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Chersonese (Turkey) 22 0 Browse Search
Cilicia (Turkey) 20 0 Browse Search
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Athens (Greece) 16 0 Browse Search
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Byzantium (Turkey) (search for this): book 6, chapter 6
he had been frightened, declared that he would sail away and issue a proclamation forbidding any city to receive them, on the ground that they were enemies. And at this time the LacedaemoniansCleander was Lacedaemonian harmost, or governor, of Byzantium (Xen. Anab. 6.1.13). held the hegemony over all the Greeks. Upon this the affair seemed to the Greeks a bad business, and they begged Cleander not to carry out his intention. He replied that no other course would be taken unless they should delFor the Greek cities are close by, the Lacedaemonians stand as the leaders of Greece, and they are able, nay, any single Lacedaemonian is able, to accomplish in the cities whatever he pleases. Hence if this man shall begin by shutting us out of Byzantium, and then shall send word to the other governors not to receive us into their cities, on the ground that we are disobedient to the Lacedaemonians and lawless, and if, further, this report about us shall reach Anaxibius,See Xen. Anab. 5.1.4 and
Xenophon would always show these envoys to the soldiers. Meanwhile Cleander arrived with two triremes, but not a single merchant ship. It so chanced that the army was out foraging when he arrived, while certain individuals had gone in quest of plunder to a different place in the mountains and had secured a large number of sheep; so fearing that they might be deprived of them,In accordance with the above-mentioned ( 2) decree. they told their story to Dexippus, the man who slipped away from Trapezus with the fifty-oared warship,See Xen. Anab. 5.1.15, Xen. Anab. 6.1.32. Dexippus had manifestly accompanied Cleander to Calpe Harbour. and urged him to save their sheep for them, with the understanding that he was to get some of the sheep himself and give the rest back to them. So he immediately proceeded to drive away the soldiers who were standing about and declaring that the animals were public property, and then he went and told Cleander that they were attempting robbery. Cleander direct
Greece (Greece) (search for this): book 6, chapter 6
he has expressed. For the Greek cities are close by, the Lacedaemonians stand as the leaders of Greece, and they are able, nay, any single Lacedaemonian is able, to accomplish in the cities whatever e Lacedaemonians are supreme both on land and sea. Now the rest of us must not be kept away from Greece for the sake of one or two men, but we must obey whatever order the Lacedaemonians may give us; . But as matters are now, it will be hard if we who expected to obtain both praise and honour in Greece, shall find instead that we are not even on an equality with the rest of the Greeks, but are shu heard, just as we did, that it was impossible, returning by land, to cross the rivers and reach Greece in safety. It was from that sort of a fellow, then, that I rescued his prisoner. Had it been you I give you the two men and I will myself join you, and if the gods so grant, I will lead you to Greece. These words of yours are decidedly the opposite of what I have been hearing about you from some