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Delphi (Greece) (search for this): card 1117
Neoptolemus stood in the sight of all and prayed to the god, but they, armed with sharp swords, stabbed from their hiding-place at the son of Achilles, who had no armor on. He gave ground (for he was not mortally wounded) and drew his sword and snatching down from its nail on the temple-wall armor that hung there, he took his stand upon the altar, a warrior terrible to look upon, and shouted this question to the sons of Delphi, ‘ Why do you try to kill me on an errand of piety? For what reason am I being done to death?’ But though a throng stood near-by, none of his attackers made any reply but instead they pelted him with stones. He, battered by a thick snow-fall of missiles from all sides, used his armor as defense and warded off their attack by holding out his shield now in one direction, now in another. His attackers made no progress, but all their missiles together, arrows, javelins, double-pointed ox-piercing spits snatched from the slaughter of victims, fell in front of his