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The Daily Dispatch: February 16, 1861., [Electronic resource] 2 0 Browse Search
The Daily Dispatch: February 1, 1861., [Electronic resource] 2 0 Browse Search
The Daily Dispatch: January 29, 1861., [Electronic resource] 2 0 Browse Search
William F. Fox, Lt. Col. U. S. V., Regimental Losses in the American Civil War, 1861-1865: A Treatise on the extent and nature of the mortuary losses in the Union regiments, with full and exhaustive statistics compiled from the official records on file in the state military bureaus and at Washington 2 0 Browse Search
The Daily Dispatch: January 23, 1861., [Electronic resource] 2 0 Browse Search
The Photographic History of The Civil War: in ten volumes, Thousands of Scenes Photographed 1861-65, with Text by many Special Authorities, Volume 9: Poetry and Eloquence. (ed. Francis Trevelyan Miller) 2 0 Browse Search
Maj. Jed. Hotchkiss, Confederate Military History, a library of Confederate States Military History: Volume 3, Virginia (ed. Clement Anselm Evans) 2 0 Browse Search
Colonel Charles E. Hooker, Confederate Military History, a library of Confederate States Military History: Volume 12.2, Mississippi (ed. Clement Anselm Evans) 2 0 Browse Search
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 11. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones) 2 0 Browse Search
The Daily Dispatch: March 13, 1861., [Electronic resource] 2 0 Browse Search
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the Rev. W. Turner , Jun. , MA., Lives of the eminent Unitarians, Samuel Chandler (search)
by Mr. Chandler, and published with the sanction and concurrence of some other dissenting ministers, entitled Plain Reasons for being a Christian; containing a very distinct and satisfactory general view of the evidences of the Christian revelation, reduced into a small compass, as it appears to have been intended for wide circulation, but drawn up in such a form as to leave unnoticed scarcely any topic of material importance which has a bearing on the question. As is justly observed by Bishop Watson, who has included this essay in his well-known Collection of Theological Tracts, the full merit of this piece will not be seen or fully appreciated by a hasty reading;—every article of it contains matter for much consideration, and shews the author to have been well acquainted with his subject. In fact, each article may be considered as comprising a series of topics or suggestions on which a diffuse and popular writer might enlarge at great length, and which he might with great advantag
the Rev. W. Turner , Jun. , MA., Lives of the eminent Unitarians, John Taylor, (search)
place and popularity with those who delight in such modes of dealing with sacred subjects,) describes the author as tossing upon the burning billows of hell, and vainly supplicating mercy and forgiveness from the God whom he had blasphemed. Some later editions of this work have been even adorned with a frontispiece faithfully representing to the eye the above description. As a set-off against such denunciations as these, we may be well contented to refer to the commendatory notice of Bishop Watson, who inserted the Key to the Apostolic Writings in his valuable collection of Theological Tracts; characterizing it as the best introduction to the Epistles, and the clearest account of the whole Gospel scheme, that ever was written. Dr. Bentham, Divinity Professor at Oxford, and Dr. Paley, have also strongly recommended it to the careful study of candidates for the ministry in the Established Church. As for the worthy author himself, though by no means indifferent to the favourable o
. Milk. Tyler, Columbus, steward, McLean asylum. Underwood, Mrs. Hannah, widow, h. Cambridge. Vinal, Robert, town treasurer, h. Bow. Vinal, Robert A., b. grain dealer, h. Walnut. Vinal, Quincy A., b. grain dealer, h. Walnut. Vincent, George, b. F. H. market, h. Leland. Wakefield, James, brickmaker, h. Derby. Ware, John S., b. commission merchant, h. Prospect. Warden, William, potter, h. Cross. Walker, Samuel, tailor, h. on street leading from Prospect school. Watson, John, bleachery. Wiggin, James M., carpenter, h. Milk. Wason, James, provision dealer, h. Cambridge. Waugh, Chandler, teamster at bleachery. Washburn, David, brickmaker, h. Derby. Welch, Abram, surveyor of roads, h. near Milk. Webster, Daniel C., engineer, h. leads from Beacon. West, Henry N., lumber merchant, h. Summer. Weston, Israel A., on railroad, h. Medford. Wells, William, h. Medford. Wellington, Henry S., yeoman, h. Broadway. White, John, b. harness
ses: in battles of (Civil War and what they mean, X., 120 seq., 142 seq.; percentages of Confederate losses, X., 158. Lost Mountain, Ga., III., 118. Lotier, I., VII., 282. Loudon, Tenn., IV., 160. Loudon Heights, Va., II., 60 seq., 325, 348. Louisa Court House, Va., IV., 108. Louisiana: I., 31; secedes, I., 346; Inf. company of, at drill, VIII., 143; State University of, IX., 246; X., 28, 86. Louisiana troops, Confederate: Artilery: Stewart's, I., 354; Watson's, I., 354. Engineers: First, II., 105. Cavalary: First, II., 322; Second. II., 350. Infantry: Second, X., 156; Third, I., 350, 358; V., 209 X., 156; Fifth, I., 364; Sixth, I., 350, 364; Seventh, I., 348, 350, 364; X., 239; Eighth, I., 350, 364; Ninth, VIII., 118; Eleventh, I., 354; Fourteenth, X., 156; Twenty-first, VII., 249; Crescent Rifles, I., 348; Louisiana Tigers, I., 154, 273. Louisiana troops, Union: Cavalry: First, II., 322. Infantry: First, II., 205; Ninth (colored), losses,
ch,, U. S. S., VI., 189, 312, 320. Waterhouse, R., X., 315. Waterloo, Belgium: battle of: II., 272; X., 120. 122, 124, 140. Waterloo bridge, Va.: II., 42; skirmish at, II., :122. Waterproof, La., II., 350. Watertown, Mass., V., 144. Watervliet, West Troy, N. Y. : V., 141; arsenal at, V., 154; IX., 219. Watie, Stand Cherokee Indian, I., 362; leader at Pea Ridge, X., 287. Watkins' Park, Nashville, Tenn. , V., 65. Watmough, P. G., VI., 273. Watson, 1, VI., 233. Watterson. H.: IX., 306; X., 21, 24. Watts, N. G., VII., 104, 112. Waud, A. R., artist for Harper's weekly, VIII., 31. Wauhatchie, Tenn.: battle of, II., 297, 300. 303. Waul, T. N., X., 315. Wautauga bridge, Tenn., II., :328. Wayne, H. C., X., 265. Waynesboro, Va., III., 332, 338. We are Coming, Father Abra'am, T. S. Gibbons, IX., 344, 345. We Have Drunk from the Same Canteen, C. G. Halpine, IX., 348. Weatherly, J.,
Comte de Paris, History of the Civil War in America. Vol. 3. (ed. Henry Coppee , LL.D.), Addenda by the editor (search)
Battalion. Colonel J. Thompson Brown. Brooke's Virginia Battery (Brooke Art.). Dance's Va. Battery (Powhatan Art.). Graham's Va. Battery (Rockbridge Art.). Hupp's Va. Battery (Salem Art.). Smith's Bat. (3d Richmond Howitzers). Watson's Bat. (2d Richmond Howitzers). McIntosh's Battalion. Major D. G. McIntosh. Hurt's Virginia Battery. Johnson's Virginia Battery. Lusk's Virginia Battery. Wooding's Va. Battery (Danville Art.). Reserve Artillery army of Northernon. 1st Virginia Artillery. Captain W. J. Dance. Dance's Virginia Battery (Powhatan Artillery). Hupp's Virginia Battery (Salem Artillery). Graham's Virginia Battery (Rockbridge Artillery). Smith's Battery (3d Richmond Howitzers). Watson's Battery (2d Richmond Howitzers). Nelson's Battalion. Lieutenant-colonel William Nelson. Kirkpatrick's Virginia Battery (Amherst Artillery). Massie's Virginia Battery (Fluvanna Artillery). Milledge's Georgia Battery. Third corp
July 13th, 1775. In the House of Representatives—Octr. 1775. Resolved that Samuel Bowers be paid out of the publick Treasury six shilling in full of the above account. 1776, Feby. 26. Examd and allowd. £ 0:6:0 Not Recorded.ABRAM Watson THOs Plympton Aaron Wood Joseph Locke. [Endorsed]. This may Certifye that the within named Sam Colby's Mss Notes. Bowers Did the service within mentioned. James Barrett. June 22d, 1775. To the Commety of Suplys at Watertown. Honoe Committee on Accts from Decer 15th, 1775, to this Day, = is 3 1/4 months @ 13s. 4d. p. month£ 2:3:4 Deduct overcharged10:10 ——— Errors Excepted.£ 1:12:6 PD. Elkanah Wales. [endorsed]. April 29, Examd and allowed£ 1:12:6 ABRAM Watson NATHL Mighell THOS Plympton Aaron Wood. Elkanah Wales married Susanna Coolidge, a daughter of Nathaniel Coolidge, who kept a tavern from 1764 to 1770, the first house on the south side of the river at Watertown Bridge. This house is
ed to his entrance within the capes. See the Newcastle Records, in Watson, 16. on the day after his landing, in presence of a crowd of Swedesre could have 1683 Mar. 12. been few mansions but hollow trees, Watson's Phil. 225. was already the scene of legislation. From each of tred, says Penn, to show men as free and as happy as they can be. Watson, 20. In the decline of life, the language of his heart was still thy thing that would make them happier, I should readily grant it. Watson, 29. Proud, II. 45. When Peter, the great Russian reformer, atelphia consisted of three or four little cottages; Pastorius, in Watson, 61. the conies were yet undisturbed in their hereditary burrows; trwards, the place contained about six hundred houses, Turner, in Watson, 67. and the schoolmaster and the printingpress had begun their wort ever were in it, are to be found among us. Penn to Halifax, in Watson, 19. The government had been organized, peace with the natives
And all this devastation and waste of life and of resources produced for those who planned it no gain whatever, nothing but weakness and losses. Not an inch of land was torn from the dominions of Frederic; not a limit to the boundaries of any state was contracted or advanced. Europe, in chap. XX.} 1763. its territorial divisions, remained exactly as before. But in Asia and America how was the world changed! In Asia, the victories of Clive at Plassy, of Coote at the Wanderwash, and of Watson and Pococke on the Indian seas, had given England the undoubted ascendency in the East Indies, opening to her suddenly the promise of untold treasures and territorial acquisitions without end. In America, the Teutonic race, with its strong tendency to individuality and freedom, was become the master from the Gulf of Mexico to the poles; and the English tongue, which, but a century and a half before, had for its entire world a part only of two narrow islands on the outer verge of Europe, w
Medford Historical Society Papers, Volume 9., Proceedings of the 275th Anniversary of the settlement of Medford. (search)
in Nova Scotia. In house of Hugh Floyd. Waite, SamuelCastine, Baggaduse. Dec. 24, 1768In house of Joseph Tufts. Walker, JohnJan. 30, 1791 Walker, RebeccahBoston, Dec. 26, 1766May 2, 1797 Walker, RuthLexington, Nov., 1765Feb. 24, 1766In family of Nathl. Webb. Walker, TimothyJan. 30, 1791Butcher. Warner, TobiasCambridge, Nov. 22, 1764Aug. 26, 1765Child in family of Josiah Dixon. Warren, MaryWatertown, Nov. 5, 1763June 14, 1764Daughter of Samuel Warren. In family of Isaac Hall. Watson, IsaacCambridge, May, 1770Oct. 8, 1770 Watts, NathanielAug. 31, 1797 Webb, NathanielLexington, Nov. 1765Feb. 24, 1766        Amy (wife)        John (children)        Elizabeth (children)        Jotham (children)        James (children)        Sarah (children)        Michael (children) Webber, Patience1735-6 Welch, JamesBoston, Oct. 26, 1761Feb. 16, 1762Irishman. Coachman in employ of Col. Royall. Wheeler, John B.Aug. 31, 1797 Wheelwrigh
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