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William Hepworth Dixon, White Conquest: Volume 1, Chapter 19: Red Mormonism. (search)
lt Lake City, studying the system introduced among men of European stock by Joseph Smith and Brigham Young, I wrote these words: What have ,these saints achieved? In the midst of a free people,ng the Mormons living at Salt Lake city, are a growth of the soil, older than the advent of Brigham Young, older than the revela tion of Joseph Smith. Apart from the devotional spirit, the sense known in London and Berlin, Paris and New York, have been adopted by the Saints, not only by Brigham Young and Daniel Wells, illiterate presidents of the Church, but by their learned bishops, compeerll about me. I have but a small spot of land left. The Great Spirit tells me to keep it. Brigham Young might use these words. The Lord has given Salt Lake Valley to Brigham and the Saints, just or refusing, Red Cloud is but carrying out the wishes of his people and the will of God. Brigham Young has done something to appease the feuds between Utes and Shoshones; but, as some persons all
William Hepworth Dixon, White Conquest: Volume 1, Chapter 20: White Indians. (search)
he may marry three or four sisters, an aunt and her niece, a mother and her child. Big Elk and Pied Riche saw in Brigham Young, what Red Cloud and Black Hawk still see — a White brother, whose big chief and medicine man, Joseph Smith, was shot ed-skins are of sacred race, no less than for preaching the Red doctrines of common property and plurality of wives. Brigham Young, on the other side, regards the Red-skins, like his leader Joseph Smith, as a peculiar people, chosen though chastiserew in number and the facts became a law. To legalise this system of plurality and incest strains the utmost power of Brigham Young. Are plural families increasing in your Church? I ask Apostle Taylor, as we wander in and out among the Temple shing to the original seer, these critics found good reason to conclude that plurality was one of the additions made by Brigham Young to the gospel taught by Joseph Smith. Smith had only one wife. That lady, still alive, asserts that neither in publ
William Hepworth Dixon, White Conquest: Volume 1, Chapter 21: polygamy. (search)
ainst plurality and priestcraft in the person of Brigham Young. Young is the enemy of our household science, oby an exercise of cruel and unreasoning zeal. Brigham Young, the chief reviver of this Indian legend, is sevrry at his expense. Such incidents cry out to Brigham Young that, though he holds the keys, and claims all pm. My wife on earth, my queen in heaven, sighs Brigham Young. An old fellow, snaps the lady, dropping her jaas passing strange. By birth she was a child of Brigham Young, by grace a child of Joseph Smith. Her mother, he prophet's widows live in proxy wife-hood with Brigham Young. Brigham has done his part, but Zina Huntingdopresent her father's mood. Sister Fanny went to Brigham Young, and begged him to let the marriage of her husbathe expense of dressing several fine ladies, and Brigham Young may soon be the only man in Salt Lake City rich uthority, can impede the action of this enemy of Brigham Young. Women who dress like squaws may obey like squa
William Hepworth Dixon, White Conquest: Volume 1, Chapter 22: Indian seers. (search)
Brigham Young. At Green River, in the territory of Utah, we find the details of a recent drama, every scene in which would be a parody on the Mormon pope, if Brigham Young were not himself a parody on these Indian seers. In March last year an Indian prophet came into a camp of wandering Utes near Tierra Amarilla, in New Mexicod than to dethrone a Mormon seer. Sitting Bull has separated from Red Cloud, carrying with him a thousand lodges of his nation; David Smith has separated from Brigham Young, carrying with him more than a thousand families of his people; yet Red Cloud remains the Sioux chief and Brigham remains the Mormon seer. Seceders cannot the kingdom was of God. Fray Tomas governed in the name of his Great Spirit-his Holy Trinity, his Three in One. Such are the methods, such the pretensions, of Brigham Young. The Mormon prophet only goes beyond a teacher like Fray Tomas, where Fray Tomas fell behind such chiefs as Red Cloud. A Christian friar is chastened in his
William Hepworth Dixon, White Conquest: Volume 1, Chapter 23: Communism. (search)
introduce the Indiin doctrine of Common Property in lodge and land, with the village adjunct of Blood Atonement, into a community of White people, is more than Brigham Young has yet been able to achieve, though he has pressed those doctrines on his people in Salt Lake Valley with a sleepless energy, acting through the Indian machinry meeting-house that property belongs to God. A private person might be called a steward of the Lord, but his original and abiding steward was the Church. Brigham Young, living nearer to the sacred race than Smith, and having Lamanite examples always in his sight, pushes this pretension of his Master home; insisting that a Sain expulsion from Ohio and Missouri, and was the cause of Joseph Smith's assassination in Carthage Jail. A suspicion that this doctrine of Retaliation animates Brigham Young, involves him in some degree of responsibility for the Mountain Meadow Massacre, for the murders of Brassfield and Robinson, and for many other misdeeds of Roc