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nsidering what honours and what hopes he was deprived of, nevertheless, calling394 B.C. together the allies, he made known to them what the state commanded, and said wreaths of gold, and the prizes all told cost not less than four talents. As a394 B.C. result, however, of the expending of this sum, arms worth a vast sum of money are still in their nests, they suffer no harm and subdue the wasps. Considering394 B.C. these things, therefore, I believe it is best to fight the battle in Lacedaemo had gathered together of the Lacedaemonians about six thousand, of the Eleans,394 B.C. Triphylians, Acrorians, and Lasionians almost three thousand, and of the Sicyolways took the right wing. were not in the least eager to join battle; but when394 B.C. the Athenians took position opposite the Lacedaemonians, and the Boeotians therder to surround them. When they had come to close encounter, all the allies of394 B.C. the Lacedaemonians were overcome by their adversaries except the men of Pellen