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Ithaca (Greece) 174 0 Browse Search
Pylos (Greece) 74 0 Browse Search
Troy (Turkey) 62 0 Browse Search
Ilium (Turkey) 48 0 Browse Search
Cyclops (Arizona, United States) 44 0 Browse Search
Olympus (Greece) 38 0 Browse Search
Egypt (Egypt) 36 0 Browse Search
Argos (Greece) 34 0 Browse Search
Crete (Greece) 28 0 Browse Search
Gerenia 22 0 Browse Search
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Olympus (Greece) (search for this): book 18, card 169
Go, then, reveal thy word to thy son and hide it not; but first wash thy body and anoint thy face, and go not as thou art with both cheeks stained with tears. Go, for it is ill to grieve ever without ceasing.For now, behold, thy son is of such an age, and it has been thy dearest prayer to the immortals to see him a bearded man.” Then wise Penelope answered her again: “Eurynome, beguile me not thus in thy love to wash my body and anoint me with oil.All beauty of mine have the gods, that hold Olympus, destroyed since the day when my lord departed in the hollow ships. But bid Autonoe and Hippodameia come to me, that they may stand by my side in the hall. Alone I will not go among men, for I am ashamed.” So she spoke, and the old woman went forth through the chamber to bear tidings to the women, and bid them come. Then again the goddess, flashing-eyed Athena, took other counsel. On the daughter of Icarius she shed sweet sleep, and she leaned back and sleptthere on her couch, and all her j<