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loquent words of welcome. The city of Somerville, said he, has many things of which to be proud. Its soil has been pressed by heroes and martyrs. Its citizenship is progressive. It is a city of homes. Its churches are broad in spirit and motive. He then presented President E. H. Capen, of Tufts College, as the head of an institution of which Somerville is proud. President Capen's interesting review of the life and services of Charles Tufts was listened to with close attention. John F. Ayer gave the historical address, which was a valuable contribution to the occasion. The anniversary hymn, written for the occasion by Frank M. Hawes, was sung, following which Rev. Charles Conklin, superintendent of the Universalist churches of Massachusetts, in his short one-minute speech expressed the pleasure and congratulations of the other churches of the state in such an auspicious event. Rev. Charles A. Skinner touched many tender associations of the past in his brief address. T
4. Bible reading. Rev. F. A. Gray 5. Prayer. Rev. Charles A. Skinner. 6. Address—Charles Tufts. Rev. E. H. Capen, D. D. 7. Historical address. John F. Ayer 8. Anniversary hymn—Cross Street, C. M., F. M. Hawes 9. Address. Rev. Charles Conklin. 10. Address. Rev. Charles A. Skinner. 11. Anthem—Rock of Agporated for the purpose of establishing the Tufts institution for learning. This was several years before Tufts College was thought of. Historical address John F. Ayer In the Somerville of to-day there is little to remind one of the town of fifty years ago. Being in 1854 but twelve years of age, it still retained, to a gree transactions of the parish. Up to 1861, including the annual meeting of 1861, only ten names were voted into the parish,—Reuben Carver, Charles H. Delano, John F. Ayer, Josiah Jennings, Addison Smith, Henry Bradshaw, in 1859; David Elliot, in 1860; Benoni Bixby, Edward Turner, Charles F. Potter, in 1861. In February, 1859
that date. Weekly teachers' meetings began at this time, and have continued since without change. In the year 1873, three superintendents presided over the school: L. P. Hollander for the first three months; John Viall for five months; and John F. Ayer for the remainder of the year and four years thereafter. In March, 1873, money was appropriated to purchase mottoes with which to embellish the vestry walls. These mottoes, after a long and meritorious service, have lately been retired, anort shows a total of 453 active members in attendance. Friday night was decided upon as the regular meeting night of the teachers in September, 1881. And in 1884 the first teachers' sociable, as they are now known, was held at the house of John F. Ayer. The pastor, Rev. C. A. Skinner, entertained the next year, and Mr. and Mrs. John F. Nickerson the following year. Since that time the gatherings have been held in the vestry, although on several regular meeting nights the teachers were pl
1870—B. S. Binney, S. W. Fuller, Caleb Rand, Benoni Bixby, J. Q. Twombly. 1871—B. S. Binney, S. W. Fuller, Caleb Rand, Benoni Bixby, J. Q. Twombly. 1872—J. F. Ayer, S. W. Fuller, George W. Ireland, J. F. Nickerson, J. Q. Twombly. 1873—J. F. Ayer, S. W. Fuller, George W. Ireland, J. F. Nickerson, J. Q. Twombly. 1874—HJ. F. Ayer, S. W. Fuller, George W. Ireland, J. F. Nickerson, J. Q. Twombly. 1874—H. R. Bishop, S. W. Fuller, W. P. Mitchell, J. F. Nickerson, J. Q. Twombly. 1875—J. Q. Twombly, S. W. Fuller, J. F. Nickerson, W. P. Mitchell, H. R. Bishop. 1876—H. Williams, C. A. Jenks, J. F. Nickerson, W. P. Mitchell, A. J. Taylor. 1877—J. Q. Twombly, Sears Condit, J. F. Nickerson, H. D. Jerauld, William Taylor. 1878uperintendents of the Sunday School. Charles Williams, 1854 to 1865. Charles Williams, Jr., 1865 to 1873. L. P. Hollander, 1873. John Viall, 1873. John F. Ayer, 1873 to 1878. Rev. W. S. Ralph, 1878 to 1880. Fred Farnsworth, 1880. Mr. Murch, 1880. Irving Smith, 1881 to 1883. Augustus Hodgman, 18