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t by tens of thousands. A cry of mourning will arise from untold bereft families throughout the land, and whichever side may triumph, a pall will hang over the most glorious trophies of victory. No one will be at a loss to know who is responsible for so calamitous a state of things. Under the tutelage of an aristocracy, in Great Britain, jealous of the success of American institutions, the Garrisons, Tappans, and Leavitts of thirty years ago began these machinations which, under Greeley, Beecher, Raymond, Cheever, Wendell Phillips, and others, culminated in the creation of a party which denounced the Constitution as a "league with hell and a covenant with ceath," and never relaxed its incendiary efforts until the slaveholding States had been goaded into overt acts of treason. --Northern fanaticism, fostered by British gold, and the discontent and rebellion in the South which it engendered, are the sources of all of our evils, and both are still seeking, at the present hour, to rea
The Daily Dispatch: October 26, 1861., [Electronic resource], Protestant Episcopal Convention in the Confederate States--Final action upon changing its name. (search)
who wish to effect it. The outcry against the term Protestant commenced in a little clique in Oxford, that tried to deprotestantize the world. He did not like to follow their lead. He feared that if the name be changed, it would be the beginning of divisions, and lead to disintegration to a greater or less extent. Bishop Atkinson considered the choice to be between Protestant and Reformed. Reformed expressed a fact, Protestant a spirit, and one that he could not approve of. Emerson, Beecher, Parker, Strauss, etc., were all Protestants, yet Emerson believed the leaves of the forest were God. The term, besides denoting unrest, doubt, denial and unbelief, was indefinite, and inexpressive of anything good. He like the word Catholic, because it indicates the continuity of the Church of Christ. The state of religious feeling in Geneva, Holland, and elsewhere in Europe, among the sects called Protestant, was not such as to recommend the name, except where the influence of the Engl
resent war. We have given them credit for a degree of ferocity unparalleled in modern warfare; but this was founded entirely on their own declarations and menaces, publicly proclaimed in the streets of New York, more than on the actual fulfillment of their threats. They have been barbarous and brutal enough; but candor compel us to declare that the Lincolnites of the South have thrown their Yankee allies completely in the shade. In demoniac malignity, Breckinridge, of Kentucky, has thrown Beecher, of New York, far into the shade, whilst the worst performances of Billy Wilson's Zouaves have not equalled the unheard-of cruelty which the Lincolnites are said to have lately practiced in Kentucky nailing one of their prisoners through the hands and flesh before putting him to death ! The late exemplary John Brown, who used to entertain his leisure moments in Kansas By cutting off the thumbs and fingers of Southern men, was the nearest approach which the North has made to such a proceedin
Latest Northern intelligence. Washington, Nov. 11. --The N. Y. Evening Post says that an expedition is prepared, if it has not already sailed, which will seal the harbors of Savannah and Charleston against the exit or entrance of any further Theodora and Nashville expeditions; also, that a flotilla of thirty vessels is now in this port, armed, manned, and ready to sail for the Gulf of Mexico. These vessels are peculiarly adapted in size and draft, and with a suitable armament, for harassing the commerce and people on the coasts of Louisiana and Alabama. New York, Nov, 12.--Beecher's Independent says that Senator Seward has expressed the conviction that the Federal Government cannot succeed in the present war, and that peace will be declared within ninety days. Boston, Nov. 11.--Ex-Mayor Bunker, of Mobile, and Wm. Pierce, of New Orleans, were discharged from Fort Warren to- day.
Backbone. --The subject of "backbone" was want to form the staple of Tribune editorials and of Parker and Beecher discourses for years before the present war commenced. From the manner in which the abolition presses and orators discoursed upon the value of personal pluck, it seemed as if they had monopolized the whole article, and there was no good manhood extant outside of their sacred circle. Of all the virtues moral and physical courage was the greatest. Backbone was the god of their idolatry. Their thoughts seemed never to be far removed from the spinal column and vertebras. If a man had them in perfection it mattered not whether he had anything else. It was the grandest of all qualities that humanity could be endowed with, and was the only thing wanting to bring the South to its senses, and elevate negro humanity by degrees till it reached the Boston standard. But since the war committed, scarcely a dozen of the votaries of backbone have made their appearance in
lubs is the manufacture of public opinion by means of lectures in favor of their revolutionary views, and instilling them among the generals and subordinate officers of the army, in order to corrupt their minds, and render them disloyal to the government and the constitution. Washington has been specially selected for the purpose, and the Smithsonian Institute is prostituted to the treason. Already Brownson, Channing, Sumner, and Greeley have lectured, and the next, is to be Cheever, then Beecher, Curtis, and Wendell Phillips. Such are the dyed-in-the-wool abolition propagandists who, at the very seat of government, are tainting the army and its officers with their revolutionary ideas. New York money matters. The New York Herald, of the 9th inst., has the following: The upward movements in gold continue; most of the brokers quote it 4 per cent. premium. Exchange is also better; the best bills are held at 114½a115, but, as usual on Wednesdays, there is nothing doing
question should be left to them, and to every other slave State of the present day, as it was left originally to the slave States of New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and others. This is the policy of "Honest Abe Lincoln;" and as it has been consistently pursued in the reclamation of Maryland, Missouri, Kentucky, and Tennessee, from the gripe of this rebellion, we may venture the opinion that it will still be adhered to, all the emancipation schemes of Sumner, Trumbull, Lovejoy, Cheever, Beecher, and Greeley, to the contrary notwithstanding. It is this policy which has broken down the stronghold of the rebellion in the West, and which, if not disturbed, will speedily break up the whole concern. We expect shortly to find it fully developed in the complete restoration of Tennessee to the laws and benefits of the Union. In this connection we would suggest, however, that no State convention is necessary. Tennessee is not in the condition of a province wrested from a foreign ene
The Daily Dispatch: September 24, 1862., [Electronic resource], The Combination against Lincoln — a account Hartford Convention. (search)
The Combination against Lincoln — a account Hartford Convention. The New York Herald, commenting upon a recent article from Wendell Phillips, in Beecher's Independent, he having joined the league against President Lincoln, of which that paper is organ, says: The gentlemen of the radical party, says Wendell Phillips, want to be leaders as well as to dictate a policy. They want emancipation declared; but they also want the Cabins changed and the Generals transposed. They want the war to be conducted upon abolition principles; but they also want it to be conducted by such men as Sumner, of Massachusetts; Stevens, of Pennsylvania, and Wade, of Ohio, and their friends in the Cabinet, and by Hunter, Phelps, and Fremont in the field.--The language of the radicals to the persons now in power is, according to Phillips, "Gentlemen, your game is played out. Give us place." There we have the whole radical conspiracy against the Government in a nut-shell. It is simply "give us place
d. He said if is would good he had no objection to be the first--and let him try. By following the example of Tuesday, he may induce Greeley, and Garrison, and Philos and sixteen others, in go and do likewise; and twenty of the leading. Abolitionists swinging a row, from a sour apple tree, there will be forged chance of our arms being speedily successful restoring the rebellions Southern he Union, when can perform the same service after the leading secessionists, when we catch enemy that Beecher is volunteers to do for himself. The reverend mountie back closed his sermon with following prediction of the result of the protection: shall see a glorious nation, a restored Condition. We shall see a liberty in whose bright day and Massachusetts will shake hands that forged shall be separated again. There is love to raked open yet. Now there is fierceness of but there shall come concord, fellowship, union; and when this comes we shall have a on that no freight influence can
The Daily Dispatch: October 8, 1862., [Electronic resource], Purchase of Clyde steamers for running the Floored. (search)
have no idea of fighting, and are just as ridiculous as the conservatives represent them.--Granting all this, what are we to think of the conservatives, who yield to such influences, and who permit this contemptible faction to control their Government, and to force them to fight, whilst they remain at home? The truth is, there is little difference between them, except that the conservatives are greater hypocrites. We know not why a Southern man should have any choice between Corcoran and Beecher, Bennett and Greeley, Butler and Wendell Phillips. If it be true that the Abolitionists have staid at home, and left the conservatives to fight the battles of the Union, the conservatives need not hold up their hands to us, red with the blood of our sons and brothers, and expect us to see any difference in their favor between them and their cowardly accessories at home. And so far as practical abolition is concerned, we don't see in what respect negro property was any safer before the pro
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