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The 14th Regiment N. C. State Troop arrived yesterday. The regiment comprise sinful companies, fully and efficiently armed. Colonel, Wm. J. Clark; Lieut. Colonel, The B. Venable; Major, Jonathan Evans. Captains: 1st Company, Dillihay; 2d, Duffy McKeever; 4th, Lane; 5th, Crockett. Snead; 7th, Blocker; 8th, Harris; 9th, Spiv
bal Chandler, John F. Brockensronah, W. P. McKenney. Wetzel — Friend Cox, John Yarnall, J. Davis Young. Williamsburg — Robt. Saunders, Ro. H. Armis and W. R. C. Douglas. Wirt — Otho Williams, Robert Brown, William Shepherd. Wise — Wm. Richmond, J. H. Hogs, James W. Vermillion. Wheeling — A. J. Pannell, Aaron Kelly, Alice Hughes. Wood — D. R. Neal, B. R. Pennybacker, Ki Stephenson. Wyoming--Wm. Handley, James Shannon, James Bailey. Wythe — Gordon C. Kent, John Sanders, Ch Crockett. York — Henry S. B. Power, Wm. L. Henley, T Tinsley. The eight section of the seventh chapter of the Code, edition 1860, provides that, "The Commissioners appointed by the Governor in each county or corporation, shall appoint three Commissioners for each place therein at which a separate poll is to be taken, (any two or more of whom may act,) to superintend the election at such places, and one officer to conduct such electioning each place for holding the same." The or
ous. Captain Irving, Co. E, 20th Va. Reg't, shot through body and shoulder, convalescing, private McLaughlin, Co. B, 20th Va., Reg't, 4 bayonet and 1 gunshot wounds, convalescing. private Farley, Co., D, 20th Va. Reg., gunshot wound in leg, convalescing. private Ellis, Co. I, 20th Va. Reg., gunshot wound in leg, convalescing. private read, Co. G, 20th Va. Reg., typhoid fever, convalescing. private comfort. Co. G. 20th Va. Reg., remained as nurse to read, well. private Crockett, Co. D, 20th Va. Reg., remained as nurse to Farley, well. private Kersey, Lee's battery, gunshot in leg, convalescing. private Madder, Lee's battery, gunshot in chest, arm and hand, convalesc'g. private Taylor, Lee's battery, right thigh amputated and other wounds, dangerous. private Curry, Lee's battery, nurse to comrades, well. private Johnson, Hansbrough's Co., amputation of thigh, convalescing. private Allen, 1st Ga. Reg., gunshot wound in thigh, convalescing. pr
Texas Newsthe Legislature. --The Austin Intelligencer brings us the following respecting the organization of the Legislature: Senate.--R. H. Gwyn, president pro tem.; P. De Cordova, secretary; A. H. Casteel, first assistant; F. Everett, enrolling clerk; J Q St. Clair, engrossing clerk; D. C. Burleson sergeant-at-arms; J. W. Murphy, door keeper. House.--C. W. Backley, speaker; W. L. Chalmers, chief clerk; W. M. Walton, first assistant; E. M. Bacon, enrolling clerk; J. L. Garrison, engrossing clerk; W. N. Hardeman, sergeant at-arms; John Mann, assistant, J. L. Lovejoy, doorkeeper. Private advices state that Governor Lubbock has appointed Charles West, Esq., of Travis, Secretary of State. Mr. Westis well known as one of the ablest lawyers in the State. He will reflect credit on the new Administration. We also have the official vote: Governor — Lubbock, 21,854; Clark, 21,730; Chambers, 13,733. Lieutenant Governor--Crockett, 38,321; Foscue, 12,160.
execute his threat, and was killed. Capt. Phil. B. Thompson, of Mercer county, Ky., has been appointed Colonel by the Secretary of War. Texas items. Texas files to the 20th ult., furnish the following items: The Congressional Election.--The following are supposed to be elected: Wilcox, in the first district; Peter V. Gray, in the third; Sexton, in the fourth; and Wright, in the sixth. The other districts are much in doubt. The Inauguration.--Gov. Lubbock and Lieut. Gov. Crockett were inaugurated on the 7th. The State Gazette says: Mrs. Price, wife of the hero of Lexington, and her son, and Mrs. Sibley, wife of Gen. Sibley, and her daughter, were in attendance at the inauguration ball in this city on the 7th inst. The Legislature have passed a joint resolution welcoming Mrs. Price to the State. The proceeds of the ball, $400, were paid into the treasury of the Soldiers' Aid Society of Travis county. Destructive Fire in New Braunfels.--A l
, of Fluvanna, Payne, McDonald of Logan, Daniel, Lively, Woolfolk, Prince, Irby, and Boggs. Claims.--Messrs. Bass, Kaufman, Brooks, Grattan, Davis of Amherst, Pitman, Nelson of Louisa, Montague, Wilson of Norfolk, Walker, Woodhouse, Matthews, Huntt, Dunn, and Gillespie. Register's Office.--Messrs. Brooks, Lively, Wright, Mattheus, Irby, Hopkins, Jordan, Williams, and Garrison. Schools and Colleges.--Messrs. Newton, Minor, Riddick, Treadway, Tate, Daniel, Saunders of Franklin, Crockett, Spady, Read, Curtis, Booten, Noland, Wright, and Laidley. Resolutions of Inquiry. By Mr. Jones: Of authorizing the banks of this Common wealth to issue a larger amount than 5 per cent. of their capital in notes of a less denomination than $5. By Mr. Wooten: Of legalizing the issue of small notes heretofore made by the various counties, cities and towns of this Commonwealth, and providing for the future issue of such notes, and their redemption. By Mr. James: Of transferr
at departments and officers connected with the military organization of the Commonwealth may be advantageously dispensed with. By Mr. Ward: Of so amending the existing law as to provide that three directors shall be sufficient to constitute a board for the transaction of business. By Mr. Bass: Of appropriating a sum of money out of the Treasury for the purpose of coustructing and testing a trial cannon, from the model of a revolving cannon lately invented by Dr. Jeter, of Roanoke county. Mr. Bass presented a petition from sundry citizens of Roanoke county, praying the Legislature to pass some law to limit the distillation of grain, as such unlimited distiliation may produce a scarcity and cause suffering among the poorer classes. The Speaker appointed the following Committee, under the joint resolution relative to the defence of Western Virginia--Messrs. Hunter, Sheppey, Garrison, Anderson of Betetourt, Wilson, Matinews and Crockett. The House then adjourned.
onement was decided in the negative by a vote of ayes 27, noes 88. The Spraker announced that nominations for a Senator to fill the first vacancy were in order. Mr. Wilbon, of Isle of Wight, nominated James Barbour, of Culpeper. Mr. Crockett nominated William Ballard Preston, of Mongomery. Mr. Newton nominated Robert M. T. Hunter. At the suggestion of Mr. Robertson, of Richmond, Mr. Crockett withdrew the name of Mr. Preston for the present. Mr. Staples nominated Wm.Mr. Crockett withdrew the name of Mr. Preston for the present. Mr. Staples nominated Wm. C. Rives. Mr. Vaden explained that he had intended to support Mr. Tyler for the Senatorship. He now seconded the nomination of Mr. Rives. Mr. Forees re-nominated William Ballard Preston. Here a message was received from the Senate that it had agreed to a joint resolution to postpone the election of Senators to the 15th of February. The postponement was strenuously opposed by Messrs. Mallory and Rives, and advocated by Messrs.Green and Collier. The Senate's resolution t
The Daily Dispatch: January 24, 1862., [Electronic resource], "Sawery" Bennett's opinion of old Abe. (search)
announced that the nomination of candidates for Confederate Senators was now in order. Mr. Newton, of Westmoreland, again nominated R. M. T. Hunter. Mr. Crockett re-nominated William Ballard Preston. Mr. Green nominated Chas. W. Russell. Mr. Walker nominated Wm. C. Rives, of Albemarle. Mr. Collier, of Pet F. T. Anderson, Baker, Baskerville, Bass, Bayse, Blue, Booten, Bouldin, Bradford, Brooks, Buford, Burks, Carter, Cazenove, Cecil, Clark, H. N. Coleman, Collier, Crockett, Custis, Dabney, Daniel, J. D. Davis, R. L. Davis, Dunn, Edmunds, Eggleston, Evans, Fleming, Fletcher, Flood, Forbes, Franklin, Friend, Garrison, Gatewood, Georgett-- Total 105. For Mr. Preston--Messrs. Baker, Barbour, Baskervill, Bouldin, Brooks, Buford, Burks, Carter, Cazenove, Cecil, J. J. Coleman, M. N. Coleman, Crockett, Custis, Dabney, J. D. Davis, R. J. Davis, Eggleston, Evans, Fleming, Fletcher, Flood, Forbes, Friend, Garrison, Gilmer, Gordon, Huntt, Irby, Jones, Jordan, Kyle
doubt, unequalled by any in the Southern army. I give you the result of the election for members of Congress, as far is now known. Capt. Robert J. Breckinridge, son of the Presbyterian minister who thinks that women and children ought to be butchered if necessary to crush the rebellion, is elected in the Ashland District. He is a gallant gentleman, and will take a high stand in Congress. The two Bruces are elected in the seventh and ninth districts. Boyd is elected in the first and Crockett in the second. In the third, it is doubtful between Hawes and Read. In the fourth, Ewing is elected by a large majority, and Burnett gets the return in the fifth, by an overwhelming vote. The delegation is regarded as an able one, and it will faithfully reflect the will of the State rights people of "Old Kentucky." Yesterday was spent by General Floyd and Buckner in reviewing troops. The display was imposing, and the General in command was well pleased with the thorough training an
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