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SocratesBut tell me of any other Athenian or foreigner, slave or freeman, who is accounted to have become wiser through converse with Pericles; as I can tell you that PythodorusA friend of Zeno: cf. Plat. Parm. 126. son of Isolochus, and Callias,An Athenian general. son of Calliades, became through that of ZenoOf Elea, in S. Italy; a disciple of Parmenides who criticized the Pythagorean teaching.; each of them has paid Zeno a hundred minae,About 600-800 pounds, or the total expenses of two or three years at an English University. and has become both wise and distinguished.AlcibiadesWell, upon my word, I cannot.SocratesVery good: then what is your intention regarding yourself? Will you remain as you are, or take some trouble?