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Troy (Turkey) 62 0 Browse Search
Ilium (Turkey) 48 0 Browse Search
Cyclops (Arizona, United States) 44 0 Browse Search
Olympus (Greece) 38 0 Browse Search
Egypt (Egypt) 36 0 Browse Search
Argos (Greece) 34 0 Browse Search
Crete (Greece) 28 0 Browse Search
Gerenia 22 0 Browse Search
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Cyclops (Arizona, United States) (search for this): book 10, card 178
friends, we know not where the darkness is or where the dawn, neither where the sun, who give light to mortals, goes beneath the earth, nor where he rises; but let us straightway take thought if any device be still left us. As for me I think not that there is. For I climbed to a rugged point of outlook, and beheldthe island, about which is set as a crown the boundless deep. The isle itself lies low, and in the midst of it my eyes saw smoke through the thick brush and the wood.’ “So I spoke, and their spirit was broken within them, as they remembered the deeds of the Laestrygonian, Antiphates,and the violence of the great-hearted Cyclops, the man-eater. And they wailed aloud, and shed big tears. But no good came of their mourning. “Then I told off in two bands all my well-greaved comrades, and appointed a leader for each band.Of the one I took command, and of the other godlike Eurylochus. Quickly then we shook lots in a brazen helmet, and out leapt the lot of great-hearted Euryl