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houlder, severely; E W Harper, hip, slightly; R J Nail, hand, slightly; H H Miller, do; J P Copeland, finger, do. Missing: G T Emory and B F Turner. Company I--Killed: Capt O A Lee; Privates Jackson Cooner and Franklin Quinn--Wounded: Henry Beecher, slightly, elbow; Wm Smith, mortally, in bowels; W A Beecher, severely, in side; Wm H Dilbon, do; William Griffin, slightly arm; Nathaniel Thomas, very slightly, check. Missing: Jacob T Thompson and Daniel E Lynn. Company K--Killed: 1st Sergt Wm H Fuller, 3d Sergt David Greene, Private A D Willis. Wounded: 1st Lieut W J Raines, severely, in leg; Jr 2d Lieut W J Jones, severely, in thigh; 4th Sergt S B Marshall, very slightly, in face; Corporal C E Dezier, severe flesh wound, in thigh; Corporal Jas A Dozier, thigh, shattered; Privates G H Mathews, slightly, in arm; Freeman Mathews, severely, in thigh; J B Wilson, arm broken, and severe flesh wound in thigh; J B Pye, very slightly, on breast; Andrew Howard, severely, in shoulder.
Wounded: Privates F. A. Jeter, hand, slightly; J. H. Johnson, arm, slightly. Company H, Capt. R. Logan, Jr.--Killed: Private G. F. Ray. Wounded: Color Corporal Epps Sydnor, side, slightly; privates D. B. Easley, leg, severely; G. F. Sydnor, hand, slightly. Company I, Capt. J. P. Poludex'er.--Killed: Private M. Forney. Wounded: Privates J. T. Ellis, leg. severely; J. W. Puckett, arm, severely; J. Hayes, face, slightly; E. G. La Prade, face, slightly. Company K, Captain Chas Bruce.--Killed: None. Wounded: Corpl R. B Wilkins, shoulder, severely; Color Corp'l T. A. Faulkner, severely, thigh, and missing; privates H. Palmer, thigh, severely; J. McKahn, leg, severely; M. Bowin, hand, slightly. Capt Martin's company, St Bride Artillery, temporarily attached.--Killed: None.-- Wounded: 2d Lieut J. J. Whitchurst, leg, slightly; private Wm Old, shoulder, severely. Missing: Privates J. Omlen and Jas Paed. Total: Killed, 7; wounded, 37; missing, 2. G. W. Finlay.
rely in leg; George Christian, severely in leg; Sergeant Samuel Gee, slightly on chin. Company C, (Jasper Infantry,) Captain L A Lane, commanding.--Killed: Private Wm S Seymour. Wounded: Sergeant J W Preston, slightly in neck; Corporal L B Thigpen, slightly in abdomen; Corporal J J Tyler, slightly in shoulder; Private Wm M WPrivate Wm M Wommack, severely in thigh; Jas M Stone, severely in arm; S W Powell, slightly in arm; Henry A Cook, slightly in abdomen. Missing: Lieutenant W M Preston, and private William Vaughan. Company D, (Cherokee Brown Rangers,) Captain J M Fielder, commanding.--Killed: Sergeant J V Baker; Privates G W Sorrel, M V Bruce, S W Wilson, Company B.--Capt James H Wood, badly wounded in hip; 1st Lieut Thos C Watson, slightly wounded in head; 2d Lieut Jessee F Stansell, slightly wounded in head; Corporal Wm D Biggers, slightly wounded in hip; Privates Hugh Lexter, slightly wounded in arm and breast; John D Beaver, Michael M Beaver, slightly wounded in thigh; Wm Chu
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The First Maryland regiment. The following is pretty nearly a correct list of the casualties in the First Maryland regiment, during the late operations of Jackson in the Valley: Wounded--Lieut. Col. E. R. Dorsey, through shoulder. Company A.--Wounded: Capt Wm W Goldsborough, in the side; Color Corporal John B Taylor, severely; Privates Cyrus Butler, severely; Martin L Rider, in breast; James Lawson, left arm; Polk Mayberry, through ankle. Company D.--Killed: Lieut Nicholas Snowden; Privates Edward Beatly. --Berry. Wounded: Sergeant H. Wells, dangerously; Corporal McIntyre, severely; --Simpson, severely; John Key, severely;--Ackler. Company E.--Wounded; Color--Sergeant Doyle, severely; Sergeant Wallace, dangerously; Color-Corporal Cole, severely; Privates Quinn, seriously; Wm Bannon, severely, Edward Lawn, severely. Company F.--Wounded: Sergeants Kennedy and Vogt; Private George Eisenburger. Company G.--Killed: Private Murphy. Wounded: Privates Ryan and Wagne
nded of the 8th regiment Virginia Volunteers in the Engagement of June 27, 1862. Company A. Capt. Wm. R Bissell — Killed: Privated Wm P Janney and Robt S Young. Wounded: Lieut Edward C Gibson, seton, badly; Robt Lynn, slightly; Wm O Haggerty, slightly; Snowden B Martin, do. Company D. Capt. Wm N Berkeley — Wounded: Sergt Geo W Moran, very seriously; Albert Morris, slightly; Corpl French badly; Wm Hann, slightly. Company F, Capt. Alexander Grayson--Killed: Lieut R O Grayson; Private Wm T Dickey. --Wounded: Lieut H W Chamblin, badly. Company G, Capt. J O Berry — Killed: Privstus Griffith--Wounded: Corpt Chas A Cox, badly; Private John Manett, slightly. Company I, Capt. Wm F Garrett — Killed: Orderly Jas. A Garrett; Sergt B W Skilman. Wounded: Private Saml Cole, bang.--Killed: Thos J Watson. Wounded: Geo Shiver, A Woodee, Jno Cheshire. Eighth Company, 1st Lt. Wm H H Rogers com'g. Killed: T J Wilder, G Herndon. Wounded: J T C Adams, Thos Lewis, S W Parke
W. Walker, wounded in leg and arm. Adjutant W A Brockenbrough. Serg't Major Samuel Leader. Company A.--Killed: Serg't Henry Bunn, priv't Latham. Wounded: Lt Henry Harding, Serg't Jas Hall, Corpl J B Williams, privates Jos Dodson, Wm H McGaiggan, John Hockaday, N O Luck, R Corsey. Wm T Hart, W J Stekes, H Marsh. Company B.--Killed: J O Kennan. Wounded: Capt A J Sydnor. in leg; Lieut E Brockenbrough, in leg arm; Lieut Thos Jones, slightly in head; O S T D Ficklin, Corpl R Jones, Jas Jones, T Morrison, C R Rock, W C Rice, N Haynie. Company G. Killed: Privates W S Jones, Jos Patrick. Wounded: Ord Sgt W P Hudgins, Sgt S B Huge left; Privates Jno Davis, R Davis, N Wilson. Company H.--Killed: None. Wounded: Capt Wm T Chase, Lieut E Edmonds, Sgt G Saunders; Privates Wm Cundiff, P T Burruss, James May, W Limerick. Company I.--Killed: 8gt A Revere; Privates R Mealy, T Denney. Wounded: Lieut Jno Moody, Lieut W Coe, Ord Sgt T G Pinkard; Privates Jos Anders
om Dobson, a youthful picker up of unconsidered trities, was carried before the Head of Police yesterday, charged with stealing a gold watch and chain from Mr. Wm. McCready. Pat Cunningham and several other little boys appeared as witnesses. It appeared that Dobson, who always has an eye to business, seeing Mr. McCready talking to a friend, and noticing the fact that he was partially oblivious to passing events, went up and relieved his pockets of the time-piece, which he afterwards sold to Mr. Wm. Delaware, of S. C., for a trifling consideration. Dobson, though young, is an old offender, and was held for trial for grand larceny. Cunningham, the witness, was also committed for complicity, the Head of Police knowing from experience that the enterprising lads always hunted in couples.--Sarah Jane Melton, arrested on Saturday "for stealing" some articles of personal property from C. B. Williams valued at $30, was acquitted.--Winston and two other negroes suspected of knowing who killed
Aiding prisoners to escape. --The fact that five Yankee officers escaped from prison on Saturday has been noticed. Yesterday four men and seven women were arrested by the detectives of the Assistant Provost Marshal of the Eastern District, and carried before Major Griswold, for aiding the parties to escape and conceal themselves. After a searching examination, all the parties but Louis Webber and his wife, and Secley Wigton, (who live on 17th street,) a Miss Wasegart, and Wm, Frank, (who keeps a tavern on the Mechanicville Turnpike,) were turned loose. The persons named were sent to Castle Godwin. It is understood that two or more of the fugacious Yankees were soon in or near Frank's, and it is believed be gave them aid and comfort, knowing who they were.
The Daily Dispatch: August 7, 1862., [Electronic resource], Arrival of exchanged Confederate prisoners. (search)
Arrival of exchanged Confederate prisoners. Among the Confederate officers who arrived yesterday from the Northern prisons are Generals S. B. Buckner and Lloyd Tilghman, of Kentucky, General Pettigrew, of South Carolina, and Com. Barron and Capt. Beverly Kennon, of the C. S. navy. The following officers registered their names at Gen. Winder's office during the day, and were assigned quarters at the various hotels: Capt Wm L Wingfield, 28th Virginia regiment--captured at Williamsburg. Second Lieut J K Dekron, 12th Georgia regiment--Front Royal. Second Lieut G B Samuel, 30th Virginia regiment--Front Royal. Lieut. Col J O Long, 22d North Carolina regiment--Seven Pines. Second Lieut W T Anderson, 5th North Carolina regiment--Williamsburg. Second Lieut C C Burks, 4th Virginia regiment--Keras-own. Col Edward C Cook, 32d Tennessee regiment--Fort Donelson. Lieut-Col M B Carter, 20th Tennessee regiment--Fishing Creek. Lieut-Col Thos F Winston
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