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Arcturus (Zimbabwe) (search for this): card 609
But when Orion and Sirius are come into midheaven,and rosy-fingered Dawn sees Arcturus,September then cut off all the grape-clusters, Perses, and bring them home. Show them to the sun ten days and ten nights: then cover them over for five, and on the sixth day draw off into vessels the gifts of joyful Dionysus. But whenthe Pleiades and Hyades and strong Orion begin to set,The end of October. then remember to plough in season: and so the completed yearThat is, the succession of stars which make up the full year. will fitly pass beneath the earth.But if desire for uncomfortable sea-faring seize you when the Pleiades plunge into the misty seaThe end of October or beginning of November. to escape Orion's rude strength, then truly gales of all kinds rage. Then keep ships no longer on the sparkling sea, but be sure to till the land as I bid you. Haul up your ship upon the land and pack it closely with stonesall round to keep off the power of the winds which blow damply, and draw out the bil