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Harper's Encyclopedia of United States History (ed. Benson Lossing), Mexico, War with (search)
d at Bexar, in Texas, and by the middle of July 12,000 of them had been mustered into the service. Of these, 9,000 were sent to reinforce Taylor. Wool went up the Rio Grande with about 3,000 troops, crossed the river at Presidio, penetrated Mexico, and, in the last of October, reached Monclova, 70 miles northwest of Monterey. He pushed on to Coahuila, where he obtained ample supplies for his own and Taylor's troops. General Taylor had agreed to an armistice at Monterey. This was ended Nov. 13, by order of his government, when, leaving General Butler in command at Monterey, he marched to Vic- The fight in the streets of Monterey toria, the capital of Tamaulipas, with the intention of attacking Tampico, on the coast. Meanwhile, General Worth, with 900 men, had taken possession of Saltillo (Nov. 15), the capital of Coahuila. Taylor, ascertaining that Tampico had already surrendered to the Americans (Nov. 14), and that Santa Ana was collecting a large force at San Luis Potosi
Harper's Encyclopedia of United States History (ed. Benson Lossing), Trials. (search)
Denver, Col.......1891 [While awaiting his second trial he committed suicide in the county jail at Denver, Sept. 3, 1893.] Rev. Charles A. Briggs, charged by the presbytery of New York, Oct. 5, 1891, with teaching doctrines which conflict irreconcilably with, and are contrary to, the cardinal doctrines taught in the Holy Scriptures, in an address at the Union Theological Seminary in New York, Jan. 20, 1891: case dismissed, Nov. 4; prosecuting committee appeal to the general assembly. Nov. 13; judgment reversed and case remanded to the presbytery of New York for new trial, May 30, 1892; Professor Briggs acquitted after a trial of nineteen days......Dec. 30, 1892 John Y. McKane, Gravesend, L. I., for election frauds; convicted and sentenced to Sing Sing for six years......Feb. 19, 1894 Miss Madeline V. Pollard, for breach of promise, against Representative W. C. P. Breckinridge, of Kentucky; damages, $50,000; trial begun March 8, 1894, at Washington, D. C.; verdict of $15
Harper's Encyclopedia of United States History (ed. Benson Lossing), California (search)
Feb. 18, 1826 Jedediah S. Smith, a trapper from the United States, the first to make the trip from Salt Lake, reaches San Gabriel......Dec. 26, 1826 Territorial committee, seven members and three substitutes chosen by the junta of electors at San Diego in February, meets at Monterey......June 14, 1827 Joaquin Solis, a convict ranchero, instigates the troops to revolt against the governor, with a view to give all offices to Californians; soldiers at Monterey seize the presidio, Nov. 12-13, and later meet no opposition at San Francisco......1829 Governor Escheandia by proclamation calls on the Monterey insurgents to surrender, Jan. 7, 1830; recaptures Monterey, Jan. 20; apprehends Solis and other leaders, and sends fifteen of them, on the bark Volunteer, for San Blas......May 9, 1830 Decree for secularization of missions; San Carlos and San Gabriel to be organized as towns, surplus property, after distribution to neophytes, passing to secular administrators; other missions
g to our views, hesitate about the determination to be taken. The excuse which I have to offer to the reader, for permitting so much of my space to be occupied with this affair, is, that it deeply interested every Confederate States naval officer, afloat at the time. I, myself, made several passages, in neutral vessels, between neutral ports, and might have been captured with as much propriety, even when passing from Dover to Calais, as Messrs. Mason and Slidell had been. On the 13th of November, my water-tanks being full, and my crew having all returned from liberty—none of them having shown any disposition to desert—we got up steam, and proceeded to the town of St. Pierre, for the purpose of coaling; arriving at the early hour of 8 A. M., and anchoring at the man-of-war anchorage, south of the town. I immediately dispatched a lieutenant to call on the military commandant, accompanied by the paymaster, to make the necessary arrangements for coaling. St. Pierre was quite a di
Frederick H. Dyer, Compendium of the War of the Rebellion: Regimental Histories, Arkansas Volunteers. (search)
Demonstration on Fayetteville October 11-14. Cross Timbers October 15. Deer Creek October 16 (Detachment). Buffalo Mountain and Harrisonville October 24. Johnson County, Ark., October 26. Expedition to Frog Bayou, Ark., November 7-13. Near Huntsville November 9. Near Kingston November 10. Mount Ida November 12. Scout from Fayetteville Dec. 16-31. Stroud's Store December 23. Buffalo River December 25. Searcy County December 31. Operations in Northwest Arkt 22-26. Perryville August 26. Devil's Back Bone, Back Bone Mountain, Fort Smith, September 1. Capture of Fort Smith September 1, and duty there till March, 1864. Moffatt's Station, Franklin County, September 27, 1863. Mount Ida November 13. Scout from Waldron to Mount Ida, Caddo Gap and Dallas December 2-7. Steele's Expedition to Camden March 23-May 3. Prairie D'Ann April 9-13. Moscow April 13. Camden April 15-18. Jenkins' Ferry, Saline River, April 30. Marc
Frederick H. Dyer, Compendium of the War of the Rebellion: Regimental Histories, California Volunteers. (search)
1. Operations in Humboldt District till June, 1865. Company B --Ordered to Fort Gaston. Duty there and at Camps Anderson and Curtis till June, 1865. Skirmish at Oak Camp June 6, 1863. Thomas' Ranch November 12. Trinity River November 13. Willow Creek November 17. Near Fort Gaston December 25-26. Skirmish near Boynton's Prairie May 6, 1864. Scout from Camp Anderson to Bald Mountain August 8-12. Company C --Ordered to Fort Gaston June, 1863. Duty there operating against Indians in Humboldt District till June, 1865. Redwood Creek July 9 and 11, 1863. Thomas' Ranch November 11. Trinity River November 13. Near Fort Gaston December 25-26. Thomas House, on Trinity River, May 27, 1864. Operations in Trinity Valley September 1-December 3, 1864. Company D --Duty at Fort Gaston till June, 1865. Company E --Duty at Camp Grant till June, 1865. Skirmish at Grouse Creek May 23, 1864. Matole May 26. Big Flat May 28. Expedition
Frederick H. Dyer, Compendium of the War of the Rebellion: Regimental Histories, Connecticut Volunteers. (search)
ainst Fort Morgan August 9-23. Duty at Fort Gaines till September 8. Moved to Algiers September 8, thence to New Orleans September 19, and duty there till November 13. Moved to mouth of White River, Ark., November 13 and duty there till February, 1865. Moved to Kennerville, La., thence to Barrancas, Florida ExpeditioNovember 13 and duty there till February, 1865. Moved to Kennerville, La., thence to Barrancas, Florida Expedition to Fort Blakely, Mobile Bay, March 11-April 1. Occupation of Canoe Station March 27. Siege of Fort Blakely April 1-9. Assault on and capture of Fort Blakely April 9. Occupation of Mobile April 12. Duty at Mobile and Selma, Ala., till July. Moved to New Orleans, thence to New Haven, Conn., arriving there July 31.ll October, and at Martinsburg October 1-29. Moved to New Haven, Conn., and duty at Conscript Camp till November 11. Moved to Martinsburg, W. Va., November 11-13, thence to Halltown November 23, and duty there till March, 1865, and at Martinsburg till June. Mustered out at Harper's Ferry, W. Va., June 27, 1865. Regimen
Frederick H. Dyer, Compendium of the War of the Rebellion: Regimental Histories, Illinois Volunteers. (search)
ober 23-November 2, 1861. Moved to Rolla November 13-19, and duty there till January, 1862. C Expedition from Memphis to Moscow November 9-13. Shoal Creek, Ala., November 11. On line o and Coldwater November 8. Holly Springs November 13. Near Summerville November 26. Waterw Expedition from Memphis to Moscow November 9-13. Nashville Campaign November-December. Sho Expedition from Memphis to Moscow November 9-13. Shoal Creek November 11. On line of Shoalg from Springfield to Cane Hill, Ark., till November 13. Marshfield, Mo., October 20 (Detachment, November 3-5, thence to Nashville, Tenn., November 13. Line of Shoal Creek, Ala., November 16-mber 25-November 8. March to Rolla, Mo., November 13-19, and duty there till February, 1862. 6. Moved to Nashville, Tenn., October 30-November 13, thence to Columbia, Tenn., November 13-21.November 13-21. Nashville Campaign November-December. Columbia, Duck River, November 24-27. Spring Hill N[3 more...]
Frederick H. Dyer, Compendium of the War of the Rebellion: Regimental Histories, Indiana Volunteers. (search)
ge November 25. March to relief of Knoxville November 28-December 8. Operations in East Tennessee till April, 1864. Operations about Dandridge January 16-17. Garrison duty at Chattanooga April to September, 1864. Relief of Dalton, Ga., August 14-15. March to Cleveland, Charleston, Athens and Madisonville August 18-20. Moved to Tullahoma September 1, thence to Chattanooga and Decatur, Ala., October 27. Defence of Decatur, Ala., October 29-31. Duty at Resaca, Ga., November 13-29; thence moved to Nashville, Tenn. Battle of Nashville, Tenn., December 15-16. Pursuit of Hood to the Tennessee River December 17-28. Moved to Chattanooga, Tenn., and garrison duty there till June, 1865. Moved to Nashville, Tenn., June 16, and there mustered out June 20, 1865. Regiment lost during service 4 Officers and 35 Enlisted men killed and mortally wounded and 111 Enlisted men by disease. Total 150. 69th Indiana Regiment Infantry. Organized at Richmond, Ind.
ntral Mississippi Campaign November, 1862, to January, 1863. Warsham's Creek November 6, 1862. LaGrange November 8-9. Coldwater November 8. Hudsonville November 9. Reconnoissance to Holly Springs November 12-14. Holly Springs November 13-14. Expedition to Ripley November 19-20. Ripley November 20. Waterford or Lumpkin's Mill November 29-30. Tallahatchie River November 30. About Oxford December 1-3. Yocana River and Spring Dale Bridge December 3. Water Vallt 19. Operations in Tennessee and Alabama against Hood, and Nashville Campaign October to January, 1865. Eastport, Miss., October 10, 1864 (Detachment). Near Hernando October 11 (Detachment). Expedition from Memphis to Moscow November 9-13. Shoal Creek November 11. On line of Shoal Creek November 16-20. Butler Creek November 22. Campbellsville and Lynnville November 24. In front of Columbia November 24-27. Lawrenceburg November 27. Mount Carmel November 29. Ba
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