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Thomas Wentworth Higginson, John Greenleaf Whittier, Chapter 7: Whittier as a social reformer (search)
well known, was as follows:--Under the great hill sloping bare To cove and meadow and Common lot, In his council chamber and oaken chair, Sat the worshipful Governor Endicott. A grave, strong man who knew no peer In the pilgrim land, where he ruled in fear Of God, not man, and for good or ill He held his trust with an iron will. he ship before landing, their books taken from them and burned by the constable, and they themselves brought before Deputy Governor Bellingham, in the absence of Endicott. This astute magistrate ordered them to be stripped naked and their bodies to be carefully examined, to see if there was not the Devil's mark on them as witchesl window was boarded up, and they were left without food or light, until the master of the vessel that brought them was ordered to take them to Barbadoes. When Endicott returned he thought they had been treated too leniently, and declared that he would have had them whipped. After this, almost every town in the province was f
Thomas Wentworth Higginson, John Greenleaf Whittier, Chapter 12: Whittier the poet (search)
ile my ship with bars of silver, pack with coins of Spanish gold From keel-piece up to deck-plank the roomage of her hold, ‘ By the living God who made me, I would sooner in your bay Sink ship and crew and cargo than bear this child away!’ ‘ Well answered, worthy captain! shame on their cruel laws!’ Ran through the crowd in murmurs loud the people's just applause. ‘Like the herdsmen of Tekoa, in Israel of old, Shall we see the poor and righteous again for silver sold?’ I looked on haughty Endicott with weapon half-way drawn, Swept round the throng his lion glare of bitter hate and scorn; Fiercely he drew his bridle-rein and turned in silence back, And sneering priest and baffled clerk rode murmuring in his track. Hard after them the Sheriff looked, in bitterness of soul; Thrice smote his staff upon the ground, and crushed his parchment roll. ‘Good friends!’ he said, ‘since both have fled, the ruler and the priest, Judge ye, if from their farther work I be not well releas
Thomas Wentworth Higginson, John Greenleaf Whittier, Index. (search)
lass, Frederick, 181. Douw, Gerard, 9. Dustin, Hannah, 4. E. Earle, Edward, 121. East Haverhill, Mass., 23, 51, 58. East Salisbury, Mass., 44. Edinburgh, Scotland, 107. Elliot, Me., 142. Ellis, Rev. G. E., 83. Emancipator, the, mentioned, 67. Emerson, Nehemiah, 137. Emerson, Mrs., Nehemiah, 137. Emerson, Ralph Waldo, 2, 37, 127,151,159,173,178; his Life and letters in New England, quoted, 80; Whittier's letter to, 46, 47; acquaintance with Whittier, 110, 111. Endicott, Gov., John, 83-85. England, 1, 26, 28, 50, 96, 104, 113, 152, 163. Era, the, mentioned, 109. Essex Agricultural Society, Whittier's letter to, 19, 20. Essex Club, 181. Essex County, Mass., 19, 20, 50, 138, 155. Europe, 13. Evarts, W. M., 97. Everett, Edward, 43. F. Faneuil Hall, Boston, 75. Farrar, Archdeacon, F. W., asks Whittier to write inscription for Milton Memorial Window, 181, 182; his letter to Whittier, 183. Federal Street, Boston, 60. Felice, Professor