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e was at Amphipolis, Dercylidas brought him word that this time the394 B.C. Lacedaemonians were victorious, and that only eight of them had beot expedient to engage as cavalry in a battle with hoplites, turned394 B.C. round and slowly retired. And the Greeks very cautiously followed also stated in what way the battle had been fought. For it was near394 B.C. Cnidos that the fleets sailed against one another, and Pharnabazusegiment of Lacedaemonians which had crossed over from Corinth, half394 B.C. of the regiment from Orchomenus, furthermore the emancipated Helott, put to flight the force in their front. As for the Argives, they394 B.C. did not await the attack of the forces of Agesilaus, but fled to Meady late—they took dinner and lay down to rest. And in the morning394 B.C. Agesilaus gave orders that Gylis, the polemarch, should draw up thn of the Spartiatae, some by being stoned to death, some by javelin394 B.C. wounds. And if some of those who were in the camp at dinner had no