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Arrests. --Several arrests were effected by the police yesterday, including Chas, Kissell, for stealing 16 car springs, belonging to the Central railroad; John White and David Diamond for fighting in Main street; Charles Beasley, for a trespass on Mrs. Kendrick's premises, and Aug. C. Myers, for boisterous manifestations while under spiritual influence.
chester Virginia, in the attack on Bloomery, Hampshire county, was two wounded and thirty prisoners. The Yankees admit the loss of seven killed and fifteen wounded. The Confederate militia were surprised.--Colonel Scincludiver, of Berkeley, was in command. He escaped. The names of the prisoners taken by the Yankees are as follows: Col R. F. Baldwin, Capt Lovett, Capt Wm Lodge, Capt Willis, Capt Beard, Lieut Col McCoole; David Carper, Isaac Carper and Chas Duval, of Capt Eddy's company; Chas W Bush, of Capt Bitzer's mounted militia; Jas Bell, of Capt Lodge's company; Thomas Steele, David Gratze, Adam Lawyer, Joseph Knight, Jos Ritter, and Buckner Massey, of Capt Pierce's company; Wm Jenkins, Geo Clark, and Wm Helland, of Capt Willis's company; Samuel McKown, of Capt Lodge's company; Lieut R. L Gray, of Capt Bear's Winchester company; and Jos McCartney, of Winchester. Our troops, after the engagement, retired to Pughtown, in Frederick county, where they remain — barring a few
Federal falsehoods. We publish this morning a letter from the Head&Chas. J: Faulkner, contradicting, most completely and entirely the telegraphic report of the New York Herald, in which that gentleman was represented as having, at Martinsburg, crawfithed out of the "rebellion," and shewed his willingness to yield to the Yankee pressure. Bennett and his correspondents are engaged in a deep game of manufacturing public sentiment at home and abroad, and the introduction of a prominent man like Mr. Faulkner as deserting the Southern cause, was a strong point. They hesitated not to make it. Yet, according to Mr. Faulkner, they had not a single word from him at a public assemblage or anywhere else to base their statement upon. On the contrary, he has been a consistent advocate of the Southern cause and is willing now to give up all he has to promote its success. This instance is but a fair example of prevarication, out of whole cloth, by the Herald and the Federal press generally
le of company F. slightly wounded. Second Lieut. Jack Heth, of the Irish battalion was killed in the action. If we are not fighter. Lieu' Heth was a Stanton of Prince Poyden, formerly proprietor of the Estrange Hotel. In this city, and is remembered by many of our citizens. Agreement who was engaged in the fight arrived at the city yesterday evening, and from we obtain some fuller particulars. On Saturday morning a brush fight took place between the commands of Col. Ashby and Chas's Artillery, and the advance guard of the agency's forces. It is alleged that it was in this fight that Gen Shields was wounded. He was wounded in the arm, which was amputated after his return to Winchester. Gen. Banks had his horse shot under him. After the fight on Sunday the enemy retired to Winchester, and information from citizens who came out the next day states that they were engaged all night in bringing in their killed and wounded, which they admit to be not less than 1,500.
. H W. Thomas, John D Pennybacker, John Brannon, R. R Callier, James. Neeson, Thos M. Isbell, R a Coghill, C B. Finney. Cyrus a Branch, Wm F Thompton, James H Carson. James M Whittle, James F Johnson, Robt M Wiley, Chas B Ball. John R. Garnett, Wm Frazier, Wm D Hart, Chas W Newton, W. W. Newman, Ch Massie, Wm W Carraway, Jr., J A. Alderson. House of Delegates. Samuel M. Wilson, Nath'l Riddack, Valentina Thrash, P W McKinney, Andrew Chas W Newton, W. W. Newman, Ch Massie, Wm W Carraway, Jr., J A. Alderson. House of Delegates. Samuel M. Wilson, Nath'l Riddack, Valentina Thrash, P W McKinney, Andrew Hunter, M R Kautman, R U Crockett, W G T Nelson, Jas W. Cuslis, H B Woodhouse, Albert Leidfey, John Orgain, Jr., Colin Buss, Peter Saunders, Jr., S McCaman, John H Hopkins, H C Worsham, Wm A Bradford, George Tyler, Geo T G. Triton. Chas J. Shannon, Wm Eggleston, Richard H Baker, Jr. Jas B Roer, John C Rutherfoord, Willoughby Newton, Charles Grattan, John R Edmunds, Wm M Tate, Jno T Anderson, Thos H Flood, Mason Mathews, Charles Blue, Samu
ady, J F Eubank, J F Hamilton, Michael Sharkey, N E Teneble, H L Brady, S Willis, F F Hamilton, Wilson Bowler, J W Slow, F E McKinney, Thomas Cronan, A J Debrush, Dan Foley, S. W Rice, Edward Flemmin, W A Hand, Dan Cocklin, Wm Cracraft, G W Nolan, Chas A Radcliff, Pat Macon, J S Johnson, D S Pollock, Mathias Lee, C W Johnson, P A Adams, W J Webb, W Barton, David Hall, Wm Gust, D McCasley, R F Kelley, B M Farmer, D C Smith, B Oresby, Dan Antler, S T Taylor, Wm Kime J F Voorhees, F G Crowan, J Grtown.--P G Eubank, Charlotte co; John Pine, 27th reg't, Alleghany county; Hy Scruggs, Buckingham county; John Yowell, Frederick county; Geo N. Gall, Washington county Md; Jacob Sperow, 21 reg't, Berkley county; W H Bird, Rock Artillery, Lexington; Chas W Bingham, 4th reg't, Capt Wade's co; Geo A McCoy, 4th reg't, Capt Newby's co; --Reed, 42d reg't. List of dead. Seventy-seven buried on the battle field — names not known John J Widner, co F, 37th Va; Jas H Payne, company and residence unk
ngin his saddle. Hiding up to him, Governor Harris asked, "Are you hurt? " to which the now dying hero answered: "Yes, and I fear mortally," and then, stretching out both arms towards his companion, fell from his horse, and soon after expired. Fort Pulaski. We publish in another column an original account of the first day's siege of Fort Pulaski. With regard to our force in the fort previous to its surrender, the Savannah Republican, of Friday, says: The fort is commanded by Chas. M. Clinstead, of this city, Colonel of the 1st volunteer regiment of Savannah, now in the Confederate service. He is quite a young man — being about 25 years of age — yet a proficient in judgment, and well skilled in military science. He graduated with the first distinction at the Military Academy at Marietta, and has since devoted much attention to arms. His sagacity, courage, and coolness are undoubted. He will never surrender so long as he has a gun on its carriage and the ammunition
yne and Griffle Barley. Wounded-- First Sergeant Thomas Cooke, slightly; G Delweedy, in thigh; S. P. Tweedy in thigh; F B Tweedy, in hand; Jos E. Rice, in leg; W. B. Williams, in shoulder and severe; B. Phillips, in leg; Wm Wilson, mortally; Moore Jennings, leg; Chas Blakenship, shoulder and both arms; H. W. Clay, mortally; H. A Roberts, w is G. D. Rosser, wrist; W C Rosser, shoulder and both arms; W. L. Rector, mortally; W. J. Monroe, shoulder; Henry O Elliott, foot; Chap Jones, slightly; Chas B Clement, head; Peyton Edds both thighs. The missing not reported. Company D., Fincastle rifles, Capt. D. G. Houston. Killed — Jno K. Murray, Jno W Carper, and Jos Kesster. Wounded--First Lieut. John T James, shot in thigh; 2d Lieut. Jno H. Camper, shot in knee; R arper, thigh; Jos W. F eig slightly; G. W. Hamilton, hand; M. W. Hitchcock, side, slight; G. W. Loop, thigh; Nathan Leman, wrist, J Hurray, hand; W. H. in lair, side, slight; James M. Weeks, thigh; Jacob Fluke, leg.
hip; S. T Vass, in hand; Wm. Vaughn, in arm and hand: Wm. E Watson, in shoulder. Company B, Capt. T. D. Claiborne--Killed a Lieut. Archibald Pleasants, and Private John E. Epperson. Wounded: Privates Marshall Compton, in head; E. M. Pace, in foot; John T. Townsend, three fingers shot off; H. E. Wootten, one finger shot off, Geo. W. Yarborough, leg broken. Company C, Capt H T Ovan — Killed Privates Upson A. Robinson and Wm. O Watson Wounded: Lieut. A A Watkins, thumb shot off; Sergeant Chas. H Wilkinson, in hand; Privates Jno. A. Allen, in leg; Wm. J. Davis, shot through both legs, one broken; James A Robinson, in head; T P Robinson, in foot; Y W Dalton, in arm; R T Jones, neck. Missing; Sergeant Richard O Verssr. Company D, Capt. E. G. Hall--Killed: Sergeant Henry Read and Private T Cavter. --Wounded: Sergeant T H Brightwell, in hand; Privates E. A Chick, in side; J T. Gallager, in face. Missing: Privates G W Adams and R C Moore. Company F, Capt. Randolph H
F Wilson, in neck; Corporal R a Walters, slightly in leg; Privates Frederick Behman, in arm and side; Thos C Bowe, in hand Jos Brezz'la, in shoulder; John a Dalton, in face; Henry Dalton, in face; O T Glasgow, in arm; Jas Hubbard, in arm and leg; Chas W J Speer, in leg; Christopher C Keen, in arm; Michael C Kelp, in head; Calvin B Moore, in face; Chas Owen, in leg; Jas M Hall, in arm; Reuben J Powell, in thigh; Isaac Roly, in hip; Samuel F Swanson, in shoulder; Wm B Smith, mortally, in thigh; Wd thigh, badly. Company I.--Wounded — Capt D G Waller, mortally; Serg't Daniel Higginbotham, mortally; Private John T Evans, seriously; S B Logan; D T Dogan slightly; Benj Hartless, slightly; Jesse C Wright, slightly; E W Smith, very slightly; Chas martin, slightly. Company K--Wounded — Priv W H Woods, badly, in side; R A Hawzins, Sr, in hand, slight; S H Martin, on ankle, slight; A H C Wheeler, on face, slight. Wm N Wood, A. Adjutant 19th Va. Reg't. Lieut. Paul's Battalio
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