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Death of a soldier --Mr. Wm. H Waddell. a member of the Halifax Light Infantry, died recently at Camp Page, near Williamsburg. Va. The members of the company held a meeting and passed suitable resolutions of respect and sympathy.
Fatal Accident. --Col. Wm. C. formerly of Lewisburg, Va., was killed miles below Charleston. Kanawha few days ago, by the wheel of a cannoning over his body.
short drive from his own door, when the old and young, the rich and the poor throughout the neighborhood assembled to attend his burial. The day was one of unclouded beauty,--the place a retired rural sanctuary in view of the grand old Mountains we all love and in whose peaceful shadows lay the home of his childhood, and that of his riper years, and where, too, in dreamless security, reposed his dead. As the assembled crowd solemnly awaited the funeral cortege, birds sang their plaintive carols over the open grave, as though Nature herself mourned a dead worshipper. And as the funeral services were conducted by Rev. Wm. C. Pendleton, rector of the parish, assisted by Rev. Wm. H. Kincle, of Lynchburg, the deep solemnity which pervaded the entire throng; the mournful countenances of all present, the broken, half suppressed sobs of those who had known him in the sacred privacy of domestic life, all testified but too truly to the painful void which death had made by his removal.
Acknowledgment Messrs. Editors:--Please acknowledge, through your paper, the following contributions to the sick and wounded soldiers: Lieut Wm C Carrington, Co D, 19th Reg't Va Vols, Howardsville, Va$10.00 Committee of Rixbon, N C, through G D Satterfield132.00 J Dixson, Wilmington, N C25.00 J C W, Norfolk, Va50.00 Citizens of Henrico, through Josiah Dabb12.50 Edmund Ruffin, Hanover, Va60.00 Dr J J Tompkins, Norfolk, one barrel sweet potatoes Jas. Kyle, Fayetteviltterfield132.00 J Dixson, Wilmington, N C25.00 J C W, Norfolk, Va50.00 Citizens of Henrico, through Josiah Dabb12.50 Edmund Ruffin, Hanover, Va60.00 Dr J J Tompkins, Norfolk, one barrel sweet potatoes Jas. Kyle, Fayetteville, N C, 192 dozen eggs. Mrs Wm T Martin, Mrs Macon Trabue, and Mrs James Gregory, sheets, drawers, linens, &c. Box, per Southern Express Co, to Jos Mayo, Esq, containing clothing, bandages, liquor, &c. Isaac W. Walker, Chairman Committee Collections.
mmand was then given to withdraw, and our column returned in good order to the Chain Bridge, reaching there late in the afternoon, without any attempt being made by the enemy to pursue them. General Smith, commanding the division to which these troops are attached, arrived on the ground shortly after the engagement commenced, and at once assumed command. The names of the killed of the Federal troops are as follows: Sergeant Samuel Goodwin, company I; privates Oliver Hubbel and Wm. K. H. Wood, of company D. Lieutenant Hancock, of company I, is supposed to have been killed, as he was to fall. Three privates in company. It were wounded, and three are supposed to be taken prisoners. These were all attached to the Ninth Indiana regiment. Amos Wm. Collom, of company C, Third Vermont regiment, were killed, and four of said company slightly wounded. These casualties, were in part owing to the daring of the men, who even violated the positive orders which were
ine, hunting down the friends of the Confederate Government and forcing the weak and defenceless to take the cath of allegiance to Lincoln. A portion of this mob, some fifty or sixty in number, visited the house of Major McQueen, and demanded of his wife to know where he was. She refused, at the peril of her life, to tell them; and after a sound cursing, which they received from an old negro woman, who had no respect for Lincoln's minions, they left, and soon after visited the storehouse of Mr. Wm.R. Wangh, who was absent at the time. Their Captain marched his men up and surrounded the house, and demanded of Mrs. Waugh all the arms and ammunition which her husband had. She told them her husband was absent, and had left her to take care of the store and defend the family. They assured her that if she would quietly surrender the arms, she and the family should not be hurt. She refused to comply with the demand, and gathering an are, placed herself in the door of the building, and tol
Appointment. --Dr. Wm. H. I' Anson, late editor of the Petersburg Bulletin, has been appointed Brigade Quartermaster, with the rank of Major, on Gen. Grayson's staff, Fla. Dr. I' Anson was Sargeou of the Virginia Regiment in Mexico, and was a popular and efficient officer.
A Runaway Yankee recaptured. --A Federal soldier named Washburne, formerly of the 4th Maine regiment, escaped from the prison (Ross's factory) in this city on Wednesday night last, but was recaptured yesterday at Tunstall's Depot, New Kent county, and returned to his old quarters. The arrest was made by Dr. Tazewell Tyler, Mr. Apperson, and Mr. Wm. W. New.
day of April, 1819, they organized Washington Lodge, at the public house of a man named Upton, Second street, near Frederick. Arrest of naval officers. The following naval officers, recently arrived from the coast of Africa in the storeship Relief, having tendered their resignations, were arrested on Friday at the Brooklyn Navy-Yard and conveyed to Fort Lafayette: Lieut. Hamilton H. Dalton, of the sloop-of-war Saratoga; Surgeon Philip Lansdale, also of the Saratoga; and Assistant Surgeon Wm. Mr. Page, of the Reiler. Lieut. Dalton is a native of North Carolina, and was appointed from Mississippi, on the 1st of October, 1851, as midshipman to the steam frigate Wabash. Dr. Lansdafe is a native of Maryland, and was appointed from that State in March, 1847, to the bureau of medicine and surgery. Dr. Page was born in Virginia, and appointed to the sloop-of-war Falmouth, in October, 1855. Serious accident to soldiers at Pittsburg. The Baltimore Sun, of the 21st, has
Suspected person. --A ragged specimen of humanity, named John Dulaney, was brought to this city yesterday by special constable Wm. L Stanley, of Hanover, on suspicion of being a spy. The prisoner was carried before the Mayor, who said that he would investigate the matter, and in case the charge was sustained he would be turned over to the Government authorities; but if not, he would send him back to Hanover, since there were already as many vagabonds in Richmond as the good of society required.
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