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p on that very day a competent combatant in heavy armor or in any other form of warfare—though no other tool will make a man be an artist or an athlete by his taking it in hand, nor will it be of any service to those who have neither acquired the scienceFor the three requisites, science, practice, and natural ability Cf. Unity of Plato's Thought, note 596, and my paper on *FU/SIS, *MELE/TH, *)EPISTH/MH, Tr. A. Ph. A. vol. xl., 1910. of it nor sufficiently practised themselves in its use?” “Great indeed,” he said, “would be the value of tools in that case.Cf. Thucydides ii. 40.““Then,” said I, “in the same degree that the task of our guardiansFirst mention. Cf. 428 D note, 414 B. is the