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Argos (Greece) 8 0 Browse Search
Phyle (Greece) 8 0 Browse Search
Euboea (Greece) 6 0 Browse Search
Eretria (Greece) 6 0 Browse Search
Megara (Greece) 6 0 Browse Search
Pylos (Greece) 6 0 Browse Search
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Such being the system in the constitution, and the many being enslaved to the few, the people rose against the notables. The party struggle being violent and the parties remaining arrayed in opposition to one another for a long time, they jointly chose Solon as arbitrator and Archon, and entrusted the government to him, after he had composed the elegy that begins:I mark, and sorrow fills my breast to see,Ionia's oldest land being done to death,—Solon Fr. 28in which he does battle on behalf of each party against the other and acts as mediator, and after this exhorts them jointly to stop the quarrel that prevailed between them. Solon was by birth and reputation of the first rank, but by wealth and position belonged to the middle class, as is admitted on the part of the other authorities, and as he himself testifies in these poems, exhorting the wealthy not to be covetous:Refrain ye in your hearts those stubborn moods,Plunged in a surfeit of abundant goods,And m