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lous?SocratesThat he will attempt it, my admirable friend, I am sure but whether the attempt will make him ridiculous, the event will show. However, I should like to tell you what he will ask.HippiasDo so.Socrates“How charming you are, Socrates!” he will say. “But is not a beautiful mare beautiful, which even the god praised in his oracle?”Heindorf and other commentators connect this reference with an oracle quoted by a scholiast on Theocritus, Idyl xiv. 48. The Megarians, being filled with pride, asked the god who were better then they. The first lines of the reply they received are:*gai/hs me/n pa/shs to\ *pelasgiko\n *)/argos a)/meinon,i(/ppoi *qrhi/+kiai, *lakedaimo/niai de\ gunai=kes“Better than all other land is the land of Pelasgian Argos,Thracian mares are the best, and the Lacedaemonian women.”To be sure, nothing is said about the beauty of the mares, and the reference to Elis contained in par' h(mi=n just below is hard to reconcile with the Thracian mares of