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Sardis (Turkey) 4 0 Browse Search
Ecbatana (Iran) 4 0 Browse Search
Olympia (Greece) 4 0 Browse Search
Thrace (Greece) 2 0 Browse Search
Phlya (Greece) 2 0 Browse Search
Scione 2 0 Browse Search
Pharsalos (Greece) 2 0 Browse Search
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Sardis (Turkey) (search for this): card 696
Philocleon Can it be I am treated thus? Oh! what is it you are saying? You stir me to the bottom of my heart! I am all ears! I cannot express what I feel. Bdelycleon Consider then; you might be rich, both you and all the others; I know not why you let yourself be fooled by these folk who call themselves the people's friends. A myriad of towns obey you, from the Euxine to Sardis. What do you gain thereby? Nothing but this miserable pay, and even that is like the oil with which the flock of wool is impregnated and is doled to you drop by drop, just enough to keep you from dying of hunger. They want you to be poor, and I will tell you why. It is so that you may know only those who nourish you, and so that, if it pleases them to loose you against one of their foes, you shall leap upon him with fury. If they wished to assure the well-being of the people, nothing would be easier for them. We have now a thousand towns that pay us tribute; let them command each of these to feed twenty Athen