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alled a Cabinet meeting upon the subject. This was the last of July, or the first part of the month of August, 1862. (The exact date he did not remember.) This Cabinet meeting took place, I think, upon a Saturday. All were present, excepting Mr. Blair, the Postmaster-General, who was absent at the opening of the discussion, but came in subsequently. I said to the Cabinet that I had resolved upon this step, and had not called them together to ask their advice, but to lay the subject-matter ovejoy, said he, was in error when he informed you that it excited no comment, excepting on the part of Secretary Seward. Various suggestions were offered. Secretary Chase wished the language stronger in reference to the arming of the blacks. Mr. Blair, after he came in, deprecated the policy, on the ground that it would cost the Administration the fall elections. Nothing, however, was offered that I had not already fully anticipated and settled in my own mind, until Secretary Seward spoke.
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se behaved very badly during the fight; he insisted, very cowardly, upon taking me to the rear. The little fellow's eyes sparkled. Papa, said he, I know John Jay would never have done that of his own will. It must have been your work. Montgomery Blair told me that when the convention which nominated Mr. Lincoln met at Chicago, there was a hideous painting in the hall which was brought forward subsequently as a likeness of the nominee. Most of the delegates having never seen the original, the effect upon them was indescribable. I replied to Mr. Blair that my friend Brady, the photographer, insisted that his photograph of Mr. Lincoln, taken the morning of the day he made his Cooper Institute speech in New - York,much the best portrait, by the way, in circulation of him during the campaign,--was the means of his election. That it helped largely to this end I do not doubt. The effect of such influences, though silent, is powerful. Fremont once said to me, that the villanous wo
Francis B. Carpenter, Six Months at the White House, Xxviii. (search)
n, if there was not some opposition manifested on the part of several members of the Cabinet to this policy. He replied, Nothing more than I have stated to you. Mr. Blair thought we should lose the fall elections, and opposed it on that ground only. I have understood, said I, that Secretary Smith was not in favor of your action. Mr. Blair told me that, when the meeting closed, he and the Secretary of the Interior went away together, and that the latter said to him, if the President carried out that policy, he might count on losing Indiana, sure! He never said anything of the kind to me, returned the President. And what is Mr. Blair's opinion now? I asMr. Blair's opinion now? I asked. Oh, was the prompt reply, he proved right in regard to the fall elections, but he is satisfied that we have since gained more than we lost. I have been told, I added, that Judge Bates doubted the constitutionality of the proclamation. He never expressed such an opinion in my hearing, replied Mr. Lincoln. No member of the Ca
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