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Phil (Nevada, United States) 18 0 Browse Search
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Phil (Kentucky, United States) (search for this): book 3, section 406a
” said I, “if you reflect that the former Asclepiads made no use of our modern coddlingThis coddling treatment of disease, which Plato affects to reprobate here, he recommends from the point of view of science in the Timaeus(89 C):DIO\ PAIDAGWGEI=N DEI= DIAI/TAIS, etc. Cf. Euripides Orestes 883; and even in the Republic 459 C. medication of diseases before the time of Herodicus. But HerodicusCf. Protagoras 316 E, Phaedrus 227 D. To be distinguished from his namesake, the brother of Gorgias in Gorgias 448 B. Cf. Cope on Aristotle Rhet. i. 5, Wilamowitz-Kiessling, Phil. Unt. xv. p. 220, Juthner, Philostratus uber Gymnastik, p. 10. was a trainer and became a valetudinarian, and blen