the U. S. Steamer Columbia. (search)
ired to give $280 for his good behavior. The case of William , a free negro, charged with shooting a truck and contents, valued at $ from was called and continued for another . A small darkey named George, claiming to be free, was arrested by the watch Sunday, while playing ball in the street, having on his person J. S. Smith's pass was ordered fire lashed and committed for want of a register. Two other negroes, namely, Herky, slave of Kersey & Davis, and George, slave of Henry Smith, were ordered ten lashed each for the streets without permission. Confederate States District Court, Monday.--The Grand Jury (John Purcell, , acting as foreman,) assembled to-day, and, receiving their charge, after sometime spent in the examination of witnesses, returned into Court, having indicted John Haggerty, a soldier, in one case for forging the certificate of an army surgeon, and is others for forging a descriptive and pay list.--the object in the being to get charge from s
Heavy experiment. --James McGrewas before the Mayor yesterday to answer the charge of selling ardent spirits on Vankalt Island, without having first obtained a license so to do. Mr. McGee stated that he was not the proprietor of the bar, but merely the agent of Mr. Henry Smith, who had rented the Island and obtained a licence. The Mayor informed the accused that the agent, in an unlawful transaction of this sort, was equally responsible with the principal; and as the police officers proved that they had seen Mr. McGee receive pay for eighteen drinks, the party charged must answer to the Hustings Court for the offence; the fine in each case being $60. To enable the accused to establish his innocence, the examination was adjourned till Thursday next, and the accused admitted to bail in the sum of $2,560.
ates sat yesterday, and disposed of the following business: Henry Jones, James Hayes, and Charles A. Gunn were examined for conspiring to rob and kill Hugh L. Reagan, and sent on to Judge Lyons's Court for trial. John Murphy, charged with stealing a pistol and two overcoats from Brig.-Gen. Ro. F. Hoke, was sent on to the Court above. Robert Ledbetter was examined and sent on for stealing a sliver goblet and two glass tumblers from C. C. Wendlinger. Joseph Johnson and John Shinn were sent on for breaking into the C. S. storehouse where the Yankee clothing was kept. John, slave of Henry Smith, was tried for breaking into the house of Major Wm. Allen, and, being convicted, was ordered to be transported. Rista, slave of Ro. W. Hart, was ordered to be whipped for stealing $200 and some clothing from Jno. Tyree. Dr. Chas. G. Barney was elected by the Court an Alderman for Monroe Ward, to fill the vacancy occasioned by the resignation of Mr. James Bray.
ame up for consideration: Demetrius Carrington, a free negro, arrested on Thursday night with four bottles of whiskey, one shirt, one coat, and one bag, supposed to have been stolen, was, after a hearing of the evidence, ordered to receive thirty-nine lashes. James Williams, a Yankee deserter, was remanded for indictment by the Grand Jury of the Hustings Court, on the charge of stealing one pistol, worth $75, and one hat, valued at $75, from Wm. W. Johnston. James, slave of Henry Smith, charged with stealing one axe, two aprons, and two pairs of stockings from Lucy T. Torrm, was ordered to receive twenty-five lashes, well laid on. The charge against Wilson, slave of Caroline Carter, of stealing a quantity of sugar and other articles from James Lyons, was, in consequence of its originally having been before the Mayor, put off till this morning. Charles Isaacs and Richard Barny, charged with garroting and robbing Augustus Haxall on Wednesday night last, was take
Presentments for selling liquor, --In addition to the true bills which have been found against parties for selling liquor by retail in positive violation of an act passed by the last Legislature of Virginia, the following persons were also indicted yesterday by the Grand Jury of the Hustings Court: --Charles Fitzpatrick and Robert Calivan, thirteen cases; John F. Chambers, Thomas Phillips, L. Burns and Augustus Simcoe, three each: Henry Smith and Thomas Otey, two each; and Richard Emerson, Augustus Weimer and — Nelson, one each.
The Virginia Military Institute. The report of General Smith, Superintendent of the Virginia Military Institute, to the Board of Visitors gives a graphic account of the destruction of the beautiful buildings erected by the liberality of the State for her favored military school. This act was performed, as our readers are aware, on the morning of Sunday, the 12th of June, by the order of General D. Hunter, commanding the United States army of Western Virginia, the buildings having been fies and destroyed it. In fact, the work of desolation was complete, and its recital gives permanence to the record of infamy which has immortalized the United States army of Western Virginia and its brutal commander, General David Hunter. General Smith, in his report, thus eloquently alludes to the vitality of the institution and the impossibility of its destruction: "But perish the thought that the Virginia Military Institute is destroyed, or that bricks and mortar constituted the gr
abb & Son, Agents. 6.Charles Cullen,Doctor Cullen. 7.Bingey Jones,John W. Jones. 8.Isaac Jones,John W. Jones. 9.Edmond Harrison,Mr. White. 10.William Blunt,Mr. White. 11.Walter Blunt,Mr. White. 12.Jim Harrison,Mr. White. 13.Geo. Shelton,Mr. Smith. 14.Green Lacy,Mrs. Lacy. 15.Geo. Johnson,Peyton Johnson. 16.Israel Crouch,Free man. 17.Isaac Green,Mr. Phillips, Agent. 18.Junius Harris,James M. Harris. 19.John Pulliam,Mrs. S. J. Pulliam. 20.Jacob Powell,Mrs. Powell. 21.Jim Howard,Frs Fureron. 27.Robert Hopson,Doctor Hopson. 28.Shadrach Adams,Mrs. Adams. 29.Tom Corbin,Doctor Charles S. Mills. 30.Tom Wooldridge,Doctor Thos Wooldridge. 31.Thornton,Mrs. Gilliam. 32.Welford,Mr. Luntsford. 33.William Turner,Free boy. 1.Henry Smith,Midloth'n Coal Min'g Co. 2.Jim Gwinner,Midloth'n Coal Min'g Co. 3.John Johnson,Midloth'n Coal Min'g Co. 4.James Johnson,Midloth'n Coal Min'g Co. 5.Albert Scarborough,Midloth'n Coal Min'g Co. 6.Lorenzo Johnson,Midloth'n Coal Min'g Co.
ed the coal will be brought down still lower. If proper arrangements can be effected with the Confederate Government, Mr. Taurman will furnish an unlimited supply of good lump coal to our citizens at less than half the price which is now asked for it. Referred to the Committee on Fuel. The following report from the Finance Committee was adopted: "Reducing the tax imposed upon the James River and Kanawha Canal Company from $1,600 to $1,000; refusing to reduce a tax imposed upon Henry Smith for retailing ardent spirits; remitting a tax of $250, erroneously imposed upon Ed. W. Tompkins; allowing the City Collector three per centum commission for collections made, instead of one and a half per centum, heretofore allowed." A long and general discussion ensued between various members of the Council with reference to a change in the present tax bill. The following resolution, offered by Mr. Burr, was adopted: "Resolved, That the Chamberlain be empowered to make th
Fighting Governors of the Confederacy. --Governor Harris, of Tennessee, is with the Army of Tennessee; Governor Smith, of Virginia, commanded a brigade and was several times wounded in the first three years of the war; Governor Vance, of North Carolina, and Governor Watts, of Alabama, have each served a campaign, and, we presume, "smelt gunpowder," Governor Clark, of Mississippi, and Governor Allen, of Louisiana, both "smelt powder" and were desperately wounded in the battle of Baton Rouge, not to mention the other actions in which they have been engaged.
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